Are you new to the world of ceramics? Knowing what to expect in your first London pottery class is very helpful! Not only will knowing what to expect in your first London pottery class build your excitement for getting creative with clay, but you will also get a better idea of how to prepare for the class.

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London is home to many talented potter’s who are enthusiastic about sharing their expert knowledge with beginners. Sampada Gurung, founder of The Slightly Curious Studio, strives to create a friendly environment and creative atmosphere for her students.

Haven't booked your first London pottery class yet? Workshops with The Slightly Curious Studio are a great place to begin your creative pottery journey! Their pottery classes will give you a fun and friendly introduction to the world of ceramics.

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We partnered up with Sampada to find out what beginners can expect in their first London pottery class. So keep reading to get a useful insight into your upcoming pottery adventure.

Top 5 Things to Expect in Your First London Pottery Class:

  1. Get Messy!
  2. Explore Different Techniques
  3. Expert Glazing
  4. Discover Equipment
  5. Encouraging Guidance

1. Get Messy!

One thing is for sure when it comes to working with clay - you're going to get messy! Whether you're practising wheel throwing or hand building, clay is a fun yet messy material. With this in mind, it's probably a good idea to not come to your first pottery class in your best clothing!

Getting messy and exploring a new skill is all part of the fun! So don't be afraid to get your hands dirty in your first pottery workshop.

Get messy with clay - photograby by Bijan Shrestha

As well as dressing accordingly, Sampada also recommends that students have short nails for the class. So make sure you get filing before your first London pottery class!

2. Explore Different Techniques

Beginners usually envisage their first pottery class to be like that scene from Ghost. The famous scene with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore shows an example of wheel throwing.

Explore different techniques - photography by Bijan Shrestha

Although wheel throwing is as fun as it looks, there are also other techniques used to make pottery that are just as exciting! For example, the hand building technique gives you the opportunity to mould, shape and sculpt clay using your hands as well as sculpting and carving tools.

The Slightly Curious Studio host pottery workshops which focus on both hand building and wheel throwing. If you want to try hand building and have a spin on the potter's wheel, then why not book a workshop with The Slightly Curious Studio which lets you do both?

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3. Expert Glazing

If you are proud of your perfect pottery masterpiece at the end of the workshop, then the supportive team at The Slightly Curious Studio will glaze, fire and finish your pot to a professional standard.

Get your pottery glazed by a professional - photography by Bijan Shrestha

However, this means that you cannot take your pottery home with you immediately after the class. Due to the nature of the pottery making process, glazing will be completed by your talented tutor after the workshop.

Once your expert tutor at The Slightly Curious Studio has finished your pot you will be invited back to collect your ceramic creation!

4. Discover Equipment

Within workshops at The Slightly Curious Studio, Sampada likes to introduce students to a wide range of useful pottery tools, supplies and equipment.

Learn how to use different equipment - photography by Bijan Shrestha

Students may find that one of the most powerful tools used to make pottery is their own two hands! However, as well as using your hands when learning hand building techniques such as slabbing coiling and pinching, you will also learn how to use a selection of different supplies.

As well as the potter's wheel, in your first pottery class you may also learn how to use carving and sculpting tools to create different designs and shapes.

5. Encouraging Guidance

Get guidance in a welcoming workshop - photography by Bijan Shrestha

Although your pottery tutor is determined to help you build your technical pottery skills, they are equally enthusiastic about their students exploring their creativity and having fun in their workshops.

Sampada at The Slightly Curious Studio is no exception! Alongside sharing her expertise with students, Sampada is also passionate about inspiring and encouraging students to exercise their creativity.

'Come into the session with an open mind and be open to make mistakes and try out different things without feeling pressure to be perfect or get it right the first time. Most of the time you just want to enjoy the process of learning and make it fun instead of something intense and scary. And RELAX! Less is more so the more relaxed you are the better the process.'

Workshops at The Slightly Curious Studio

Based in Alperton, North West London, The Slightly Curious Studio runs a wide range of pottery workshops for students of any level. From hand building to wheel throwing, all classes and workshops are designed to encourage confidence, inspire and build your pottery skills.

Join Sampada at The Slightly Curious Studio - photography by Bijan Shrestha

Sampada is passionate about seeing students 'exploring their creativity with the full creative freedom to make whatever they want.'

If you want to learn how to make your own pottery with the guidance of an encouraging and talented pottery tutor, then be sure to join a beginner friendly workshop at The Slightly Curious Studio!

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