London Green Wood crafts classes in London
London Green Wood crafts classes in London


London Green Wood

153 reviews
153 reviews

London Green Wood is a non-profit cooperative of woodworkers practising rural crafts in the city. Based at Hackney City Farm, we work with green wood straight from the log and hand tools. All the wood we use has been felled locally.

We have been running events and teaching courses since 2011. We promise a beautiful setting, friendly people, the satisfaction of learning new skills and a fire when it gets chilly. We run courses for adults, for groups and for families. We run workshop sessions for members of our cooperative three times a week and one weekend each month. Membership is open to all who have completed our Introduction to Green Woodworking course. We also: host monthly volunteering days to build equipment at the workshop, take practical whittling activities to public events across London, teach woodworking for team building days and work with other local community groups to bring the therapeutic benefits of being creative outdoors to their users. We are currently the only workshop in London teaching bowl turning on a pole lathe (people powered).

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21 Aug
Fantastic day with Jo, a fantastic teacher who talked us through the basics of green wood, knife safety, tool handling & after some practice, on to make a wooden cooking spoon out of a wedge of newly axed Sycamore greenwood. Left feeling very inspired, happy & ready for more. Just give it a go!!
16 Oct
I had a great time learning to spoon carve yesterday! The gorgeous setting of Abney Park was the perfect backdrop to our class, and Jo's expert and friendly tuition kept us safe and enabled us to all come away with a usable spoon by the end of the day. It was all over too soon!
16 Jan
A really enjoyable day with gentle attentive tutors, tucked away in a quiet little park in London. It really is a lovely thing to take a log of fresh green wood and chop, carve and whitlle it away into something you can use every day. A very friendly supportive and safe atmosphere is cultivated and I think everyone left very happy with their day's work. I'd imagine sales of axes, woodcarving knives and various guide books are boosted every time the course is run. Recommended.
10 Apr
It was a lovely workshop, Thank you very much X


21 Aug
Fantastic day with Jo, a fantastic teacher who talked us through the basics of green wood, knife safety, tool handling & after some practice, on to make a wooden cooking spoon out of a wedge of newly axed Sycamore greenwood. Left feeling very inspired, happy & ready for more. Just give it a go!!
16 Oct
I had a great time learning to spoon carve yesterday! The gorgeous setting of Abney Park was the perfect backdrop to our class, and Jo's expert and friendly tuition kept us safe and enabled us to all come away with a usable spoon by the end of the day. It was all over too soon!
16 Jan
A really enjoyable day with gentle attentive tutors, tucked away in a quiet little park in London. It really is a lovely thing to take a log of fresh green wood and chop, carve and whitlle it away into something you can use every day. A very friendly supportive and safe atmosphere is cultivated and I think everyone left very happy with their day's work. I'd imagine sales of axes, woodcarving knives and various guide books are boosted every time the course is run. Recommended.
10 Apr
It was a lovely workshop, Thank you very much X
12 May
Amazing. I loved it.
1 Sep
A really lovely day in a peaceful setting. Jo was patient and kind as well as being very instructive and helpful in ensuring we all got support and advice.
15 Jun
Great day, nice people, love the spoon.
15 Aug
Jo was a brilliant teacher, patient, clear and professional
7 Dec
Long session, taught many skills and techniques. More challenging than expected but Sam was a patient guide. A handout or step-by-step guide would be useful as a takeaway.
22 Dec
It was an awesome day! I learned a lot during the course and the environment and course mates where really pleasant. There was coffee, tea and a fire to warm us. Sam, our teacher was fun, excellent in relaying knowledge and very patient with us all. The day passed quickly and I already signed up for another course with London green wood.
9 Sep
Excellent. Both myself and my Grandson really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to the next workshop. Highly recommended.
16 Aug
As a complete beginner I didn't know what to expect but I had a wonderful morning making my spatula. Everything was explained very clearly with lots of help at every stage. The London Green Wood instructor, Jo, was very friendly and encouraging. I'm now recommending this class to my friends and hoipe to go back to try a slightly more ambitious project.
25 Sep
13 Mar
Great place, great community, best tutors!! Thank you!!
