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Discover how to bring 2d drawings to life with height, depth and by incorporating width. Don't limit yourself to flat surface art when you can bring a piece to life with a 3d sculpture or with pottery.

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10. Make a woolly planter and learn the basics of 3D Wet Felting
This private Live online version of my 3D wet felting workshop needs a minimum of three people to run and for me to post you kits; please bear this in mind when booking. It takes a bit longer than the in person workshop; about 3 and a half hours. But I also recommend allowing for a 15 minute break half way through. It could be run over a couple of afternoons or evenings. Please message me if you're looking to join a group. On this workshop you’ll use a variation of 2D wet felting to create a small vessel/planter. Heather will post you a kit with the materials and some of the equipment you need. Any other equipment you will be able to find around your home. The pre-class notes explains all. On the workshop you’ll be guided through how to use the resist, the layering and felting techniques to make and shape your work. Once you've mastered this you can make slippers, bags, cat caves, hats, hot water bottle covers, lamp shades, purses, phone covers, and the list goes on ... I usually run this workshop with a 15 minute break roughly half way through. There are a maximum of six participants to enable me to see what you're all doing. Keeping it small means I have plenty of time for one on one attention. Processing the fibres is made up of a series of repetitive actions. Many people find this relaxing and some a stress buster. But, the final stages of wet felt making can be quite vigorous and very hands on. If you have arthritis or a similar condition in your hands you may find parts of the process more challenging. This does not mean you will not be able to undertake this workshop, just that it may take you a little longer to felt your work. But if you're feeling at all unsure please message me.
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16. Explore, Colour and Texture in 3D
Stuff and Fings | Ceramics invites... insta @stuffnfings @shirleynettewilliams Artist Shirley Nette Williams creates Hybrid sculptures using two of the most relaxing craft activities, ceramics and textiles. Come and spend an afternoon making your own wall-based sculpture inspired by the textures and techniques of her work. Take a leap of inspiration and create something that is truly you, with a combination of hand-building and textiles. Playing with form, texture and a splash of colour, you'll create a decorative piece of art using clay and fabric. This workshop will provide you with basic hand-building techniques (slab building and pinch) and playful ways to add texture to the clay surface. You will also learn how to manipulate colourful fabrics into a 3D form which will later be attached to your finished ceramic piece to complete your sculpture. This workshop's main focus is about combining ceramics and textiles to push the boundaries of traditional forms. We explore alternative forms of ceramic, adding a special twist with colourful fabrics. Session The session is split into 2 parts. Part 1 - We dive into the basics of creating your hand-built sculptural form with a short demo and chat. We will explore various ways of applying texture to the surface then colour your wonderful greenware using underglazes. 3hrs - with a 15min break Lunch! Please bring a packed lunch, microwave/fridge and tea/coffee making facilities are available. Part 2 - Will be spent making a contrasting 3D textile piece that will later be attached to your ceramic form. You will construct a simple wire frame that will be wrapped and bound with various fabrics, threads and yarns. 2hrs - with a 15min break These are 6hr sessions. Personal and individual guidance is given throughout. All clay, tools, underglazes and textiles are provided and included in the fee. Please bring any fabric remnants or garments for recycling, that you might like to use (please note that these will be cut into so nothing too precious). You are welcome to make as many pieces, as the time provides. Please note 1 piece you'd like to keep is included in the fee. Any additional pieces you'd like to keep incur a £5 (per piece) studio fee, payable on the day, please remember to bring cash. Workshops will be updated regularly. Please subscribe to keep up to date with upcoming workshops.
20. Generative Design with 3D Modeling and AR fabrication
Class 1 : Grasshopper C# Scripting Software: Grasshopper for Rhino 3D, Visual Studio Construction of C# script from scratch Participants will learn: -What C# Script is -How to write script in Grasshopper -How to use coding in architectural design 1A (2 – 3 NOV) : Boid algorithm -What Boid algorithm is -How to construct Boid algorithms within C# in Grasshopper -Examples and references of how Boid algorithm is used in design applications 1B (30 NOV – 1 DEC) : Path finding algorithm -What path finding algorithm is -How to construct path finding algorithms within C# in Grasshopper -Examples and references of how Path finding algorithm is used in design applications Class 2 : AR Fabrication Software: Grasshopper for Rhino 3D Generative design and Fabrication with AR device Participants will learn: -What Augmented Reality fabrication is -How to use Microsoft Hololense : the AR Device -How to use Fologram : the AR plug-in bridging Hololens and Rhino/Grasshopper -How AR is used in architecture 2A (9 – 10 NOV) : AR assisted brick fabrication -How to make generative digital model based on multi-agent system -How to assemble bricks in physical world using AR technique 2B (7 – 8 DEC) : AR assisted pipe fabrication -How to make generative 3D digital patterns based on path-finding algorithms -How to assemble PVC pipes using AR technique Class 3 : Maya 3D Modeling -Software: Autodesk Maya -From conceptual geometry to architectural model Participants will learn: -What Maya 3D poly modeling is -How to design with organic geometry in Maya -How to model complex geometries -How to prepare architectural model from conceptual geometries 3A (16 – 17 NOV) : Towers and master plan – How to use polygon modeling technique to generate creative and conceptual geometries – How to model master plan with unified design language 3B (14 – 15 DEC) : Pavilion with interior -How to use polygon modeling technique to generate creative and conceptual geometries -How to model interior details to a conceptual geometry Class 4 : Rhino 3D Modeling -Software: Rhino 3D 6 -Architectural 3D modeling with NURBS Participants will learn: -What NURBS 3D modeling is -To understand professional architectural plan and section drawings -How to model for professional drawings 4A (23 – 24 NOV) : Building 3D models from drawings -How to translate information from professional architecture drawings to a 3D model -How to model a building based on a set of 2D architectural drawings 4B (21 – 22 DEC) : Creating professional drawings from complex 3D model -How to draw plans and sections from 3D model -How to make drawings more professional (tips and tricks) -How to make professional 3D sectional drawings

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