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Felted Wool Pebble Kit

2-5 working days
Bring the beach inside! Make felted pebbles with simple wet felting techniques. Focus your mind through your hands and set aside the noise of the everyday.
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About this product

Be inspired by Jim Ede's pebble displays at Kettles Yard and land artists Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long. Display your pebbles on a table in a bowl on a shelf or a book case or thread them onto a linen string to create a window/wall hanging for your bathroom or elsewhere in your home.

This kit provides you with sufficient wool tops, wool roving, acrylic filling to create 5 natural coloured stones between 4-10cm in diameter or 10 tiny pebbles for a wall hanging. It also includes a chunk of olive oil soap, a needle felting needle…

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What is Included
  • wool tops (let me know if you want bright colours)
  • wool roving and wool tops
  • acrylic filler
What you will need
  • old nylon pop sock or tights
  • access to a bowl of hot water/washing up liquid
  • tea towel to catch any drips & towel for hands
Is this workshop suitable for children?
Absolutely yes! Children love wet felt making - the alchemy of making a cloth with nothing more than a bit of water, soap and "elbow grease" is very empowering. They might prefer to embellish their pebbles with brighter coloured veins or markings.
Do I have to use acrylic filler?
Short answer, No. However that I provided you with has been recycled so you will not be bringing any more into the world. You could use scraps of your old knitwear or tshirts etc or, if you prefer I can supply you with core wool. NB: unlike acrylic core wool will shrink (as will some knitwear) so the making process is slightly different. But I'm happy to walk you through it.
How hot does the water need to be?
A little dependent on what you are making. For this project anything from warm through lukewarm to cold. Very hot water can speed the process but it can also lead to wrinkling and pilling.
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