1 Jun
Everyone is very lovely. I like them to share them own woodwork experience and have lunch together :) I will go back to learn more from them
29 Jan
I can't think of a better way to spend my Friday's :) Thanks so much to Jo, and the lovely crew that use the outdoor workshop, for sharing their skills in such a relaxed manner, it's been really nourishing.
2 Feb
This course was brilliant. It is based around learning basic carving skills, but you make lots of stuff as well as a part of that (spoons, butter knives, scoops, spatulas etc). Jo takes you to a level where you can confidently attempt projects of your own in a safe manner, and deals with axe work, hook knife, straight knife, draw knife, and a few other things (gouges, sharpening, aspects of design). I really feel like I've been taught the basic approaches and techniques of a craft in quite a short time, and can now go forward and practice them. Each Friday was the highlight of my week, and I look forward to returning to the workshop as often as I can in future. The atmosphere at the workshop itself is a really potent antidote to living in a big city, and it feels like you're dipping into a wonderful community of people who are keeping a set of skills alive and in use even in London. Highly recommended to those who wish to deepen their knowledge of green woodworking beyond just making a single item.
27 Mar
I had a brilliant time at the Intro to Green Woodwork workshop. This is done in small groups of six so with lots of individual attention and a really enjoyable group dynamic. The emphasis is very much on learning to use essential tools for green wood work safely, and small projects are done each week to practice these skills. Jo is a brilliant teacher and there is a supportive atmosphere with other woodworkers also working on projects in the outdoor workshop. Lots of tea/coffee and shared snacks. Our 4 week course was interrupted due to Covid-19 restrictions but Jo has kept in touch with us and will arrange for our group to finish the course together when next possible. I can't wait!
8 Aug
Excellent teaching, new techniques and tools. Good range of items to make and to be able to make a final piece from log to table is a wonderful experience.
16 Aug
The course was fantastic. The pace was relaxed and allowed for all of us to move forward as a group but plenty of time to go at your own pace and level. The space itself is so nice and everyone was very warm and welcoming. I would strongly recommend the course! A really great way to unplug and be outside and you learn loads. We left feeling very confident in being able to take things forward on our own.
25 Oct
This was an amazing, discovery filled 4 day experience! Fun, educational, thoughtful, practical, relaxing, intense... it had it all! Lovely conversations, a new useful skill learned, new friends made and time well spent! I just want to keep coming back! And I will, it is already in my plans. If you are considering this course, give it a try! It is money well spent and you will get all of the basic knowledge for your own future green woodworking projects.
29 Oct
This is a really great course to introduce you to woodwork. We learnt many different work carving techniques and made lots stuff that we could take home (spoons, knives, spatulas, etc). I’ve now joined as a member and will be going back to the workshop to continue learning and making. 100% recommend :)
30 May
20 Nov
Really enjoyable day learning new skills working with an Adze and using an axe to carve a rustic bowl . Plenty of excellent tuition from Jo.
15 Mar
What a blast, it was so nice. Dave was very patient with us and used different teaching techniques depending on the audience, which was very thoughtful. I can only highly recommend the Bowl Carving Workshop with London Green Wood team. Thank you
17 Mar
A really enjoyable day. The pace felt steady and unhurried, and we got to try a good variety of tools and techniques throughout the course. Abney Park is a lovely location for the course and it's easy to forget that you're in the middle of London as you adze, gouge and chop your way towards an enchantingly rustic wooden bowl!
12 Jun
The course was excellent. Jo is a great teacher. She takes you through: how to use the tools safely and effectively, what tool to use - and when and how, and she makes it all great fun. Working outdoors with pots of tea on the go just makes it even better. Highly recommended.
9 Sep
We really enjoyed our spoon carving course with Jo. There were a total of 6 in the group which worked very well so we had sufficient guidance and attention.Jo was a calm, clear, cheerful teacher. The day was well planned and timed, for each part of the spoon process. Definitely recommend.
16 Oct
26 Sep
A great one day spoon carving course. The tutor was excellent, with lots of skills and techniques that she taught in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. After seven hours I had very sore hands but a wooden spoon that I was very proud of!
26 Sep
Spoon Carving workshop was great and had a lovely atmosphere. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.
