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Exploding Human Language Workshop

3 hour workshop
Learn language skills from scratch in this original workshop in Merton led by Object Book
Exploding Human Language Workshop
by Object Book
Exploding Human Language Workshop by Object Book - crafts in London

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What you will do

3 hour workshop


You probably talk to fellow humans every day, but have you ever tried talking to a tree? This one-of-a-kind workshop at Merton Abbey Mills gives you a chance to. Through an 'embodied encounter with a tree', participants will explore and examine the art of language making.

In this class

This workshop aims to break down language-making into three parts: sound, movement and mark-making. Through your interaction with the tree, you'll examine how these components are made by and with the tree. You'll then use your findings to devise a short language performance to share with the group (optional).

Under 16's can attend at a reduced price of £14.

Now you can

  • examine human language on a level you've never explored before
  • discover that age-old concept of 'being at one with nature'
  • choose a forest over a nightclub next time you want to get social

Keep / bring

Participants are encouraged to capture/document their experience, be it through a performance or writing. You'll leave with a deeper understanding of human language and our connection to the natural world.

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Did you know?

Talking trees feature in many ancient tales. In Greek mythology, trees delivered prophecies, and the Indian Tree of the Sun and the Moon also foretold the future. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings features giant humanoid trees (Ents) and the famous wizard Merlin from Arthurian legend became imprisoned in a tree. While these aren't exactly the types of trees you'll encounter at this Merton workshop, it shows how humans have projected themselves and their cultures onto trees for millennia.
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Class location

Unit 12 The Long Shop, Merton Abbey Mills
SW19 2RD

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Exploding Human Language Workshop by Object Book - crafts in London

About your host, Object Book

Run by artist Chloe Spicer, Object Book is an experimental book arts studio in Merton that puts on artist workshops and events.

Object Book is an alternative book makery and book arts studio, in residency at Merton Abbey Mills: a converted, 18th-century textile factory in Merton. The studio is run by Chloe Spicer, an artist, library curator and book lover trained in the art of handling rare books and archival materials. Check out Chloe's workshops to learn all manner of things from sculpting books into unique art pieces and making your own paper to using books as instruments!

Find us:

  • Just a stone’s throw away from South Wimbledon and Colliers Wood stations.
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This workshop can be done on its own, or paired with Part Two in the afternoon: 'Reading and Writing with a Tree', also with Camilla Nelson.

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Exploding Human Language Workshop
by Object Book
Exploding Human Language Workshop by Object Book - crafts in London
3 hour workshop


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Exploding Human Language Workshop

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