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5. Fine Porcelain Painting Course
This is a 4 week course were you will learn the techniques of the fine art of decorating porcelain. By learning the complex, traditional European way of hand painting you gain the skills and techniques which you can use to decorate anything in pottery world. After firing on 800 degrees the motives sink into the glaze, making it permanent. First session : about the materials, mixing colors (China paints are in powder form, you have to mix it with a painting medium), learn the basic brush strokes, creating simple designs. Second session : refreshing the basics, and moving on to the more complex patterns. It is the start of layers on top of one another, creating a 3D effect. Painting the first layer, the base. The nature of painting medium is to evaporate, and by giving time for the first layer to properly dry, you ensure that it could be applied the second and third layer securely later. Also the occasion where we design your own plate and you start to paint a piece which will be yours to keep. Third session: Second layer of the pattern, fine outlines. Using different type of brushes, adding a beautiful definition to the patterns. Exciting development, slow, focused process. During the final session you will do step 3, called shadows. This is the session where you complete your own design, on a hand made bone china plate. After firing its yours to take home, which could be arranged within a week time after you complete the course. The classes are small (max. 3 people), to ensure you get proper attention and help from Erika to develop the techniques.

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