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Sewing Lessons for Children - Freestyle Sewing Saturday's

4.9(50 reviews)
Treat your child to a few hours of creative fun at our Freestyle Sewing sessions, held on the first Saturday of each month.
Crofton Park Community Library, Brockley
£26 pp
What happens in this class?

They’ll get stuck into sewing, crafting and designing projects to instill a sense of confidence and pride. These sessions are open to kids of all sewing abilities, from complete newbies to confident creators. Regardless of their ability, they’ll leave with new knowledge and progress on projects appropriate to their skill level.

This is a great extracurricular activity that will give your child transferable life skills. They’ll learn to use a sewing machine and discover loads of other craft and design techniques including: appliqué, embroidery, free machining, dressmaking, pattern cutting, and much, much more…

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Is there parking
Yes, the roads around the library are free to park on.
Can parent's and Carer' come too?
Yes, we welcome adults to join us in this class just book an extra space and decide what you're going to make!
Do you have all the equipment that I need?
Yes, we have everything that you need but feel free to bring in your own machine and equipment.
Latest Reviews
4.9(50 reviews)
Abigail - 24 June 2024
My 9 year old daughter attended one of your Saturday afternoon sessions and she absolutely loved it. She thoroughly enjoyed making her bag and is very proud of it. She also really appreciated the independence she was given whilst also feeling very supported. She is desperate for me to book her in again which I will not hesitate to do! Thank you!
rebecca macey - 20 May 2024
Booked Sat am session for some mum & daughter time. (Mum with no skills & daughter 7 yrs and a beginner) Amazingly lovely time. Steph was calm, attentive, encouraging and super helpful. We both came away very pleased with our creations- thanks so much, esp to steph
Jenae - 18 May 2024
Class was amazing! I would recommend to any parent!
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Make Mee Studio CIC is a sewing social enterprise based in Lewisham. At Make Mee Studio we aim to mend our relationship with clothing by empowering children & adults with sewing and craft skills. Saving the planet one stitch at a time.

These are the core values that run through everything we do at Make Mee Studio:

ACCESSIBILITY The barriers to receive the skills that Make Mee Studio shares should be minimal. INCLUSIVITY Make Mee Studio believe that sewing & crafts are for everyone & endeavour to cater for every individual's needs. EMPOWERMENT To be creative is to be powerful. Creativity opens…

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Class Location
Crofton Park Community Library
Crofton Park Community Library, Brockley
375 Brockley Road,


