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Broadening your musical, acting and singing talents is always a respectable decision and learning to sing different notes and tones is certainly a challenging choice. Tutors are available to walk you through the basics and take your voice to the next level.

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2. Beginners Singing Lesson with Leading Vocal Coach and Counsellor Sandra Scott
4.9(7 reviews)
Rachel - 14 November 2023
It felt like serendipity that I found Sandra when I did. I'm not a 'singer' as such so I never thought singing lessons were really for me. But, like a lot of people, singing is actually a big part of my life. I sing throughout the day in the background, I sing with my daughter, I sing along in the car, at family parties. But it has always been marred with the evaluative school trauma which made me so self conscious (even when I was alone) that I could never really enjoy it. While going through a rough period with my mental health, I decided that singing could be really useful in helping me to recover if I could just enjoy it. I booked a lesson with Sandra and never looked back. My only goal was really for singing to feel more natural and enjoyable. Within a few months I’ve achieved that for sure. But beyond that I've gotten SO much out of our lessons. My voice feels like a brand new instrument and I’m loving trying it out on all the same old songs I’ve been singing for years. Even after a few lessons the difference was already night and day (I checked with my husband and he confirmed I wasn’t imagining it!). There are notes that sound good now that were always strained as well as entirely new notes I’ve just never been able to use before. I can sing with an element of ease and fun, which is a completely new feeling for me. Besides all that, she is just an absolute joy to work with and be around. So THANK YOU Sandra! What you do is truly incredible.
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5. Advanced Singing Lessons with Royal Academy of Music Vocal Coach and Counsellor Sandra Scott
5(2 reviews)
Becky (Maggie Belle) - 24 November 2021
I have had the pleasure of having many lessons with Sandra now and if I had to sum up our lessons so far I’d say if you were going to choose any coach…you can not got wrong with Sandra Scott! She is the most loveliest, kindest, big hearted person and she 100000% knows her stuff!! My very first lesson I had, I felt welcomed and comfortable straight away. It’s something that’s always a big worry for most but I can definitely assure anyone that Sandra has always made me feel a big part of something special. She doesn’t judge, she listens, she advises and so much more! I’m honestly super made up I chose Sandra as my vocal coach ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’ve grown so much since my first lesson, I feel much more confident, I’ve found parts of my voice that I didn’t think I had and in general feel so much better in myself with my singing. The concerts she holds every few weeks that I have had the pleasure to be invited to, have been amazing!! You can really tell how hard everyone works as a team all over the world on zoom. It’s absolutely spectacular!! I’m at the position where I can present myself in more of a professional way and I’m now working my way up into the world of singing as a vintage singer! I couldn’t be happier to have Sandra as my coach and most of all my friend ❤️❤️ Thank you Sandra! You are the best vocal coach EVER!!!🥰🥰🥰
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from £60

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