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If you like to personalise items of clothing or general belongings then brush lettering is a superb skill to obtain and can provide an ideal base from which to start. Brush names or abbreviations over your selected item and see the colour and imagery come to life from your chosen stencil.

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3. Learn Hand Lettering, Calligraphy and Drawing in Greenwich
Choose from a range of printmaking, lettering and drawing classes to learn new skills, make beautiful lettering and sketches, and get creative in a relaxed and friendly environment. The classes led by Printmaker and Designer, Ellen Strachan, take place on Wednesday evenings in the light and airy workshop space of Made in Greenwich shop, a stone's throw from Greenwich Market and Cutty Sark. Choose from the following options by selecting the ticket type with the correct workshop and date as you book: -Modern Calligraphy: Wed 22 Feb 2023, 7pm-8.30 pm -Chalk-board Lettering: Wed 26 April, 7pm-8.30pm More detailed information for each of these classes is included below. Please note that multibuy discounts are offered when you book places for yourself and a friend- please select the multibuy ticket option. Workshop Descriptions: Modern Calligraphy Learn the modern calligraphic skill of brush lettering: This flowing lettering style is perfect for personalizing everything from cards and gift tags to place-settings and baubles. In the workshop, you'll learn to use a brush pen, familiarising yourself with drills you can use to develop your muscle memory, before going on to form the four different letter groups and connect the letters to create words and phrases. You can also begin to embellish your lettering by adding floral elements and scrolls. You'll come away from the workshop with a set of coloured pens ideal for continuing your brush lettering journey at home as well as a brush lettering guide and practise sheets. Take some time out to practise this calming skill and, before long, you will be able to create beautiful hand-written cards and messages that your friends and loved ones will adore. The workshop is led by Qualified Teacher and Designer, Ellen Strachan in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of Made in Greenwich workshop space. Chalkboard Lettering Whether you want to spruce up your memo-board, write uplifting quotes for your home or decorate chalkboards for commercial use, this is the workshop for you! We'll be using hand-lettering, the process of drawing the outlines of letters and filling them in, rather than using individual strokes to form the body of the letter. The workshop includes: • Introduction to three basic types of hand-lettering that are the foundation of many hand-lettering alphabets. • Learn the process of drawing hand lettering including forming guidelines, sketching letters and giving letters weight. • 3 counter-intuitive hacks to make your letters look like a pro's. • How to zhuzh-up your letters by adding dimension, embellishments, and illustration • Design and decorate your own mini chalkboard to take home. The workshop is led by Print Designer and Lettering Artist, Ellen Strachan Drawing for people who think they can’t Do you want to draw but think you can't? This could be the workshop to unlock your brain's potential to draw by helping you to make the switch from using the left-hand side of the brain to the right. The left, analytical brain is good for mathematics and language but tends to encourage us to represent what we see with symbols rather than helping us to observe closely. In this workshop lead by Artist and Qualified Teacher, Ellen Strachan, we will use simple drawing exercises that confound the left-hand side of the brain and force us to switch to using the right-hand side, instantly improving our observational drawing skills. With practise, it becomes easier to make the left-right switch, leading to a permanent improvement in drawing skill. We'll be following the methods devised by American Artist and Educator, Betty Edwards, in her 1979 book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain which remains the dominant book on this subject to date.
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5. Stunning Christmas Faux-Calligraphy Wood Slice Ornaments
Gain some incredible faux - calligraphy skills at this creative and relaxing modern Christmas themed lettering course where we teach you how to fake beautiful calligraphy - it takes minutes instead of months to perfect this lettering style. Beautiful lettering hasn't waned in popularity since it came onto the scene almost a decade ago, and for good reason too. As well as being a super meditative activity and a soothing form of creative escapism, it also allows you to create beautiful artwork to display at home or share with friends and loved ones. And remember you don't need to have any special skills to master this faux-calligraphy lettering. This beginners lettering workshop will teach you everything you need to know about this popular calligraphy lettering style, giving you the skills you need to produce gorgeous handwriting and artwork. Do you want to make your own wedding invitations, menus, cards or envelopes? Learn how at this wonderfully chilled and enjoyable craft class alongside your partner, family or friends. It's an ideal workshop to enjoy with your loved ones and an amazing creative alternative if you're looking for alternative date ideas, hen party ideas or things to do to celebrate an event or birthday party. If you've never tried lettering before, don't worry! This class is suitable for complete beginners - join in to learn how to write in this fun faux - calligraphy style and furnish yourself with some awesome skills to use in future projects. You'll go away with some gorgeous brush lettering of your own and lots of knowledge and calligraphy techniques to practice this craft at home.
6. Introduction to Brush Lettering Workshop + Framed Print
Tis' the season to celebrate your mum/special lady in your life. Bring a couple of friends or family with you to enjoy well-deserved social time and creativity whilst learning brush lettering and creating your framed work of art! This is an event which is sure to bring love, laughter and happiness. Whether you’re a typography fan, or simply want to try your hand at something new and creative, I would love you to join my Brush Lettering Workshop. You’ll be taught by me, Sam a graphic designer and lettering artist. Guests will be provided with a Drink. You will be given a complete set of materials which you can take away with you after the class, including guide sheets, my preferred brush pen. You will also be provided with practice paper, a good sheet of paper for your final work and a frame to frame it. This class starts from the very beginning so don't worry if you're an absolute beginner. I will introduce modern brush pen lettering and the many ways you can use it. I will also be showing you have to create beautiful florals with the brush pens to add to your design. You'll start with exercises to practice making strokes and shapes. You’ll take these basic techniques into letterforms, in lowercase and uppercase, with plenty of help and guidance on hand. You'll then practice writing words and samples of love quotes ready to start creating your own final piece. By the end of the workshop you'll be well on your way to developing your own brush lettering style and with the materials you get to take home you will be able to practice...practice...practice, hang your framed art in your home or wrap it up and give as a gift for Mother's Day. This is an ideal Mother's Day gift so when purchasing your tickets you have the option to choose a free card to be sent out with the tickets for you to give on Mother's Day.
7. Modern Calligraphy Workshop for Beginners (Dip pen; London)
*About the workshop If you have always appreciated beautiful handwritings and would love to learn modern calligraphy, the workshop is perfect for you. Specially created for beginners, this workshop will give you the basics of modern calligraphy and a take-home supply kit. The workshop will cover the essentials of modern calligraphy, practice drills, lowercase and uppercase alphabet, the basics of connecting letters and works, and few tricks to make sure your calligraphy experience goes as smooth as possible. *About The Rushing Water The Rushing Water is a creative studio of calligraphy and design based in London, UK, providing hand lettered design work for brands and products, and custom stationery and calligraphy services for weddings and events worldwide. We have also partnered with over 20 international renowned luxury brands to offer onsite calligraphy service and workshops at PR events. e.g. Fortnum & Mason, Diptyque, Ted Baker, Estée Lauder, and more. Our studio specializes in delivering high quality calligraphy workshops; over 200 calligraphy workshops, size ranging from 4 to 30 participants were delivered worldwide, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and more. *About our calligraphy instructor - Dora I am a calligrapher who started this hobby since 2014. I have always loved writing, as in writing articles/stories instead of lettering like what I’m doing now. When I was first introduced to modern calligraphy, I was in love with the coexistence of aesthetic vibe in the letterings. My calligraphy style focuses on modern minimalism with a touch of elegance and chicness. My passion towards cultures enables my work to connect with people on a unique personal level and tell stories through lettering.

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