Abigail - 24 June 2024
My 9 year old daughter attended one of your Saturday afternoon sessions and she absolutely loved it. She thoroughly enjoyed making her bag and is very proud of it. She also really appreciated the independence she was given whilst also feeling very supported. She is desperate for me to book her in again which I will not hesitate to do! Thank you!
rebecca macey - 20 May 2024
Booked Sat am session for some mum & daughter time. (Mum with no skills & daughter 7 yrs and a beginner) Amazingly lovely time. Steph was calm, attentive, encouraging and super helpful. We both came away very pleased with our creations- thanks so much, esp to steph
Jenae - 18 May 2024
Class was amazing! I would recommend to any parent!
Laima - 21 April 2024
My daughter had a wonderful time and I was bloolwn away by what she achieved.
Sarah Canavan - 23 March 2024
A wonderful mum and daughter time. The ladies were so patient and knowledgeable. My daughter is autistic and struggles with new people but I was amazed by how relaxed she was. We will definitely be back and have already recommended it to friends.
Hannah Lowry - 17 March 2024
Our eleven year old daughter has been attending the Saturday freestyle sewing sessions for a while now and absolutely loves them. We've been so impressed by the things she's made and the skills she has learnt. It's also one of the few activities we've found that is suitable for tweens/teens.
Rebecca Owens - 20 February 2024
The freestyle sewing on a Saturday seemed to be such a lovely class and my 10yo daughter made bunting using a sewing machine, lovely fabrics, a pattern, and she pinned and ironed the material. She said she really enjoyed it with lovely staff and was very pleased with what she had made. Thank you.
Emma Prouvost - 11 February 2024
My 2 little girls love the Make Mee sessions. It’s empowering , creative and gives them a boost to their confidence . They both look forward to each class and keep asking me to book the next ones :)
Martha Heneghan - 21 January 2024
Brilliant class!
Cyd BARCLAY - 10 December 2023
My daughter thinks this class is great, she liked being able to make whatever she wanted and was really proud of what she made. We will come back soon
Emma Prouvost - 13 November 2023
My 2 girls love this class ! We always wonder what they will bring back home after each session and it’s lovely to see how different their creativity is :)
Nina Godfrey - 8 October 2023
I think everyone was so friendly and helpful, it was a wonderful experience (especially for my first ever lesson).
Amaya Amaya - 8 October 2023
My daughter loves coming to the classes. The team was supportive, caring and was eager to help everyone. It was very inspiring seeing all the other sewers pushing themselves to create incredible work. My daughter will definitely be coming again soon! (The review was written by my 9 year old daughter)
Daniel Thurley - 8 July 2023
My 13 year old loves coming here and has made leggings and a t shirt and has sparked a real interest in clothing design and textiles. Staff are really friendly and helpful.
I’m 8 years old and I made my first bag! It’s so beautiful. I learnt so much and can’t wait to come back for another lesson!
Hannah Lowry - 2 July 2023
My nine year old daughter loves the first Saturday of the month sewing sessions and we've been so impressed at how much she's learnt. Her confidence and creativity have increased and she's made some fabulous creations. The teachers strike a great balance between helping/supporting/teaching and giving them space to be independent and to learn from trying things and making mistakes. It's hard to find classes as kids get older and this one has the benefit of teaching skills for life!
Daniel - 17 June 2023
My daughters been coming here for several months and loves it, she's made some bags, leggings, headbands etc, she's taught how to use the machines safely and correctly and can choose what designs / projects to work on.
Irene Galbraith - 14 May 2023
I think this workshop is really nice and I want to back.
Josie Heneghan - 11 March 2023
Such a great learning experience and environment
Cornelia Lowe - 11 March 2023
Fantastic sewing classes for all levels. My daughter really enjoyed learning, from the basics of how to thread a sewing machine to following different patterns. Lovely patient members of the team have made the experience all the more exciting.
REBECCA MACEY - 6 March 2023
We were told about MakeMee by a friend and her daughter. We tried the Freestyle Saturday workshop (having no previous experience of sewing machines). What a delight! My daughter is just 6, but she was engaged throughout. We had lots of friendly help (even though it was busy) and we both made purses. My daughter is very proud of her creation, now showing it off at every opportunity :) The other kids there had been before i think, and were very impressive & inspiring
Zoe Williams - 11 February 2023
Both Zoe and Isaac love coming along to the monthly sewing session. They are learning new skills from patient and friendly teachers, they make great pieces and are always keen to come back for more!
Kelly Bush - 5 February 2023
My 9 year old never wants to do any clubs!!! But she’s asked to go back to this one. Thanks so much x
Avery Wood - 5 February 2023
I loved it so much and I want to go back next week
Emma Hunter - 8 January 2023
Absolutely loved the sewing class, the teachers were great. I’m definitely going to sign up for more sessions.
Emma - 21 December 2022
