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Induction to the London Green Wood Workshop

5(56 reviews)
Introduction to working unseasoned wood using an axe and a knife, participants are invited to become members of the LGW cooperative workshop after the course
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What happens in this class?

This is a four day course, usually taught over a long weekend Thursday-Sunday outdoors at our Hackney City Farm workshop.

This is our most in-depth course and can be adapted to all levels of experience. The aim is for you to become safe and confident with an axe and a knife. This course is designed to give participants an introduction to green woodworking using unseasoned wood straight from the log and hand tools. Suitable for all including: complete beginners, those who have carpentry experience but are new to green woodwork, and those who have done a little green…

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Things to remember

We have no indoor space and will be working outside in all weathers (under a tarp if it rains) so please come prepared. No sandals or bare feet please. Walking boots or work boots if you can, a thick sole will help to keep your feet warm in cold weather…

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Latest Reviews
5(56 reviews)
V - May 20, 2022
Another 5 star course. The Introduction to Green Woodwork course was a great way to learn to work with a range of tools and wood. Informative and relaxed and guided brilliantly by Jo and Dave who provided skilful, nudging towards improving techniques. Over the four days I came away with a number of hand-made items and feeling much more confident with my green wood working. Inspiring. I would wish this course for anyone wanting a little respite from the pace of this city of ours. Thank you.
Beth Ingram - May 15, 2022
Another brilliant course from London Green Wood. Would really recommend. Will def be signing up as a member. The teachers are patient, kind and super knowledgable
Gustav Svensson - May 8, 2022
Fantastic skills, space, and people. Happy to have found this little oasis in London.
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London Green Wood is cooperative of woodworkers practising rural crafts in the city. Based at Hackney City Farm, we work with green wood straight from the log and hand tools. All the wood we use has been felled locally.

We have been running events and teaching courses since 2011. We promise a beautiful setting, friendly people, the satisfaction of learning new skills and a fire when it gets chilly. We run courses for adults, for groups and for families. We run workshop sessions for members of our cooperative three times a week and one weekend each month. Membership is open…

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Class Location
Hackney City Farm
1a Goldsmith Row
E2 8QA


