East London is the capital for pottery classes, pottery markets and beautiful studios. East London is famous for its maker's community, with regular events celebrating it. It is also home to the likes of Hackney Wicked, Urban Makers East and the redevelopment in Olympic Park, Here East that are huge makers hubs dedicated to inspiring creatives and makers alike and giving them an accessible and affordable place to create, work and teach.

Pottery has seen a huge rise in recent years, and we are proud to be working with East London's incredibly talented ceramicists and potters to bring you the best selection of pottery classes East London has to offer.

Top 10 Best Pottery Classes in East London

  1. Beginners Pottery Wheel Class
  2. Wheel-Throwing Master Class With Joe Davies
  3. Throwing on the Wheel for Beginners
  4. 12 Week Pottery Class
  5. Pottery Taster Workshop
  6. Intensive Wheel Throwing Workshop
  7. Japanese Pottery Taster Class
  8. Pottery Workshop - Mug Special
  9. Improvers Intensive Class
  10. Beginners Ceramic Week Classes

1. Beginners Pottery Wheel Class

This is the perfect class for beginners who want to learn how to throw on a pottery wheel. The class is run by Suzan, a professional pottery artist. The class is a maximum of two people Suzan can then assist you one-to-one on the wheel making sure you are using the correct technique.

By the end of the class you will have created a number of pots. You will be able to choose a piece that you have thrown during the class and choose one of the glazes available. Suzan will finish the pot by adding the glaze after the workshop is finished.

This is one of the best pottery classes in east London and taught by an amazing teacher. Suzan fell in love with clay in her early teens in Turkey, but didn't have the chance to get her hands dirty until after she came to London and enrolled to a part time course in 2004. After finishing her BTEC certification classes in Kensington and Chelsea college Suzan practiced her pottery in a studio share in Kilburn .

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2. Wheel-Throwing Master Class with Jo Davies

These 2 hour pottery classes are intensive lessons designed to troubleshoot recurring issues in your wheel-throwing or deepen your knowledge of the process on to one basis. Jo Davies is an expert in her field and respected professional ceramicist. She also loves to teach people to throw and share her knowledge and has taught many students to unpack and solve problems that are recurring in their own throwing, such as issues with centering and pulling up the clay or warping and cracking.

Jo Davies has 20 years of experience working with ceramics and has taught alongside her practice for 15 years. She has a degree in ceramics from Bath School of Art and a Masters in Ceramics from the Royal College of Art.

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3. Throwing on the Wheel for Beginners

This pottery class in East London completed in one-day introductory class, where you will learn the very basics of throwing on the potter's wheel. This will include weighing and preparing balls of clay before you start, then the basics of the wheel - from centering your clay, pulling, shaping and working with your tools, beginning to learn the techniques of throwing bowls and cylinders. This is a fun and quick way to introduce yourself to throwing on the wheel and is suitable for complete beginners.

This is a fun and quick way to introduce yourself to throwing on the wheel and is suitable for complete beginners. All classes are taught by professional full time potters at Crown Works pottery. Crown Works Pottery is based in East London, tucked away in an old Victorian mews, near to Bethnal Green and run by potter Giulietta Hextall.

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4. 12 Week Pottery Class

This is one of east London's best pottery classes. During this 12 week course, you will be taught both how to hand build and throw on the potter's wheel. More experienced students will be helped to improve their existing skills. You can expect to make between 6-12 pieces during the course. This course can cater to all levels and is a wonderfully fun course to learn or refine your pottery skills.

This 12 week course is taught by SkandiHus. SkandiHus was founded by the Danish ceramicist, Stine Dulong, who works and lives in London. When Stine is not busy making her own designs, she teaches classes from her studio in De Beauvoir in Hackney. The SkandiHus brand is inspired by a love for Scandinavian design in which beauty is radiated through light colours, the ample use of natural materials, minimalism and functionality. Her designs have been used by Nigela Lawson and Yotam Ottolenghi.

It is very important to her to minimise her impact on the world in which she lives, so she reuses materials whenever possible and many of her pieces are made from reclaimed waste clay from her students and fellow studio members.