25 Sep
I'd highly recommend this workshop - fun, fulfilling, relaxing and delivered wonderfully by the patient, talented Jo.
16 Oct
I really enjoyed the Spoon Carving Workshop. It took place outside which in itself was a treat and the teaching was great. Jo was enthusiastic and very professional in the way she lead the class. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the day to a friend. Thank you.
16 Oct
21 Nov
Lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere. Super friendly. Very knowledgeable teachers. Great venue, nice to be outdoors, all the tools you could need. Nice shared lunch.
11 Feb
Really enjoyed my day, even with the cold and rain it was so worth it. Teacher Jo was great she gave you great encouragement and taught great skills. She had an assistant Dave who was very helpful and supportive as well. On booking I really did not think I would achieve a spoon by the end of the session, but I did and I am very proud of it.
11 Feb
Fun and thorough class with knowledgable tutors. Held in a rustic outdoor space with plenty of tea and coffee provided. It's quit physical and was pretty chilly in February, but it was totally worth it. Very satisfying day out :)
10 Mar
it was brilliant I learned loads and had fun
11 Mar
We had a great day and the teaching was good. We had Jo as our main instructor and Julian and Dave assisted. They were skilled and experienced themselves and communicated well and with appropriate authority. The tools were good quality and everything was prepared beforehand for the session. The weather in early March was bearable outside, but I don't think sufficient warning that it was a day outside was given before booking. I think a venue with indoor space, even in a workshop or shed, is needed for winter courses. Thank goodness the weather had improved over the previous week! The afternoon went rather too quickly and we all enjoyed ourselves. Thank you.
9 Apr
It was great fun! Good vibes, good strong milky tea, good teaching, and good company. Would highly recommend it and for sure do it again!
12 May
This was a first class course which I would recommend to anyone.
13 May
I had one of the best days ever at the spoon carving workshop. It was a really lovely day so it was nice to work outside. I was quite intimidated by the idea of woodwork but Jo made us really comfortable and had a lot of patience with me when I couldn't get the hang of the techniques. There was tea flowing all day which was great. I would love to come back and make another spoon to improve on what I've learned.
13 May
A very enjoyable and fun day with a great teacher highly recommended! Sean
17 Jun
Jo was such a fantastic teacher, clear, friendly, expert and patient. Using local wood was lovely and the setting is beautiful. Couldn't ask for more.
1 Sep
Really fun day of woodwork. Jo is great at making sure the course is informative but also fun. Came away with a great spoon and inspiration to do more!
3 Sep
Such an excellent workshop, I can't recommend it enough. You'll come away with a beautiful cooking spoon to feel proud of – and you'll be amazed at how quickly you transform a wedge of wood into a work of art. Jo is a really lovely and helpful instructor, very encouraging and helps you get the best from the course. Really recommend it.
4 Sep
So happy to have achieved so much, Jo is an excellent and patient teacher. Class was relaxed but learnt lots about techniques. Can't wait to try out my new skills at home
26 Sep
Fantastic class! The tuition was brilliant and the setting was beautiful.
26 Mar
I cannot recommend the spoon carving workshop with London Green Wood CIC highly enough! The one-day workshop was perfectly paced and allowed for learning and variation with the various tools and techniques. Jo was a brilliant teacher and leader of the workshop, offering friendly guidance, advice and helpful tips along the way. The location itself is really well set up for the group session and, as it is a working community workshop we were able to meet some local experts, and see some of their wonderful creations. I am very keen to sign up for their bowl carving workshop and have been inspired to get my own tools to continue spoon carving at home!
27 Mar
I learnt to use special tools to turn a segment of a log into a fully useable kitchen spoon - with a corner to clean out the bottom of a pan! A perfect introduction to greenwood carving with left and right-handed tools to suit. Jo ensured we had a tool-talk for each new knife we used, and learnt safe and effective techniques to keep us safe whist carving our masterpieces.
7 Apr
A really lovely day spent with a small group of nice people, all carving wood. The campfire kept us warm, Jo kept us safe and we all came away with new skills and beautiful wooden spoons. Highly recommended.
8 Apr
Really fun day with lots of insights into the best techniques of how to whittle the perfect spoon. Thank you!
