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Whether it is done online or by hand, a photo collage can be a really fulfilling task. You can do it with no particular skill or experience and can group pictures together randomly or group them together to remember occasions or just different factions of friends, family and travel.

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5. Art Journaling for Beginners – 6-week course
Would you like to learn a skill that will help you to be creative, de-stress and reconnect with yourself? If you are looking for a fresh, more mindful approach to art making, then Art journaling is for you. Art Journaling is a fun and simple way to incorporate creativity into everyday life. An art journal is a great place to experiment and try out different approaches to art without the pressure of creating a masterpiece. It is an artistic form of self-expression – instead of using words alone; you will be using various media and different art techniques to express your creativity. In a busy world, largely driven by technology, taking time to be creative can often seem frivolous and indulgent. But studies show that creative activities encourage positivity and significantly improve our wellbeing. Art journaling is a simple and effective way to de-stress and practice self-care. Join us for this 6-week Introductory course in Art journaling with Sai, an experienced teaching artist, avid art journaler and calligrapher. From simple mark making to elaborate mixed media art you will learn a variety of new skills; gain confidence in your artistic ability and develop an amazing creative habit that is both enriching and nourishing. Whether you have five minutes or half an hour to spare, Art journaling will inspire you to be creative, practice self-care and reconnect with yourself. An introduction to Art Journaling. Simple markmaking and warmup exercises every week with various tools. A 3-minute Mindfulness practice before beginning the day’s project. Each week we will cover a different theme/ technique/ project. Some of the media we will explore includes watercolours, acrylics, collage, pen and ink drawings & mixed media. All materials will be provided including a Beginners Art journaling kit. Refreshments included. We also have a deluxe Kit which is the perfect tool to get you started on your art-journaling journey, check it out here:
Next available date:14th September 2022
15. Abstract Painting using pre-felt inspired by the masters - Braque, Matisse, Bauhaus weavers ...
You'll use scissors to cut/place different colours of pre felt atop a maximum A3 size pre-felt background. Then you'll use wet felting techniques to bring everything together to form your final pieces of work. Depending on the complexity of what you make you may have time to make more than one piece. You can use abstract Bauhaus imagery as inspiration or bring your own. A relaxed workshop taking place at Heather's home studio in Camberwell fuelled by plenty of home made cake and teas. A maximum of four participants, means these workshops provide everybody with plenty of time for one on one attention. Heather always aims for sessions to be flexible to individual participants needs. This workshop uses wet felt making techniques to bring your cut pre-felt together into the finished piece. It's a simple process (once you know how) made up of a series of repetitive actions. Many people find it relaxing and some a stress buster. But, the final stages of of felt making are quite vigorous and very hands on. If you have arthritis in your hands you may find parts of the process challenging. That being said it’s not stopped anybody before and Heather is very happy to help you with vigorous parts of the process. Allergies to cats or indeed wool? Please note Heather has three cats (they’ll be elsewhere in the house during the workshops). Antihistamines are available but her workshops may not be for you.
Next available date:11th September 2022
16. Collages and Paintings Using Pre-Felt
This Live online version of my pre-felt workshop needs a minimum of TWO people to run and for me to post you a kit; please bear this in mind when booking. Please message me if you're looking to join a group. On this online workshop you'll use sharp scissors to cut and place different colours of pre-felt atop an A4* size pre-felt background (or two A5*). Once your design is complete we’ll use wet felt making techniques to bring your cut pre-felt together into the finished piece without the need for glue or a single stitch! Exactly what is pre-felt? It's partially processed felt, somewhere between the loose fluffy wool fibres and fully fused felt fabric. It differs from craft felt in that it needs to be further worked to create a finished product. Pre-felt’s "part cooked" state, it's propensity to be cut into clean crisp shapes coupled with its tendency to better keep its shape during processing make pre-felt perfect to use to create collage style imagery. In your kit you’ll receive a selection of pre-felt pieces in various colours and sizes plus the A4 background, an A4 sheet of tracing paper, net, chunk of olive oil soap and a sheet of bubble wrap (if you haven’t got a large enough piece waiting for recycling). Once you’ve booked you’ll need to contact me to let me know what colour background you want to use (a choice of three: natural, blue or plaster). I can also signpost you to various inspiration to get you started. Developing the pre-felt into felt is made up of a series of repetitive actions. Many people find these relaxing and some a stress buster. But, the final stages of wet felting can be quite vigorous and is very hands on. If you have arthritis or a similar condition in your hands you may find parts of the process more challenging. This does not mean you will not be able to undertake this workshop, just that it may take you a little longer to fully felt your work. Please note during the wet felting process your work will shrink. Pre-felt tends to shrink less than handmade wet felting. By how much varies considerably for lots of reasons including the structure of the pre-felt and the technique of the maker. I find a general rule of thumb is between 5-10%. These figures rise to 10-30% for completely hand made wet felted work.
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