My daughter loves the sewing class and never fails to impress with the creations she brings back home. Last time she made a cat tail for her Christmas show :). It’s a great class for kids to boost their confidence and coordination with great teachers who are always on hand . Tracey and Jamie kindly provided advice in connection to buying a sewing machine and what accessories go with it in spite of their busy schedule. Thank you , we will be back ! :)
Philippa Williams - 13 November 2022
My daughter and I both really enjoyed the Saturday morning class. The teachers were incredibly patient and friendly. The machines and resources available were very good quality and we had a fun three hours sewing and crafting. It has helped me overcome a fear of sewing machines and I look forward to another class soon.
Freja Hamill - 8 October 2022
Freja had the best morning learning to make a bag and a key ring. The crafts are very much age appropriate and challenging and the teachers are lovely. We’ll definitely do another Saturday workshop before Christmas!
Katerina Milchevska - 4 October 2022
My daughter loved it! It was our first time coming to Crofton Park Library for the kids sewing club, but i have a feeling we'll become regulars every fist Sat in the month. She made a lovely foxy pouch that she's been showing around for the past few days, very pleased with herself. Thanks for the amazing time and fun ways of transferring useful skills.
Elly Vernardou - 4 September 2022
I am impressed every time my girls go to Make Mee with all the goodies they make and bring back and wear on a daily basis! Its incredible!
Sulihat Owoyemi - 7 August 2022
I liked the make mee studio because I got to chose what I made and did most of the work. What I disliked about it was that I did not get to really go on the machine by myself but overall it was really good.
Cleide Costa - 9 July 2022
Hi My name is Acacia I am 8 ,l really like sewing lesson, because it’s very fun, I can learn how sewing, and the teachers are very nice.
David Hunter - 5 July 2022
My son had a great time at the children's freestyle sewing workshop at Make Mee studio. He had stated making a hat at home out of his own interest and needed a bit of help to sew it together properly. The tutors at Make Mee enabled him to make what he wanted. I was very impressed that they managed to give such tailored (no pun intended) support to individual students. My son was really happy with the end result and said the time passed really quickly, he was enjoying the process so much. Thanks Make Mee studio!
Lola Kamp - 5 June 2022
My daughter loved it! She came back home with her home-made skirt, quite pretty indeed. She would like to go weekly :) Excellent skills to learn, while having fun.
Mary Elliott - 16 May 2022
This was the perfect first session for us both (mum and daughter) to learn to use our new sewing machine and to have guidance in our first projects. We both loved it! So pleased to have found your studio & looking forward to learning more with you. Thank you.
Eloise McKeown - 9 May 2022
We love the monthly Saturday sessions, the quality of the projects that come home with the kids is always astounding.
Iona Singleton - 8 May 2022
My daughter loves this class. I'm amazed at the stuff she comes home with - yesterday she stayed for the morning and afternoon session and came home having finished a backpack and made a pair of trousers from scratch. A really brilliant workshop.
Keira Waisome - 8 May 2022
I'm really pleased with my bag. Looking forward to the next session!
J - 8 May 2022
Super 3 hour session. Made a tote bag, hair scrunchie and pompom! Will definitely be going again.
Emma Prouvost - 3 April 2022
I love the class and making the scrunchy and the pillow. ( Emma,6) My daughter absolutely loves this class and has been asking over and over for more sessions.
Isabel Gilmore - 3 April 2022
My daughter absolutely loved her first ever session here. She’d never used a sewing machine before and came home having made a Hogwarts cushion which she was very proud of! She can’t wait to come again. Thank you!
Esther - 3 April 2022
Love love all my sessions. All amazing coaches.
Grace Campbell - 13 March 2022
My two girls absolutely loved their first sewing class. They came out so excited and animated about what they’d made. It was a joy to see their faces! We’ve booked again. Thank you so so much Tracey & Jaime.
Cecilia - 13 March 2022
Cecilia was very focussed.. during the different sessions she's attended so far. and has challenged herself in making a few different items !! It is good fun for that age and the free flow works out well given the different levels and working paces.
Poppy Gleeson - 13 March 2022
My children have been enjoying sewing sessions with Jaime and Tracey at Make Mee since 2018. They love the fact they're allowed to choose projects based on their skill level but also encouraged to stretch themselves and develop new skills. The creations are amazing. Between them they have made jackets, trousers, skirts, t-shirts, shorts, bags and pencil cases. All from interesting fabrics so each piece is totally unique. We love these classes so much that since moving we now travel a 4 hour round trip to participate.
Alex - 8 February 2022
Amazing as always, love fact they can create whatever pops onto their head on the day !!
CD CD - 15 January 2022
4.5 stars She enjoyed it very much - the range of options of stuff to make & the help from Jamie. (although she had her own project to learn to finish! ) She's booked to come again next month.
Imogen George-Young - 18 December 2021
“Enjoyable..I learnt a lot”
Anonymous - 11 December 2021
Fab kids lessons that give them skills for life!
Alexandra - 8 October 2021
Alex loved it as always, she is always so proud of what she achieves!!!