15 Jun
A fantastic class. An excellent introduction to spoon carving in a lovely setting.
17 Jun
A nice well spent!! Jo was great, a warm and welcoming person, showing us all this new stuff. Explaining wood, techniques, tools, making sure of our safety and dealing with each and every one to explain or advise on what we were doing. Lovely little team of people too. Highly recommended workshop!
2 Jul
Really enjoyed this course - the teacher was very friendly and patient and I came away with a decent looking spoon and looking forward to doing more
Even with the temperamental weather trying to scupper things. The London Greenwood spoon carving course exceeded my expectations. It was an informative and relaxed day, guided brilliantly by the teacher Jo, and I came away with a renewed sense of confidence at trying to improve my greenwood working and spoon carving. Thank you. I'm already looking forward to my next course there.
7 Jul
Wonderful atmosphere and great teachers!
12 Jul
We had a lovely day - learning a lot about our tools, varieties of wood and how to finish our spoons. It was harder than I thought it would be but Jo and Dave were very patient and helpful and we were all proud of our finished spoons.
22 Jul
Had a brilliant day spoon carving with an excellent teacher. I feel so much more confident about using the tools and learnt all the techniques needed to work effectively and safely. Lots of fun in a great setting. I highly recommend it.
6 Aug
Great experience! Well taught in small group in a lovely setting . Really absorbing
1 Oct
8 of us had a brilliant day in the peacefulness of Abney Park with two lovely tutors. They were clear, attentive, guided us well and differentiated to our different abilities and experience. Health and safety was great, none of us had any cuts. There were good tips on how to stand and sit while working, and we learnt a number of different carving techniques. They provided regular breaks with plenty of good coffee, tea and biscuits. It was a pleasure to work in company and at the end of the day we each came away with a hand carved wooden spoon! A day very well spent.
20 Oct
I had a great day, despite endless rain and a grey, miserable sky. Both teachers ( it was a big group) were kind, supportive and non-judgemental. I went to try out something new, learn new skills and have fun, which is exactly what I did. And I came home with a spoon/spatula of sorts - a lovely way to spend a Saturday.
15 Mar
A really great day outside carving some wood! A little tough going at times, but the teachers were always on hand to help you out and keep you on track. Would love to come back sometime and learn more :)
1 Apr
my partner loved this workshop and now has the spoon carving bug
11 Aug
This is my second course with Jo at London Green Wood. I cannot rate them high enough! The knowledge and skills that Jo shares with her students is A**. My last course, spoon carving, has encouraged me to further my skills and I am presently looking to book my third course (bowl carving) in the Autumn. You will not be disappointed!
6 Sep
Lovely day; excellent, knowledgeable teachers. I had some experience already so they adapted the class for me to teach me something new. Lovely setting in the woods.
7 Sep
A fantastic day - we learnt so much and Sam was such an engaged and patient teacher. I was so impressed with what everyone managed to take home at the end of it. Will definitely carve again!
20 Sep
Fantastic day. Highly recommend this workshop. Jo and Sam both great teachers. Would definitely come again.
5 Oct
I had a brilliant time at the Spoon Carving Workshop. Sam, who led the group, was a brilliant teacher, along with being incredibly patient and lovely to us complete novices. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn some useful new skills. A great day :)
10 Oct
Wonderful ‘outside in nature’ day workshop; totally absorbing & came away with a wooden spoon having begun with a log of wood - completed all stages! Satisfying & great activity done with my husband. Thank You Sam
6 Dec
Really fun class in a beautiful setting. Had never done any carving before but our instructor Sam made everything easy to follow and I've definitely learnt some new skills!
12 Dec
Great class. Very well led and enjoyable, in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. I look forward to taking another with them.
21 Dec
Even under difficult COVID circumstances the workshop was well run, friendly, safe, and a good learning environment. I learned lots of new techniques and would go again.
30 Dec
The workshop was brilliant. Sam is really good at getting everyone excited for the day and helps with even the smallest details while carving the spoons.
