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Learning the bachata dance is both stimulating and challenging for any individual new to dancing or even just unfamiliar to this type of dance. Dance moves or step variety strongly depend on the music, setting, mood, and interpretation. Unlike salsa, bachata dance does not usually include many turn patterns

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8. 3 hour Bachata Dance Workshop in Hammersmith Club
Bachata Partnerwork Workshop Details: We are offering three hours of expert Bachata tuition in a single day Perfect for foundations and to really feel you've got somewhere Suitable for all levels - NO PARTNER REQUIRED If you are a total beginner, or been dancing for months and want to sharpen your skills to get that much-needed boost to your confidence and dancing. Then this workshop is perfect for you. The workshop will offer much more than a single lesson once or twice a week. Our instructors will give the group an intensive program that will get you dancing much more confidently. The focus will be on learning quickly in a very relaxed fun atmosphere. All our staff are very friendly and encouraging. Intermediate and Advanced dancers will be taught complex techniques, modern combinations, tricks and dips, and advanced body movement. Wear comfortable clothes, sporty or dance clothing is recommended. Smooth soled shoes/trainers, or dance shoes There will be 2 levels: Beginners/Improvers. From 0 - 6 months experience. Intermediate/Advanced from 6  months onwards experience. We will give you tips and techniques that you can take away and keep forever. More importantly fundamental techniques that will carry you through your whole Latin dance life. Youtube

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