Sound Book Workshop

    Come explore a new sensory world at this unique Sound Book Workshop at Merton Abbey Mills.

    Reading & Writing workshop

    1 hour workshop

    Beginners welcome

    Object Book, SW19

    What you'll learn

    Book-lovers often talk about the intoxicating scent of books, but have you ever thought about the sounds a book makes? The crack of a spine, the rustle of the pages? Come explore a new sensory world at this unique Sound Book Workshop at Merton Abbey Mills.

    In this class

    The workshop will be run by the Sound Book Project, a group of collaborative artists and musicians who use books as instruments. You'll start off by listening to the sounds different types of books make: hardcovers, wax-covers, and even the clack of a typewriter. Microphones and special effects will be used to play with the sounds and create different compositions. Poetry will also be explored. The final product will be a participatory sound piece, performed by all workshop participants.

    Under 16s go free!

    Now you can

    • get 'in tune' with a sense that you might not otherwise associate with books
    • learn some cool new audio tips and tricks
    • allow your inner musician and bibliophile to be best friends

    Did you know?

    In deep space - the large empty areas between stars and planets - there is no sound. Sound needs molecules to travel through, and since there are no molecules in deep space, it's as silent as silence gets. Sounds a bit lonely! Luckily we've got plenty of molecules down here on earth, including the ones in book-form that you'll play with in this one-of-a-kind workshop.

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    Class location

    Object Book, Merton

    Unit 12 The Long Shop, Merton Abbey Mills

    SW19 2RD


    About your host, Object Book

    Run by artist Chloe Spicer, Object Book is an experimental book arts studio in Merton that puts on artist workshops and events.

    Object Book is an alternative book makery and book arts studio, in residency at Merton Abbey Mills: a converted, 18th-century textile factory in Merton. The studio is run by Chloe Spicer, an artist, library curator and book lover trained in the art of handling rare books and archival materials. Check out Chloe's workshops to learn all manner of things from sculpting books into unique art pieces and making your own paper to using books as instruments!

    Find us:

    • Just a stone’s throw away from South Wimbledon and Colliers Wood stations.

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