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Precious stone jewellery comes in many formats and is very diverse. From bracelets to necklaces, bangles and rings it is important that you know what you are looking for before you race to the shops. Precious stone jewellery also ranges in size and cost so have a budget in mind before getting carried away.

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7. Make your own Silver and Terrazzo stone statement earrings
Learn to make your own statement earrings. Using a combination of casting with jesmonite to create a terrazzo gemstone, and silver wire work to assemble your piece. Led by Emma Aitchison Jewellery and Vicky of Promises-Promises jewellery, together they have 20 years of craft experience. Emma specialising in traditional silversmithing using recycled metals and Vicky specialising in jesmonite casting. For this special two part workshop Emma and Vicky will guide you through the design and practical process to create a pair of unique statement earrings combing there knowledge and expertise to bring you something truly special! What you will be doing: PART ONE We will start by designing your earrings, you will have a choice of shapes to create your own design. Emma and Vicky will guide you and help you choose suitable compositions and styles to suit. Looking closely at the design process and what elements need to be considered when designing earrings. Next you will begin creating your own colour pallet for your Teratzzo gemstones. There will be colour swatches to help you choose from along with samples. Once you have your desired colour way we will start casting the gemstones. This will involve learning how to mix and add pigment, cast into a mould and add attachments. PART TWO In part two we will begin by removing your gemstones from the moulds. You will be shown how to finish the stones to a professional finish. Next we will start forming the silver wire to make the earring attachments. You will learn to curve and bend the wire, using traditional tools. We will then assemble all the part together to form your very own hand made statement earring’s! The Materials We will primarily work with Jesmonite mixed with water based pigments to create the Terazzo gemstones. We will be working with recycled silver wire for the attachments and fixings. The Results By the end of the workshop you will take home your very own Terazzo and silver statement earrings. Each one will be unique to you with your very own colour pallet and design. What you Learn • Fundamentals to designing earring’s • How to create a perfect colour pallet for your Terrazzo gemstones • Casting with jesmonite, using moulds • How to make a Terrazzo effect • Adding fixtures to jesmonite • Forming silver wire fixtures and attachments • Finishing and assembling earrings.
8. Recycled Silver and Vintage Stone Set Ring
Join us in the heart of Hackney Wick in Emma’s sunny studio for an evening of recycled silver ring making and stone setting. This is an rewarding and fulfilling experience, leaning new skills, meeting new people and leaving with something you can wear day to day. There is nothing quite like the feeling of making something from scratch into something you can wear and treasure, even better when you know all materials used have been sustainably and ethically selected. In the two hours you will learn how to make a recycled silver ring with a bezel stone setting. There will be a wide selection of vintage and antique stones and objects to choose from, allowing each person to create a unique and individual ring to suit them. All materials will be sourced responsibly by Emma using recycled metals and vintage stones/objects. This workshop is suitable to people who are complete beginners or people who have already taken Emma's silver ring workshop and want to extend their knowledge and skill set. With only 4 people at one time, this course provides you with a nurturing environment allowing everyone to have enough space, tools and hands on help. Emma will be there throughout the workshop to guide and help you every step of the way. You will learn a range of basic and fundamental silversmith techniques, which can be used across a wide range of jewellery making, you will leave with enough knowledge to be able to continue your jewellery journey at home if desired. Skills Include: Introduction to a jewellery bench, bench peg and tools Using a piercing saw to cut metal Using sand papers and files Using a gas torch and silver solder Sizing a ring to fit and measure metal, shaping a ring One texture technique and one polishing technique How to create the perfect bezel setting Measuring and hand setting of a stone How to do multiple solder joins Along the way Emma will explain how to be sustainable in your jewellery practice, including the use of chemicals, metals and sourcing. At the end of the session you will be able to take home your very own hand made 100% recycled silver ring with setting!

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