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Specialist courses can enable any individual to master a broad range of topics. With our help and guidance you can pick up tips and use our experience and know-how to get better at a hobby like expressive painting or to gain accredited qualifications.

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3. Paint Like Van Gogh - At Home Art Kit
If you are the kind of person that loves art but might be a little nervous when it comes to getting your hands dirty, this could be the perfect solution for you. Have you ever seen artists at their easel and wondered what it was like to be in their shoes? Well now, you can do just that with this online video guide. Welcome to ArtistAnd’s painting masterclass where you can learn how to paint like the incredible Vincent Van Gogh. Explore how to recreate his style and technique with your very own Artist led instruction. No matter where you are in your creative journey, this workshop is designed to help get everyone to the same level, from beginners, to regular art dabblers. We will explore the different types of brushstrokes, the use of colour, and the detail in which he painted. Vincent was a true genius when it comes to painting and when you create your own version, you will be able to feel first hand, what it takes to create a master piece. Each artist will receive: Paint 1 x Premium Canvas 2 x Brushes 1 x Mixing Palette 1 x Pencil Online tuition and guidance Throughout this virtual experience you will be guided by the artist and you will see the master at work on the video demonstration. You can pause at any time, and create your work in your own speed. The demo can be viewed at any point and if you are a beginner, you can paint privately so you don't feel nervous about having an audience. Best of luck! You've got this! :)
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7. Expressive Intuitive Painting Workshop
Express yourself freely in this painting workshop. As we take a look at the work of abstract artists and are introduced to a variety of painting techniques you will be equipped to engage, experiment and fully enjoy the painting process. Support will be available throughout the session to help and encourage you. The price shown for this class does not include art materials. I recommend you purchase what you need from your local art supplier or online. If however you would prefer for a Painting Materials Kit to be delivered to you please add a further £25 for UK customers. If requesting a materials pack expect to receive your Painting Materials kit within 10 working days. This will include all you will need for the workshop. Please remember to include your address when registering. If attending the course from outside the UK there will be extra charges for post and packing. On the day of the workshop have your equipment set out so you can enjoy the introductory warmup exercises. You may also like to have some drinks and snacks prepared for yourself to keep you energised. Here's what you can expect: A warm welcome to the online space All experience levels will be encouraged and supported A few warmup painting exercises to get us started A clear demonstration of techniques that you may find useful to use in your own expressive painting A look at the work of a few abstract artists To complete the workshop with an original piece of artwork - perfect as a gift or pride of place in your home!
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14. Life Drawing Do's and Don'ts from Expressive shorts to planned long poses
This class is lead by modest and quite private Founder, Tony Picano. He has helped beginners and Artists with great pleasure and passion for the last 18 years in London and who succeeded at saving, giving an amazing new Life to these classes when they very nearly disappeared at the turn of the millennium... This took a lot of elbow grease, imagination, listening and dedication. Tony will add all the tools you'll ever need in your Art toolbox so that you can forever draw anything easily. Drawing is a vital skill that saved and changed billions of lives through time and has never been that easy to enjoy. Tony has tried to improve his World by helping individuals improve themselves Artistically and is absolutely/definitely winning... He will simply, in a very International English, still has a Lovely French accent, tell you what to do, when and how, but also tell you what to avoid/forget for the first hour of the class so that you can concentrate in the second hour, applying what you'll hear. All Classes are recorded so you could keep on drawing from the video until you have gained the skills for as long as you wish/for Life probably. Years of teaching, observing, studying will be given to you at a tiny portion of the cost of many courses out there that can also last too many hours. Once you become a full member, you are sent all of their recordings with different models, poses, lighting, themes or Portraits on other days... You'll also get soothing copyright free music included to help the right side of the brain do as well as possible. Many challenges are or will be given to help you memorize, practice more and even earn memberships prize once you reached their established goals. They spent the last 2 years mainly improving and growing their recordings library and keeping the priority on our always changing/not always perfect, models, the same way our humanity is. Now their priority, helped by your regular participation is going to be more towards offering challenges and what you need to achieve them. They draw and welcome any artist (inc. beginners), from anywhere, any race, color, shape, gender or size as they have groups Worldwide interested in Humanity and it's forms from any corners of our blue planet. As if this was far from being enough they also offer absolutely anyone to show on the only and completely unique "Art Map" at no cost to anyone (only to them) so that everyone Artistic appear together on it. Being found by anyone globally can help more things/events to happen regularly at exactly the perfect time. So as Tony says: "let's all say Bye bye to Corvid :( and Hehe! to the Art Map :). SImply join their website, fill the sign up form, to appear on the "Art Map". They 'll do their best to get people together as always in harmony and with big smiles... YourTime to assimilate the best possible Drawing habits until they become second nature and so that you can continue admiring your work more and more forever. They also exhibit and promote any good, interesting Art for the last 15 years. Their Video recordings are designed to help you get there. On other days or after this class they offer occasional model auditions at no extra cost to you or to the models, which is something they've helped with and fought for since 2004. Life model salaries have been mediocre for millenias, as being considered as one of the worst job on our planet, so how could anyone charge them to work/exploit humanity... Being the global Network for Life Drawing and having re-started it all, has given them the responsability to try to stop what goes against humanity or Privacy rights... As they hope to train others in many other Artistic areas they welcome British Artists and Art teachers to come forwars and get active on their Network.... Life models should also join their website if they'd like to work, be on the Art map or audition for a quick hour...
16. Lavender fields in Tuscany - Paint & Sip Party
We are delighted to invite you to be our guest at our Paint & Sip in Style workshop at the lovely local venue The King’s Head, Teddington. Come alone or with your friends and spend a wonderful evening painting a beautiful picture, while sipping a complimentary cocktail and enjoying some "feel good" music. You don't need any experience with painting, and you don't need to bring anything. You only need a ticket and to save the evening in your calendar. Your experience will include: Acrylic paints A premium stretch canvas (which you will take home with you after the party) Easel Handpicked brushes for this particular painting A theme for the event apron to protect your clothing A few other bits like a palette, a cup to wash your brushes, a paper napkin An eco-friendly bag to take home your fabulous masterpiece Some unforgettable happy moments to capture in photos and share with friends on social media A complimentary cocktail Drinks & Food are available for purchase Our events are like no others. We like to make our guests happy and provide them with a memorable experience. That is why there will also be a few more lovely surprises to make your evening even more enjoyable. Please arrive about 30 minutes early to check-in, choose your seat and grab some nibbles from the bar. You will be able to get more drinks throughout the evening, as well. We strictly follow all of the government requirements related to COVID-19 to make sure that you are in a safe environment.

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