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Sewing Class

5(56 reviews)
These drop in sewing sessions are suitable for various skill levels - whether you have never used a sewing machine or are stuck on an on-going sewing project.
North West London
£40 pp
Next available date:27th June 2022
What happens in this class?

Book with confidence! We have reduced the number of students within classes to a maximum of three to ensure a safe spacious environment.

This drop in session is suitable for beginner and intermediate sewers. Please note these are women only classes.

If have never used a sewing machine before you will be taught how to use the machine and make bags, neck lines or small garments according to your own aims and interests.

You can also come and work on your own unique garment projects, with the guidance and help of a professional at your own pace.

Students have successfully…

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Things to remember

The studio has a domestic over locker , various machines and equipment but you are welcome to bring your own.

For first time beginner lessons you will be provided with fabric but you will be required to bring your own after two lessons.

Latest Reviews
5(56 reviews)
Lina - May 18, 2022
The tutor was very knowledgeable and very good at communicating her knowledge of pattern cutting and how to make your own clothes. I had two excellent lessons with this tutor and learnt a lot about sewing . I now feel much more confident with having a go on my own. She is also very friendly and makes excellent tea!
Joanna - May 18, 2022
Very knowledgeable teacher. Will go again.
Marisa - May 8, 2022
This was such an amazing lesson. I am an absolute beginner and Heba was so patient, clear and informative. I had so much fun learning and can't wait to do another lesson with Heba.
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Your Teacher

Anjum has been teaching the art of sewing and pattern cutting for the last 25 years alongside being a production manager. She developed her skills while managing a unique training and enterprise project in Shoreditch, providing courses to women from diverse backgrounds. Throughout this time she has helped thousands of students develop their creative skills whilst witnessing many smiles and achievements.

Anjum has now launched her own purpose built sewing studio in North West London to continue her passion of teaching. Classes are suitable for a variety of levels allowing students to work at their own pace in a welcoming…

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Class Location
Heba Studio
North West London
39 Winchester Avenue