12 Apr
Great Spoon Carving workshop with Sam Alexander (from Green Wood Collective) at Hackney City Farm on Sunday. A thoroughly enjoyed birthday gift! Sam was thorough and patient in introducing safe axe, crook knife and carving techniques in an outdoor group setting. Thanks! Oliver
17 Apr
I had an absolutely incredible time learning how to carve spoons. Our tutor Sam was really friendly, patient and attentive. Thanks to Sam, I was able to make a cooking spoon. Definitely found a new hobby after attending this course. 10/10 would recommend!
Phoebe F
17 Apr
Amazing. The instructor, Sam, was very knowledgeable and upbeat. The spoon carving was very therapeutic, I'd love to go again!
Rebekah S
17 Apr
Had a great day. Our instructor Sam was amazing and made sure we all left with a spoon. Would definitely recommend this class.
titus davies
18 Apr
My partner Titus gave this to me as a birthday present and it was one of the best gifts I’ve had. Sam is a wonderful teacher and his skill and love of his craft is so apparent. He created a relaxed and friendly atmosphere during the day. The day for me was a much needed de-stressor and I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting some concentrated creative time in a safe and friendly atmosphere outdoors with an inspiring tutor.
18 Apr
Amazing experience in a wonderful spot in London, a relaxed and very knowledgeable instructor and using really great, safe tools. I cannot wait to continue practising and will definitely go back to London Green Wood to learn more. Thanks!
Simon Whitelock
18 Apr
After having my booking date changed many times ( for understandable reasons ) I actually forgot the revised date and did not show. There was a refusal to rebook me which I did did not think very helpful. I was not asking for a refund just the same level of flexibility I had to show. Im sure the course was very good but as I was given the carving knives as a Xmas present Ill just teach myself !
Gemma Champ
18 Apr
A really meditative class with some great new skills, and a great teacher. Came away knowing how to use an axe to carve a spoon - what more could you want?
Emma Kennedy
19 Apr
100% recommend the spoon carving workshop at Hackney City Farm with London Greenwood. Bought the course as a present for my boyfriend and we had the best time. Sam was a great tutor and the group was lovely - the day flew by as we carved in the sunshine. The steps in the workshop were well explained and we came away really buzzed with our new spoons.
Ana Gallego
19 Apr
This spoon carving workshop was excellent and in a great location. Sam the tutor, took us through all the stages and at all times, taught us how to work with safe tools in a safe manner. A great way to spend a day creating something beautiful out of wood.
27 Oct
Great experience, definitely plan to go back. Lovely activity & lovely location.
27 Oct
We all really enjoyed it
19 Feb
We loved it.
4 Apr
Fantastic. Lovely surroundings, and nice to do something calming and learn a new skill!
4 Apr
An inspiring afternoon workshop from which we not only took away our wooden creations but sound knowledge of types of wood and safe whittling tips. Getting to work on the 'shaving horse' with a two handled knife was an added bonus. Great to be outdoors working with our hands - we loved it! Thank you.
12 Apr
It was fantastic! Jo showed us, in stages, what we needed to do and let us get on with it. My son, Harry, loved it because he was able to be really hands on with the tools and you also get to take your piece home with you at the end. I especially loved it and we are now looking forward to our next workshop together with Jo. Highly recommend London Green Wood CIC and Jo for her lovely calm and informative approach.
16 Apr
Both 9 year old Dermot and his grandad loved the session and plan to book another one very soon! 5 stars!
11 Jun
This was a great workshop, we both really enjoyed it. It was really good to go to a workshop for a parent and child to learn a new skill together. I was hoping for a hand carving course though so we could continue at home after the course, so a little more information about the content before would have been very useful. We will probably try and book another one in the summer though, the venue was good as was the instruction.
25 Nov
Amazing Class
5 Aug
We really enjoyed it. Well organised and in a great location. It's good to learn something new and have something to take home with you. My daughter wants to go back and do more.
28 Oct
My 10 year old son and I loved this workshop. He was given so much independence to use the tools himself and great guidance to use them safely. He learnt loads and felt really proud of what he achieved.
10 Nov
This was a great class. Our girls are 10 and 15 years old. and in our class they both got to use the axe, the saw and the shave horse, all taught really well and safely. We came home refreshed after our time outside without screens and enjoyed it so much that we will be booking again sometime next year.
Alice Toomey
8 Apr
We had a wonderful day, and came away wanting more, so already planning our next session. Thanks so much!
