Vegalution by London Vegetarian School - food in London
Vegalution by London Vegetarian School - food in London


This two day intensive vegan course will give you a whole new armoury for dinner parties and cooking at home.

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No need to panic when inviting vegans over for supper or if you're making a diet change yourself, this class will thoroughly prepare you, making for a remarkably smooth transition into the vegan lifestyle.

In this incredibly hands-on session, Chico, your chef, exposes some advanced techniques in creating emulsions, butters, milks, creams, and alternatives using raw ingredients from the store cupboard without using artificial enhancers or flavours.

Create sophisticated flavours using everyday ingredients applied in a very different and practical way without the need to recreate a mock dairy for instance.

Organise the perfect dinner soiree and add resilience to the recipes so that dinner is served on time, hot and with special highlights like foams and reductions, adding a sparkle to your plates.

Not only are your culinary skills enhanced, Chico will give you insight into valuable consumer knowledge, education as well as an integral part of cooking - how to present and create an impact on the plate and table.

Now you can

  • master and share some very different cuisines from all around the globe
  • go vegan, and see why it's so popular with the celebs
  • convert friends and family with your sublime cooking!

You have the option of taking your cooked cuisine home with you or, embark on a fabulous evening cocktail, wine and dine option, where you'll eat your hard-earned dishes from the day with some devilishly tasty cocktails and wine to add to the dining experience (extra £25-£40). If this option clashes with other commitments, fear not! You'll still get a cocktail break in the afternoon to help you relax into your cooking.

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Did you know?

Veganism is one of the most popular lifestyle choices in the world right now. The celebrity list makes for interesting reading, as Jennifer Lopez, Pamela Anderson, Beyonce, Jay Z, Woody Harelson, Bill Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, Russel Brand and Natalie Portman have all committed to the craze!'
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Vegalution by London Vegetarian School - food in London

About your host, London Vegetarian School

Whether you are a vegetarian, or vegan, or just want to spice things up in the kitchen - London Vegetarian and Vegan School has you covered.

Conveniently located by London Bridge, this boutique school offers some classes and courses that traditional cooking schools don't.

All classes are taught in small sizes so that you get loads of help (even if you are a pro and don't need it, the offer is there!) and advice throughout. This place is all about service and experience, and it shows. The equipment is top-notch and after your daily cooking-workout you are invited to come and hang-out in "the Peacock room", where you can enjoy your tasty food over some Baroque music and a drink (and feel free to invite your friends along too).

Also, you will learn more than just to cook here, as the teachers run you through additional tips and tricks on how to nail a dinner party at home (we are talking about food presentation, lighting, colours, music , the whole shebang 😃 )

The schools patrons are members of the former German monarchy.

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