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Sewing Class


Lina - May 18, 2022
The tutor was very knowledgeable and very good at communicating her knowledge of pattern cutting and how to make your own clothes. I had two excellent lessons with this tutor and learnt a lot about sewing . I now feel much more confident with having a go on my own. She is also very friendly and makes excellent tea!
Joanna - May 18, 2022
Very knowledgeable teacher. Will go again.
Marisa - May 8, 2022
This was such an amazing lesson. I am an absolute beginner and Heba was so patient, clear and informative. I had so much fun learning and can't wait to do another lesson with Heba.
Jana Rock - Apr 5, 2022
Heba Studio is really knowledgeable, patient and professional to get your projects done - no matter if big or small, attention is given to every project... I highly recommend a session to making your projects come true!
Sigrid G. - Jan 11, 2022
I wanted to learn about the basics and how to use my sewing machine. The class was perfect! Anjum is super nice, super competent, experienced, patient, answered all my questions and explained everything very well. The class is in a well equipped studio in her backyard. Very much recommend!
Angeloumae Bondad - Jan 9, 2022
Would 1000% recommend!! She is a lovely teacher and you can learn a lot even in just a session. I will definitely be taking more classes with her.
Cassandra - Dec 17, 2021
I really enjoyed the class! I am a complete beginner but left feeling more confident with a machine and like i'd learned the basics (and the teacher is lovely too). Would definitely recommend :)
Yumi Takano - Dec 15, 2021
I would highly recommend it! Thanks so much.
Tahmina - Dec 12, 2021
I’ve had two classes with Heba, and both times she’s been really lovely and accommodating. She’s very knowledgable and has helped boost my confidence and motivation. In my second class I had brought in my own project (a wrap dress) and she helped me fix it with a very clever technique. It’s a very good skill to have and I would recommend anyone who is thinking of getting started. See you again soon :)
Viru Patel - Dec 7, 2021
She was lovely and so friendly. I thorally enjoy my class. Her teaching was excellent. I will recommend any one to go to her class and learn more. Viru
Saira Yeadally Khan - Oct 10, 2021
Ashleigh - Oct 1, 2021
So wonderful! Complete beginner to feeling confident and excited by the end. Lovely environment and brilliant teacher. Thank you!
Crystal Simon - Aug 28, 2021
Lovely woman, very helpful and patient. Great communication skills and techniques.
Danielle Brown - Jul 11, 2021
Wonderful experience will be back
Jessica Bueno de Mesquita - Jun 14, 2021
Really amazing experience
Diana - Jun 9, 2021
Had my first sewing lesson with Anjum and she was so good. I learnt a lot in those 3 hours and have booked for further sessions. Anjum was very patient, knowledgeable and really helped me to learn a lot in those 3 hours. Here's to more sewing!
Eleanor - Dec 26, 2020
Another excellent sewing class !
Eleanor - Dec 6, 2020
I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever sewing class with Anjum. In 3 hours she taught me how to use a sewing machine and I managed to make 7 bags! I was very happy and will be returning next week to make more. Thank you Anjum for your patience, flexibility and expertise! Highly recommend.
Isra - Nov 5, 2020
Very useful and a great studio to work in!
Keely - Nov 3, 2020
I would highly recommend this class! I am a beginner and found it very easy to follow along. The fact that I was able to make a bag at the end of the class says it all! Amazing teacher, with years of experience and very patient. I went with my mum and sister and it was a lovely bonding experience.
Fiona - Oct 21, 2020
Excellent experience for a first time beginner (thats never used a sewing machine before). I left Heba studio with confidence of how to use a sewing machine and it functions. I look forward to attending another session and developing.
Stavroula - Sep 26, 2020
Sheila5028 - Aug 10, 2020
Anjum's classes have been very helpful, hence why I still continue to book classes with her. She's very friendly, knowledgeable and has patience. I have many projects that I wish to complete and master, so I look forward to the future classes and masterpieces I make with Anjum's expertise and direction - Thanks Anjum :-D Sheila x
Hanifah muwaga - Mar 12, 2020
Was really good and learnt a lot of things, definitely coming back
Ruby - Mar 5, 2020
Anjum was amazing. She's very good at what she does and you can see she enjoys helping others. This one class has taught me so much already and I'm looking forward to my next class with her this week. I don't feel pressured to finishing quicker than others and she is always making sure we are okay and will show us over and over if we don't get it the first time. Absolutely recommend her for anyone who wants to get into the sewing field. This is a hobby I have wanted to pick up for so long and thanks to Anjum, Im finally doing it :-)
Katherine - Dec 22, 2019
It was my first time in a Sewing class , she was very kind to offer tea, cookies and make me feel welcome. There were another people in the class and those girls were amazing, we interact very well together so much fun in the class. It was a therapy after all the stress I was passing these weeks . I was looking for something to relax my mind and in the same time learning to do things.
Serena - Oct 15, 2019
Second class Double the fun!
Serena - Oct 6, 2019
Thoroughly enjoyed my first class! Heba is very experienced and patient and a lovely teacher!
Maureen - Aug 5, 2019
Thoroughly enjoyed our lesson with Anjum. I attended this first session with my sister and despite our different levels of experience Anjum tailored the lesson to both our needs. Her studio is well-equipped and a pleasant work space. She is very knowledgeable, patient and an excellent teacher. I look forward to further classes.
Golde - Jul 1, 2019
I had my first sewing class 18th of last month with Anjum, she was very patient and very clear in how she teaches. So I intend to keep coming to her class to learn more and more. Golde
Susan - Jun 11, 2019