Esther Oxford
20 Apr
My 13-year-old son and I really enjoyed this session at Hackney City Farm. We made a butter knife and a marshmallow toasting fork - sitting by a fire. Jo and her colleague are charming and precise teachers. I highly recommend.
12 Apr
My 7 year old had a fantastic time in family whittling!
5 Sep
We loved the whittling workshop! Thank you. It was pitched just perfectly for my 7 yr old daughter, but also fun for me as the adult as I was able to make something too. Jo the teacher was friendly and really good with advice and safety information, as well as telling us about the wood we were using. We tried about 3 different techniques and made a couple of lovely marshmallow sticks. We are inspired to buy our own knives and continue whittling! Thank you.
28 Oct
My 7 year old son loved this class. He learnt loads about different woods, created two things by himself, using the tools independently and really enjoyed the hour.
28 Oct
The course was great - we learned a lot and my 8yo really enjoyed it. Richard the teacher was friendly, helpful, and informative, and the workshop was extremely satisfying!
19 Apr
A fun morning with lovely teachers - despite the snow!
17 Sep
The only downside was the cold, it was 2 degrees and felt a bit too cold to spend that much time outside. But we did have a fire to help.
5 Dec
Another great class from Jo. Was very useful for improving knife skills and getting more familiar with cutting with the grain. Small group which means you get lots of support from the teacher. Great setting in lovely Abney Park Cemetry, with a little fire and hot drinks to keep warm in winter.
7 Mar
This was an amazing day. I did the workshop a week after my Mum died and found a lot of peace in the connection with nature. The tutor was lovely - engaging, patient and talented. I highly recommend it!
23 Jul
Absolutely brilliant! I hope to come back for more.
15 Jan
Fantastic day with a great tutor, I went away so much more confident to use a knife safely and understanding how to work the wood. I'd recommend these classes to anyone, even if it's a one off activity or to learn new skill. Jo was an excellent teacher and host. I'll definitely be back again.
16 Apr
Jo is a fabulous teacher. We all worked at our own pace and Jo explained everything clearly. I went with my partner and two grown up sons. We all enjoyed it and I am really pleased with my spatula- thank you for a lovely day
11 Sep
A really brilliant class. I learned lots and came having made something I was proud of. I’m going to try to come back for another class soon!
14 Aug
Excellent workshop, which was for me more about the process , than my end result, as l Iove just whittling with Wood. I was however pretty pleased with my Spatula. Jo is a patient and inclusive teacher. Would recommend to anyone wanting to have a go. I can’t wait to do another class. Very calming working in nature with wood! Great morning 👍🏽
6 Apr
Great atmosphere!
5 Nov
Day one of a one-day-a-week course done and it was great. Small group, great teacher - I have already acquired a huge amount of knowledge!
21 Nov
Fantastic, inspiring, workshop with great teaching and friendly students. Learned lots of practical skills and I love having breakfast every morning with my hand carved spoon!
7 Dec
Really great course . Jo is a very good teacher - relaxed, but full of instruction. We all got to learn different techniques, and how to use tools and devices which are specific to green woodwork (and not available in any diy store). I would definitely recommend this course.
9 Mar
Really fun classes, I hadn't ever picked up a spoon knife before and this got me slightly addicted!
25 May
Absolutely loved the introduction to Green Woodwork workshop. Really practical and hands-on. Very friendly people and Jo is a great teacher
26 May
I found this course very well resourced and organised with a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. The location is second to none for a course of this type in London -it was wonderful to be working under the trees and the weather was kind Jo is a patient and knowledgable teacher providing clear instructions of safe working techniques and there is plenty of opportunity to practice sharpening and the opportunity to work individually and together . Added bonus is that past students also attend on Thursdays to work on their own projects so plenty of opportunity to pick up tips from more experienced students. I hope to be able to join in Thursday community access sessions from time to time.
1 Aug
A brilliant course for people with little or no knowledge of woodworking. By the fourth and final session, we had acquired enough basic skills to cut down a piece of hazel and for each of us to turn a section of it into our own wooden spoon - immensely satisfying!