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5. Pottery Taster Workshop

This is one of the best and enjoyable pottery classes in east London. In this class you learn to throw like a pro from expert tutors, relaxing atmosphere with in the old zip factory hidden away from the crazy world. Learn how to throw on the pottery wheel. Get creative and relax and find your inner peace through the art of throwing on the wheel. Skills to be learnt on the day will include hand building using coils and slabs then the pottery wheel throwing.

"Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Enjoyed my time and Nam, the teacher is very good. Class is very good too, learn a lot in 3 hours. Very calming." - Augustina Meniru, Obby student.

This class is taught by Nam Tran who is an award-winning practitioner who gives lectures and demos at universities and exhibits internationally. Nam specialises in wheel thrown raku, bringing years of experience and craftsmanship to every object made. Tran's work focused primarily on exploring the physical properties of clay and material experimentation is a strong characteristics of his work

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6. Intensive Wheel Throwing Workshop

On this throwing workshop, you will learn a little about the properties of clay and the importance of wedging. You will also learn how to centre, open and pull up the walls of your pot. This is an opportunity to experience studio life and practice in a comfortable learning space. There will be a maximum of seven people on this class and each person will have their own dedicated wheel for the entire length of the workshop. They never run more than one class at a time, so participants have exclusive use of the entire studio.

This workshop is one of the best pottery classes in east London. It is taught by Sak Beh Studio Pottery which was founded by Tessa Robinson, who lives and works in London. Her idea was to create a comfortable, homey place to work and be creative. Situated in a very busy and central location, just off Stoke Newington High Street, the studio is a drop of calm in a very fast moving world.

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7. Japanese Pottery Taster Class

Taste feeling of Clay and have a Relax day out! You will learn Pinching and coiling technique. This Course includes: Material and firing fees, introduction to the material and the process, hand building: pinching, coiling, surface decoration techniques

This is one of the most unique experiences and one of the best pottery classes in east London. As your teacher Yasuko Arakawa is a London based ceramicist, born in Kyoto, Japan, who’s work draws from her aesthetic background to create ceramics that bring to mind a heritage of craft whilst inspiring a progression of contemporary product usage.

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8. Pottery Workshop - Mug Special

In this two hour workshop you will be shown how to make a set of mugs using the press moulding technique. This is a great introduction to hand building with clay and is just enough time to gain an understanding of the material and make something you'll hopefully be really proud of. As you enjoy one of the best pottery classes in east London.

You'll be guided through the press moulding technique. Once you have your mug out of the mould its time to let your creativity run free! You can decide on what shaped handle you prefer and a texture or pattern to make your set uniquely yours. To ensure a relaxing and rewarding experience for all, the classes are kept to a minimum, 8 people per class.

Kana Studios has a range of hand-building workshops available which are the perfect introduction to clay. There is a 2 hour taster workshop on Saturdays, a 3 week explorer class and a 5 week 'Make your own Tableware' There is also practice session available for the more experienced folk. The studio is a beautiful space to work, bright and inspiring.

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9. Improvers Intensive Class

This intensive four-day course is a great way to focus on improving your throwing, learn new skills, making bigger and better pots. This is one of the best pottery classes in east London for intermediates.

On the Monday you would work on the basics and your core technique, improving height with cylinders, developing these into bottle forms. Tuesday is spent mastering flatware with plates and serving bowls, working on scaling up your pieces. Wednesday is a chance to try different clays and work on your own projects. Project ideas include learning lids, pulling handles, attaching two-part forms. Thursday is spent trimming down pots and making them your own. The glazing class is the following week.

The teacher Laura Hughes is one of the best potters in London and currently makes ceramics for restaurants. She currently teachers for Jess Jos Studios in Stepney green.

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10. Beginners Ceramic Week Classes

Enjoy some of the best pottery classes in east London with Turning Earth. In this summer beginners ceramic week course you will learn everything you'd get in our 12-week course - plus some extras - in a single week. It's a great way to get going in the craft quickly without the commitment of a weekly time slot.

So Plan a mini London 'staycation' and get creative in their beautiful East London studio. Which is now running socially distanced courses in their large and airy Learning Hub.

Turning Earth E10 opened in March 2017 due to popular demand for Turning Earth's services, after its sister studio in Hoxton redefined the way people approach ceramics in London.

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