Anjum has a lovely studio with all the necessary equipment. She was able to help me with a difficult (for me) project. She helped me to work out my complicated pattern and make my dress.. Later she taught me how to edge the neck and sleeves with same stretch fabric. I found Anjum to be a knowledgable and helpful teacher and would definitely recommend her class.
oreos666 - May 25, 2019
Loved the class, Anjum is such a lovely and patient teacher whom explains complex concepts into simple, understandable terms. I was surprised by my own ability to create a tote bag from only one class! Will definitely be coming back for more :).
Fozia - May 14, 2019
Really great class, delivered in Anjum's purpose built studio. I have a little sewing experience and Anjum has helped me with my specific needs and goals.I am looking forward to more lessons.She is a very patient and kind teacher.
Lydia - Jan 8, 2019
Amazing! Sorry it’s taken me so long to do a review. I felt so welcomed & learnt so much looking forward to coming again this year. Thank you.
Shreya - Dec 10, 2018
Another great sewing class with Anjum! Made a zipped bag, and already feeling empowered to tackle projects at home with my own machine.
Shreya - Dec 5, 2018
Another great sewing class with Anjum! In my second class I got to make a small sleeveless top - learning more about linings and how patterns come together. Excited for my next class!
Antonia - Nov 28, 2018
This class was amaizing, I learnt so much in the space of 3 hours and the teacher was really helpful in advising me what sewing machine to buy and what other classes I can attend. I would recommend this class to anyone who has never used a sewing machine.
Chanelle - Nov 26, 2018
The class works well for all stages of sewers, absolute beginner, or someone just polishing up on what they know. Everyone gets a generous amount of help and attention, very cosy atmosphere. Highly recommend the class to all sewers and learners.
Shelagh - Nov 25, 2018
Anjum was very friendly and a great teacher. She was professional and very knowledgeable and I really really enjoyed the class. I highly recommend it!
Shreya - Nov 18, 2018
Anjum was a great instructor. This was my first time ever using a sewing machine and I finished the class by making a lined tote bag! Already excited for the next class.
Daniela - Oct 16, 2018
Anjum is a wonderful and very experienced teacher! It was a small class with a lot of attention, I learned about the qualities of a good sewing machine and gained a surprising amount of confidence sewing (and it was my first time ever!). Thank you! I will return!
Michelle - Oct 13, 2018
Seven weeks and going strong - I just got a sewing machine and overlocker and I'm onto the next project after making a dress and matching scarf in a jersey fabric!
Michelle - Oct 7, 2018
I'm almost finished my first dress and now have a sewing machine of my own - thanks Anjum, I couldn't have done it without you.
Michelle - Oct 4, 2018
I'm up to Class 6 and I'm loving every minute. I had never sewed before. I get all my questions answered and help making and learning to make what I'm interested in. Anjum is very creative, capable and supportive. What more could you ask when learning sewing and dressmaking.
Michelle - Sep 28, 2018
Each class my confidence grows.
Jantien - Sep 23, 2018
This class was wonderful, we learned how to make a sturdy tote bag with lining on the first class and it seems like once you get the hang of it you are free to work on whatever projects appeal to you/are useful to you. The teacher was really kind and laid-back, a pleasure to spend my morning with her! Will be coming here at least twice a month.
Michelle - Sep 21, 2018
Class three and I'm feeling super confident with a machine. I know how to put in zips and some hand sewing repairs that were simple and quick including on a bra.
jung - Sep 21, 2018
She explained every aspects of the sewing machine and this is something that are crucial when learning how to use the machine. she was kind and patient and helpful throughout the session, however the space could have improve a bit better.
Lilian - Sep 20, 2018
Sewing class was good. One will need more th an one session to learn the basics about sewing machine. Made a nice tote bag on the 1st session.
Michelle - Sep 17, 2018
Amazing - now I know how to do basic repairs.
Shelina - Sep 16, 2018
Only had my second class and was able to make a pretty dress for my niece thanks to Anjum! My family were impressed with how much I’ve learnt in such little time. I will be sure to return!
Silvia - Sep 16, 2018
I truly enjoyed the class. Anjum was very patient and supportive and provided a lot of useful information about how to choose a good sewing machine if you haven't got one yet. Finally, for me this was the first time using a sewing machine and I walked away with a nice tote bag, so I am very happy with this experience, I recommend it!
Susanne - Sep 10, 2018
Fantastic! I loved this class. The teacher was amazing and so helpful
Michelle - Sep 10, 2018
It was an awesome experience. I learnt alot, made a tote bag and found the experience tailored to my interest. It's a small place and a working sewing company so you are being taught by women that produce clothes for other businesses. As a beginner it wasn't overwhelming, in fact I had alot of fun.
Kemi - Sep 2, 2018
This class was amazing! I'd never used a sewing machine before and I was able to make a lovely lined tote bag (materials provided in class). The instructor was very knowledgable and started the class by asking what my goals were. No matter your level of proficiency,an appropriate individualized lesson plan can be made for you. She gave excellent advice on what to look for in a durable sewing machine and what features are unnecessary for a beginner. I've now bought one and my subsequent classes can be taught using my own machine. All in all, this class was fantastic value for money and a lovely way to spend 3 hours.
Shelina - Sep 2, 2018
Amazing class, I am so glad I booked it. I will be regularly attending the Saturday classes. Anjum was very thorough while learning about the sewing machines and made me feel very confident while sewing my bag. I can’t believe how much I have learnt in just one class! I can’t wait till the next one.