30 Sep
The introductory course is brilliant. Though it’s very relaxed you’ll earn how to make a range of different thing and you’ll come away with plenty of finished pieces. As well as a great teacher in Jo, you also get the support of a super helpful community of makers that use the space. I’ll be going back for sure - I’m currently shopping for tools.
1 Oct
Great course in a brilliant spot. Very welcoming and really informative
30 Nov
Great course. Attentive tuition, friendly people, lovely setting for the workshop. I'll be going back for sure!
14 Jun
A truly excellent course. Having attended several one-day Green Woodwork courses I was keen to do the four-day Introduction. Jo is a wonderful teacher: patient, skilled and encouraging. She tailors the course to individuals and paces things really well. The course introduces you to axing, carving and whittling using straight and curved knives, sharpening tools, and getting into good habits by using tools safely. The atmosphere is always good with a variety of lovely people taking part and other skilled makers working alongside and giving helpful tips, all in the natural outdoor space. Completing the course allows you to become a member of the cooperative and use the facilities thereafter at designated times. Highly recommended. Thanks, Jo!
30 Sep
Thoroughly enjoyable and invigorating; the classes were the highlight of my week. The tutors (Dave and Jo) were knowledgeable and welcoming and I was amazed how quickly we progressed. They taught us how to use different tools and techniques confidently, always with safety foremost. Every day I took home items I had made and could use. Highly recommended for those who want to be outdoors, learn craft skills, be amongst similar co-operatively minded folk and are happy to take advice from all manner of friendly spoon makers who drop in to use the tools and equipment.
Another 5 star course. The Introduction to Green Woodwork course was a great way to learn to work with a range of tools and wood. Informative and relaxed and guided brilliantly by Jo and Dave who provided skilful, nudging towards improving techniques. Over the four days I came away with a number of hand-made items and feeling much more confident with my green wood working. Inspiring. I would wish this course for anyone wanting a little respite from the pace of this city of ours. Thank you.
3 Dec
wonderful space in London. welcoming and friendly. Great introduction to green woodworking . thank you
1 Mar
Excellent course. The tutor was very capable and while being relaxed did ensure a 'safe environment' given the nature of the work and the use of (very) sharp tools. She also was very approachable and was very constructive in her comments. I have now joined the 'London Green Wood' membership and intend to do further courses with them.
29 Mar
Expert and thoughtful teaching to a small group in a secluded location - it was great to be outdoors even in the cold and wet (under rain cover). Very enjoyable
13 Aug
I really enjoyed the course - teaching was excellent, and the range of tasks was well considered. Would definitely recommend!
13 Aug
The 4 day introduction course was great fun - the tutors were wonderful and I learned new skills each day. I'm can't wait to do another course!
14 Aug
Really good course, both teachers very informative and helpful. It was a busy four days and great that we were hands on working all the time Lots of space to ask questions and a good mix of group and individual attention
20 Aug
Lovely place, nice people and great teachers - fully recommend!
5 Sep
Great class, really helpful, good equipment and a lovely day in a little city woodland corner in the sun. What more can you ask for. Highly recommended.
3 Oct
This was a superb course which I bought for my husband. He found. Jo to be a brilliant teacher who supported the learners different abilities and interests. It was a mixed gender group and he came home feeling accomplished after each session.
7 Sep
Great experience - highly recommended
1 May
The bowl carving workshop takes place outside in the peaceful surrounds of the cemetery at Stoke Newington. Jo the workshop leader has infinite patience and a great deal of knowledge that she is happy to share. A cup of tea, a chat and a chocolate biscuit whilst taking a break made for a great day.
18 Nov
Wonderful workshop! Skilled teacher giving thorough explications and tips, high quality tools and a step by step approach to reach our goal and carve beautiful bowl! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to know how to carve and also how to safely use the different tools. An enjoyable experience!
18 Nov
Another brilliant workshop from London Green Wood. Excellent and patient tuition from Jo, a great atmosphere and very lovely biscuits. Would recommend!
21 Nov
First rate teaching from a first rate teacher. Great day of learning and activity in a superb setting inside Abney Park cemetary in Hackney. Will go back for more.
22 Nov
Jo, the tutor, is amazing - so knowledgeable and patient. The class was just fantastic from start to finish! It was so beautiful to be outside all day and the fire and ever replenishing cups of tea kept us warm when we weren't working hard. I would recommend this to anyone - I had the best day. I couldn't stop smiling and looking at my bowl all evening!
