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Many people share a passion for nature. To learn how to live naturally and incorporate other elements into a natural lifestyle, sign up to an online course or attend a practical workshop with one of our nature specialists.

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6. Mindful Forage & Wild Plant Learning + Homemade tea
Based on the season, you will be gently introduce into the magical world of plants, using our senses to identify around 15 wild edible plants and flowers that provide us with both food and medicine. Packed with vitamins and minerals they are a true superfood, and a magical addition to the stew pot of salad both. We will also be shown any poisonous plants that we encounter, making sure we learn how to recognise and understand them so we can safely avoid them. This is a mindful foraging walk that will ensure everyone feels confident in naming and identifying each of the plants, along with how best to prepare them. This herbal knowledge has long been our heritage, and reconnecting with the landscape in this way is both very simple and often quite profound. It is a lesson that will last a lifetime! We will then have tea and cakes on the Heath with some of the plants we've collected together. Meet our host! Tamara Colchester is a wild food teacher and writer who guides people in the old ways of foraging as a route to a simpler, more connected way of life. Trained by renowned wild food teacher and author Ffyona Campbell, she now travels the UK reintroducing people to our wild heritage. Incorporating her interest in psychotherapy and healing (she trained at Tavistock & Portman), she specialises in using foraging and tracking techniques as a means of helping those suffering from PTSD, Depression and Anxiety, as well as those who are simply interested in deepening their relationship with their environment and the food we eat.
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8. Natural Dye Workshops: Bundle Dying, Shibori and Natural Inks
**An introduction to natural dying - relaxing, eco making. 3 techniques across 3 sessions ** Discover the beauty of natural colour using flowers, leaves and food waste to transform textiles and paper in these relaxing and sustainable workshops. You will be guided on natural dye techniques that unearth the potential of plant colour. Each workshop will cover a different technique and you will leave with not only a knowledge of plants and dyes, but also with beautifully dyed fabric in a range of colours. These workshops are the perfect way to unwind with a glass of wine and create with nature. Come join us for a session or get in touch for a discounted price to all 3 sessions! **Thurs 6th Oct: Flower printing and bundle dyeing with food and garden waste ** Discover fun and sustainable ways to use food and garden waste to create fantastic prints and patterns. This workshop is ideal for those who are interested in natural dyeing but do not know where to start! Please bring a ziplock bag! **Thurs 3rd Nov: Shibori and Natural Dyeing ** Shibori (しぼり/絞り) (verb " shiboru" – "to wring or squeeze") is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces organic yet geometric patterns on fabric. In this session you will explore how to pinch and fold fabrics and extract pigments from food waste to make a dye bath. **Thurs 17th Nov: Make your own natural inks ** If you’re into the unexpected, come to this workshop! In this introductory workshop, we will explore how to extract pigments and make inks out of natural stuff around us including food and garden waste and how to preserve them. We will then share some time and space painting with them and exploring the magical world of natural inks! Please bring two or three small containers with lids to store your inks. Workshop Facilitator: Renata Minoldo aka @renrrnren is an artist and educator exploring rituals, crafts and emotional bodies through textiles, objects and experiences with people. She has academic training in Fashion and Visual Arts and is interested in alternative ways to approach art education, aiming to stimulate intuitive learning and focusing on individual processes and needs. Her practice aims to be more sustainable every day. She works with a wide variety of people, from children in galleries and primary schools to teenagers and older adults in community centres, charities and public spaces. Her work has been awarded with residencies internationally.

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