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Many people share a passion for hand building. To learn how to master this and other elements of the task, sign up to an online hand building course or attend a practical workshop with one of our hand building specialists.

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9. Five Weeks Hand-building Course
Enjoy relaxing evenings with clay in a fun class with lots of teacher support. On this five weeks hand-building course you will learn to make forms using hand-building techniques such as pinching, coiling and building with clay slabs. These techniques involve the manipulation of clay to create both homeware or sculptural forms. Explore decorative finishes such as sgraffito or the Japanese art of Nerikomi. You get to keep your best five pieces for firing and glazing. Week One - On week one, you will be introduced to the basics of hand-building and shown different techniques to manipulate clay, using your hands. These techniques include pinching, coiling and building with slabs of clay. The teacher will show you examples of the kinds of pots and forms that can be made and help you choose a project to work on, if you don’t already have something in mind. Week Two - On week two you can build on the knowledge gained in week one to make a more complex form, incorporating more than one hand building technique. Alternatively, you can continue working on the piece or pieces started on week one. You will be shown how to use the clay extruder to make handles or perhaps you want to try a lid for your pot or maybe adapt what you have learned to try a sculptural form. Week Three - On week three, we will look at surface decoration and mark making. If you want to try sgraffito, a technique of drawing, or scratching, through layers of coloured slip painted onto your pot (creating strong, rich patterns), then now is the time. Alternatively, if you want to continue working on the project started in week two, this is also possible. Week Four - On week four, we will look at the art of Nerikomi. This will involve using two different coloured clays to create patterns on clay slabs which will then be draped over a hump mould to make a beautiful plate. A little knowledge about Nerikomi goes a long way and is guaranteed, once grasped, to make a stunning piece. Week Five - Week five is dedicated to glazing your work. You will have the opportunity to glaze your work from an extensive range of different glaze colours. Once they have been dipped in glaze, your pieces will be fired in the kiln, ready for collection in one or two weeks. What you will learn: Pinching Coiling Slab building Sgraffito Nerikomi
Next available date:23rd September 2022

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