22 Apr
I very much enjoyed the Bowl Carving workshop yesterday. It was wonderful to be working outdoors, in the beautiful surroundings of Abney Park. There were five of us doing the workshop with instructor Jo and volunteer helper Paul and all the work was carried out in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The bowl carving workshop gave us an excellent introduction to the use of different tools for working with green wood. Jo was an excellent instructor: she kept an eye on us all and gave instruction without being intrusive, with little bits of help here and there where necessary to ensure we would have a completed item by the end of the day. I will be coming back to London Green Wood for more!
8 Jun
So wonderful to work with natural materials and feel the accomplishment of the making something on the day. We would have loved a much more informative workshop however. More information about different woods, tools and their purpose, how to achieve different results and what to expect while using the tools we have. We know one can ask but it is not the same as experiencing a workshop that is more structured in terms of knowledge. Plus we are introverts and rely on the teacher to lead the class rather than students to know which questions will bring more appropriate results. We have got a bowl but neither of us knows whether we would know which wood to use next, we don't know how to take care of the wood afterwards and what to do in case of trouble shooting. We have only been assured that nothing bad will happen. We don't know where to get tools from and how to acquire them and we don't know what we could use this experience for next. Another bowl would be great, but it would be nice to know there is a follow up or continuation if we enjoyed the workshop and would wish to learn more. It was lovely to have a very laid back approach but we didn't think that would compromise the overall amount of education. Jo and Dave are really nice people. They both seemed really tired towards the end of the day, so we hope they are all well and happy. We wish them the very best of luck in the future with their workshops. xxx
24 Jun
Great day spent carving a bowl. Hard work paid off thanks to excellent teachers.
27 Mar
Hard to believe I was able to turn a log into a bowl in a few hours with no previous experience. Jo guided the group expertly, adapting the demonstrated techniques according to dexterity, physical capability so everyone had a bowl to be proud of at the end. I'd recommend this course. It was a very therapeutic day outside, regardless of the rain.
22 Sep
We had a great day carving fruit bowls. Our efforts may not be works of art, but we feel very proud of what we achieved. Dave was very patient with us and there was a lovely atmosphere. We came away with a much greater appreciation of the skills and strength required in woodworking.
15 Mar
Had a really good time! Was definitely tired at the end of the day but would 100% recommend.
26 Sep
Absolutely loved this workshop. Really well organised, with all the right equipment. Lovely setting and relaxed atmosphere. Everyone very friendly. Tutor was very informed. Really satisfying experience
3 Oct
It was a great day out! The environment of the workspace was really peaceful and relaxing. Dave was great. Really knowledgeable, patient, his repetition of demos was helpful. Despite being at the beginning of my third trimester of pregnancy, I was assured before hand that it would not be an issue. Dave was happy to help with some of the tasks and I was able to take little breaks in between. They don't joke when they say it is a physically challenging course - the other people on the course all agreed it wasn't easy. We had tired arms by the end of the day, but it was definitely worth it for our finished bowls! The facilities were great considering it was outdoors. The toilets were clean and close by, and there was a tarp put up when there was a light drizzle. Coffee and tea offered throughout the day.
25 Oct
What a wonderful day I had making a bowl in a day. I used tools I'd never seen let alone used before. Dave was a great tutor and being among other enthusiastic learners was inspiring. It was quite challenge but so rewarding.
27 Oct
Fantastic day! The instructor and the rest of the group were really friendly and the outoor workshop is a lovely setting (even in winter!). Plenty of breaks during the day and lots of tea and coffee available. It was a very small group so you could get personal advice and tips from the instructor which was great for learning. Everyone in the group came away with a successful bowl, reagrdless of their experience level, and we were all really happy with what we'd achieved.
31 Oct
A brilliant way to spend a day. Dave was a very patient teacher, and I’m delighted with my bowl.
1 Nov
Excellent course and great teacher. Thanks David
13 Nov
My second course with London Green Wood and it was another great experience. Our teacher was really patient and supportive and the pace of the class was just right. Such a lovely way to spend a day.

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