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Wellbeing Zine-making Kit: make your own mini books!

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Make your own 'zines'! Handmade papers, tools and instructions that include thought provoking creative wellbeing tasks. Plus a limited edition zine to keep.
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About this product

Zines are DIY books that employ the art of paper folding. Incorporating expressive text and visual art, zines are a powerful way of sharing your thoughts, memories and/or ideas. Imagine the anticipation of holding a handmade book in your hands; the feeling of delight and sense of discovery as you turn the pages and to see artistry that jumps out of each page. Now imagine that book was created by you; a unique, captivating handmade creation based on your personal memories and stories.

In this home kit you will receive a set of beautiful handmade papers, as well as…

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What is Included
  • A limited edition handmade zine - featuring wellbeing prompts and folding instructions to make your own
  • A selection of high quality handmade papers, e.g. cotton rag, rice paper, lotka paper, or papyrus, in different colours and sizes
  • Collage materials (random selection of magazine pages, book pages, music manuscript, origami paper, pressed flowers, stickers, luggage tags etc)
What you will need
  • Scissors
  • Drawing pencil and eraser
  • Colouring pencils or pens
Latest Reviews
5(2 reviews)
Louise - 18 December 2021
This was gifted to me by a friend. I didn't know much about zines and hadn't made one before. Honestly, it felt like a real treat! The kit you get is sweetly put together with everything you need to make a zine. I was a bit daunted at first but the instructions were super clear and encouraging. I found myself getting really into it! A thoughtful and wholesome gift in these materialistic times. Try it!
Aaron Blythe - 13 December 2021
This was brilliantly organised and was a lot of fun to make. I made one with my daughter who included lots of her lovely memories which reminded both of us of happy times during our family lockdown. The Zines were easy to make and fun to decorate. Thank you!
Is this kit suitable for beginners?
No experience is necessary!
What age is this kit appropriate for?
Children can make great zines too! This kit simply contains some small parts and some complex folding instructions so it is probably more suitable for older children and adults.
How are you able to support my wellbeing?
It is important that people look after their own wellbeing in lots of different ways that include physical activity, yoga, mindfulness exercises and creativity. In this class we will be drawing upon memories that have positive associations to create our artwork. The resulting artwork will provide a memory aid about a time when we felt strong, supported and happy. The intention of this kit is that the skills of zine-making and the wellbeing prompts can be used in different moments and contexts to continue to support wellbeing as part of your wider wellbeing practice.
Are the contents of the kit environmentally friendly?
The Wellbeing Zine-making Kit includes handmade papers, sustainable wood tools and recycled and reusable materials!
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