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Monthly Beginners Watercolour Class Online

Wet your whistle with this beginners friend watercolour class! Ever wanted to improve your watercolor skills? Come to our online watercolour class and see h...
£12 pp
1hr 30min
Next available date:13th June 2024
What happens in this class?

Ever wanted to get into watercolour? Want to start feeling more creative?

Come to our 90 minute online watercolour class and see how you can paint something you’re proud of with ArtistAnd.

What To Expect? Over 90 minutes, we’ll guide you through 1 or 2 paintings using watercolours. Like all talented athletes, we’ll start with a warm up, and then you'll apply different techniques to your work. Each month we look at something new that’ll be good enough to put in the fridge! Even beginners can make great art when you have a teacher that…

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Things to remember

A zoom link will be emailed to you on the day of the event so please check your emails just before the session.

You'll need to have all your materials ready so please check the equipment list before we start.

Any questions then let me know! :)


1.How do I choose the right brush for my painting?
The right brush depends on the type of painting you are creating. For larger washes, use a larger square brush, and for fine details, use a smaller brush. Round brushes are a good all-purpose choice for watercolour painting. See pictures for examples.
2. Can I use watercolours on any type of paper?
It's best to use watercolour paper, which is specially designed to absorb and hold watercolour paint. Regular paper may not hold up well to the wetness, cause abrasive rubbing and warp the paper.
3. Will you provide materials?
Materials won’t be provided for this class. Please provide your own materials. Just remember, the cheaper the pallette, the lesser quality iy maybe. Just like buying wine at a resutrant, always go for at least the second cheapest one.
4. What colours will I need before the lesson?
We can work with any colour palettes, there's always a way! This class aims to be accessible as much as possible so if you really are worried, send me a picture before of what you've got.
5. What if I need to cancel?
It's ok, these things happen. If you can give me 72 hours notice, I'll issue a full refund :)
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Your Teacher

ArtistAnd aims to offer an environment where painting and drawing can become an inclusive exercise for all. Through traditional teaching methods and classical training, each ArtistAnd will develop and progress from all levels.

The classes are aimed at all levels so whether you are an amateur or professional, you can never stop learning.

We like to challenge what the eye sees and what the brain perceives as real. With this new way of looking, each ArtistAnd will be able to draw and paint anything they can imagine. With the fundamental tools of realism behind them, they are then encouraged to…

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