Nikie Kavouridis photography classes in London
Nikie Kavouridis photography classes in London


Nikie Kavouridis

Nikie Kavouridis is a 23 year old fashion photographer based in Paris and working in England's capitol, providing personal and inspiring workshops for budding photographers.

Having lived in Greece up until the age of 18, Nikie left to study photography in Paris, specialising in fashion photography, which she insists was her intention from the very beginning. In Paris, Nikie worked tirelessly honing her skills and developing her talent through collaborating with some of the biggest agencies around such as Elite, New Madison and Marilyn.

These days, Nikie is a regular visitor to London, which allows her to harness new experiences and to collaborate with new people, as she continues to thrive as a fashion Photographer. Through her workshops, Nikie is able to pass on her wealth of knowledge and skills to passionate students who want a leg up in the world of fashion photography.

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