To: London Green Wood

Induction to the London Green Wood Workshop


V - May 20, 2022
Another 5 star course. The Introduction to Green Woodwork course was a great way to learn to work with a range of tools and wood. Informative and relaxed and guided brilliantly by Jo and Dave who provided skilful, nudging towards improving techniques. Over the four days I came away with a number of hand-made items and feeling much more confident with my green wood working. Inspiring. I would wish this course for anyone wanting a little respite from the pace of this city of ours. Thank you.
Beth Ingram - May 15, 2022
Another brilliant course from London Green Wood. Would really recommend. Will def be signing up as a member. The teachers are patient, kind and super knowledgable
Gustav Svensson - May 8, 2022
Fantastic skills, space, and people. Happy to have found this little oasis in London.
Joshua Perers Cook - May 6, 2022
The induction course was easily the best craft or skill workshop I’ve ever done. Great tutors in a lovely space. You come out of it with a solid grounding in understanding green wood working technics to build on.
Mark Hallows - May 1, 2022
Absolutely fantastic introduction to wood carving. Excellent teachers and the most welcoming and fun atmosphere, I can't wait to join the co-op and start working on my own projects
Carole Robb - Apr 1, 2022
The 4 day course was brilliant with excellent very patient tutors. I learnt such a lot and can’t wait to make more spoons
Cat Carola - Mar 4, 2022
Very enjoyable time outdoors making spatulas, spreaders and spoons with lovely trainers. Not as easy as it may first appear, but there's plenty of help and guidance. Must try the wood turning next!
Stuart Dennison - Feb 7, 2022
Mathieu Jones - Jan 31, 2022
Really informative and thorough introduction to the basics of green woodworking. I had lots of fun and made some new friends. I'm excited to continue my green woodworking journey!
Stephen Blanchard - Nov 19, 2021
A very full and thorough four-day course. I'd been doing carpentry for years but never really tried my hand at working with green wood. By the end of the course I felt that I'd acquired a whole set of new skills and techniques.
Dan Mackie - Nov 18, 2021
Relaxing, outdoor course in the autumnal sunshine, learning the basics of wood carving. Super relaxing and informative, from block to spoon, spatula, butter knife, tooling, sharpening, care and safety. Highly recommended.
François Gerard - Oct 15, 2021
I just loved this workshop with London Green Wood! Super interesting, very well organised, and very kind and relaxing. My main reaction after the workshop was that I needed to find a way to spend more time woodcarving and that London Green Wood was the perfect place to do it!
Roger - Oct 2, 2021
An oasis of calm in central London. It is difficult to convey in words the immense satisfaction this 4 day course produced, time slowed down, It has left a hunger to learn more. Thank you…
Stuart Walker - Sep 30, 2021
Exceptional teaching on the four day course. Skills really broken into achievable bite sized chunks. An absolute pleasure to be part of.
Tessa K - Sep 30, 2021
Move over mindfulness courses! This is the best way to settle the busy mind and have some focussed creative time in a wonderful outdoor setting with a patient and calm tutor.
oliver rakocevic - Sep 22, 2021
This course delivers what it sets out to deliver... Our tutor, Cyriaque, was patient and knowledgeable. The group was a good size (6 participants) and all the members I met were friendly and helpful. I learned loads and loved it! I am looking forward to returning to LGW for more green woodworking and friendly connections!
Lewis Kay - Sep 22, 2021
What a wonderful, in-depth course. I learned so much and came away with so much knowledge I can apply to my own work. I'm looking forward to doing more courses with London Green Wood.
Ellen - Jul 1, 2021
I am a forest school leader and use an axe, knife, mallet, saw regularly. However I had so much fun, taking time out in their beautiful workshop to really learn about fine tool work, sharpening and different green wood techniques and tools. I never knew spoon carving wood be so much fun! I highly recommend the four day intro for anyone who's interested in using their hands for fun, hobby, crafting and to spend time in a calm, social space. The facilitator leading the teaching was helpful, knowledgable and easy to learn from.
Aaida Khawaja - Jun 24, 2021
I had an amazing experience with London Green Wood. Cyriaque is an excellent teacher, giving us confidence with the tools and grips. I can't recommend this course enough, everyone was so friendly and helpful. Thank you :)
Phoebe F - Jun 20, 2021
Very informative, knowledgeable instructors and great fun
Asli Deniz Torunoglu - May 6, 2021
Amazing course for everyone interested in green wood! As a complete beginner, I learned a lot from Jo and Cyriac, who are both very good teachers. Definitely recommend!
Nicole Holgate - Apr 26, 2021
Such an amazing group and a brilliant experience!
Lesley Smith - Apr 26, 2021
Excellent course very good teachers. Atmospheric venue. Would highly recommend.
Jaxon Diss - Apr 25, 2021
great course! well structured with super friendly teachers. the new location is great too!
Richard Popple - Apr 23, 2021
Loving it so far! Shame it's not Abney Park but the guys have done great job of making HCF a nice home. Thanks.
Fabian - Oct 29, 2020
This is a really great course to introduce you to woodwork. We learnt many different work carving techniques and made lots stuff that we could take home (spoons, knives, spatulas, etc). I’ve now joined as a member and will be going back to the workshop to continue learning and making. 100% recommend :)
Anastasia - Oct 25, 2020
This was an amazing, discovery filled 4 day experience! Fun, educational, thoughtful, practical, relaxing, intense... it had it all! Lovely conversations, a new useful skill learned, new friends made and time well spent! I just want to keep coming back! And I will, it is already in my plans. If you are considering this course, give it a try! It is money well spent and you will get all of the basic knowledge for your own future green woodworking projects.
janine - Oct 3, 2020
This was a superb course which I bought for my husband. He found. Jo to be a brilliant teacher who supported the learners different abilities and interests. It was a mixed gender group and he came home feeling accomplished after each session.
George - Sep 5, 2020
Great class, really helpful, good equipment and a lovely day in a little city woodland corner in the sun. What more can you ask for. Highly recommended.
Kate - Aug 20, 2020
Lovely place, nice people and great teachers - fully recommend!
Teresa - Aug 16, 2020
The course was fantastic. The pace was relaxed and allowed for all of us to move forward as a group but plenty of time to go at your own pace and level. The space itself is so nice and everyone was very warm and welcoming. I would strongly recommend the course! A really great way to unplug and be outside and you learn loads. We left feeling very confident in being able to take things forward on our own.
janet - Aug 14, 2020
Really good course, both teachers very informative and helpful. It was a busy four days and great that we were hands on working all the time Lots of space to ask questions and a good mix of group and individual attention
Tessa - Aug 13, 2020
The 4 day introduction course was great fun - the tutors were wonderful and I learned new skills each day. I'm can't wait to do another course!
Joanna - Aug 13, 2020
I really enjoyed the course - teaching was excellent, and the range of tasks was well considered. Would definitely recommend!
Rupert - Aug 8, 2020
Excellent teaching, new techniques and tools. Good range of items to make and to be able to make a final piece from log to table is a wonderful experience.
Caterina - Mar 29, 2020
Expert and thoughtful teaching to a small group in a secluded location - it was great to be outdoors even in the cold and wet (under rain cover). Very enjoyable
Valerie - Mar 27, 2020
I had a brilliant time at the Intro to Green Woodwork workshop. This is done in small groups of six so with lots of individual attention and a really enjoyable group dynamic. The emphasis is very much on learning to use essential tools for green wood work safely, and small projects are done each week to practice these skills. Jo is a brilliant teacher and there is a supportive atmosphere with other woodworkers also working on projects in the outdoor workshop. Lots of tea/coffee and shared snacks. Our 4 week course was interrupted due to Covid-19 restrictions but Jo has kept in touch with us and will arrange for our group to finish the course together when next possible. I can't wait!
Nicholas - Mar 1, 2020
Excellent course. The tutor was very capable and while being relaxed did ensure a 'safe environment' given the nature of the work and the use of (very) sharp tools. She also was very approachable and was very constructive in her comments. I have now joined the 'London Green Wood' membership and intend to do further courses with them.
Radhika - Dec 3, 2019
wonderful space in London. welcoming and friendly. Great introduction to green woodworking . thank you
alison - Sep 30, 2019
Thoroughly enjoyable and invigorating; the classes were the highlight of my week. The tutors (Dave and Jo) were knowledgeable and welcoming and I was amazed how quickly we progressed. They taught us how to use different tools and techniques confidently, always with safety foremost. Every day I took home items I had made and could use. Highly recommended for those who want to be outdoors, learn craft skills, be amongst similar co-operatively minded folk and are happy to take advice from all manner of friendly spoon makers who drop in to use the tools and equipment.
Madeleine - Jun 14, 2019
A truly excellent course. Having attended several one-day Green Woodwork courses I was keen to do the four-day Introduction. Jo is a wonderful teacher: patient, skilled and encouraging. She tailors the course to individuals and paces things really well. The course introduces you to axing, carving and whittling using straight and curved knives, sharpening tools, and getting into good habits by using tools safely. The atmosphere is always good with a variety of lovely people taking part and other skilled makers working alongside and giving helpful tips, all in the natural outdoor space. Completing the course allows you to become a member of the cooperative and use the facilities thereafter at designated times. Highly recommended. Thanks, Jo!
Daniel - Feb 2, 2019
This course was brilliant. It is based around learning basic carving skills, but you make lots of stuff as well as a part of that (spoons, butter knives, scoops, spatulas etc). Jo takes you to a level where you can confidently attempt projects of your own in a safe manner, and deals with axe work, hook knife, straight knife, draw knife, and a few other things (gouges, sharpening, aspects of design). I really feel like I've been taught the basic approaches and techniques of a craft in quite a short time, and can now go forward and practice them. Each Friday was the highlight of my week, and I look forward to returning to the workshop as often as I can in future. The atmosphere at the workshop itself is a really potent antidote to living in a big city, and it feels like you're dipping into a wonderful community of people who are keeping a set of skills alive and in use even in London. Highly recommended to those who wish to deepen their knowledge of green woodworking beyond just making a single item.
Charlotte - Jan 29, 2019
I can't think of a better way to spend my Friday's :) Thanks so much to Jo, and the lovely crew that use the outdoor workshop, for sharing their skills in such a relaxed manner, it's been really nourishing.
Ally - Nov 30, 2018
Great course. Attentive tuition, friendly people, lovely setting for the workshop. I'll be going back for sure!
Sam - Oct 1, 2018
Great course in a brilliant spot. Very welcoming and really informative
Paul - Sep 30, 2018
The introductory course is brilliant. Though it’s very relaxed you’ll earn how to make a range of different thing and you’ll come away with plenty of finished pieces. As well as a great teacher in Jo, you also get the support of a super helpful community of makers that use the space. I’ll be going back for sure - I’m currently shopping for tools.
Penny - Aug 1, 2018
A brilliant course for people with little or no knowledge of woodworking. By the fourth and final session, we had acquired enough basic skills to cut down a piece of hazel and for each of us to turn a section of it into our own wooden spoon - immensely satisfying!
Pei - Jun 1, 2018
Everyone is very lovely. I like them to share them own woodwork experience and have lunch together :) I will go back to learn more from them
Vivienne - May 26, 2018
I found this course very well resourced and organised with a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. The location is second to none for a course of this type in London -it was wonderful to be working under the trees and the weather was kind Jo is a patient and knowledgable teacher providing clear instructions of safe working techniques and there is plenty of opportunity to practice sharpening and the opportunity to work individually and together . Added bonus is that past students also attend on Thursdays to work on their own projects so plenty of opportunity to pick up tips from more experienced students. I hope to be able to join in Thursday community access sessions from time to time.
Jenny - May 25, 2018
Absolutely loved the introduction to Green Woodwork workshop. Really practical and hands-on. Very friendly people and Jo is a great teacher
Hardijs - Mar 13, 2018
Great place, great community, best tutors!! Thank you!!
Ed - Mar 9, 2018
Really fun classes, I hadn't ever picked up a spoon knife before and this got me slightly addicted!
Spencer - Dec 7, 2017
Really great course . Jo is a very good teacher - relaxed, but full of instruction. We all got to learn different techniques, and how to use tools and devices which are specific to green woodwork (and not available in any diy store). I would definitely recommend this course.
Thom - Nov 21, 2017
Fantastic, inspiring, workshop with great teaching and friendly students. Learned lots of practical skills and I love having breakfast every morning with my hand carved spoon!
HELEN - Nov 5, 2017
Day one of a one-day-a-week course done and it was great. Small group, great teacher - I have already acquired a huge amount of knowledge!
Clare - Apr 6, 2017
Great atmosphere!