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Foraging for wild food is a delicacy and needs to be done correctly for the consumers safety. Attend a foraging course to learn all about which wild foods are edible and ok for human consumption and which are best left to animals and insects of the wild.

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1. Mindful Forage & Wild Plant Learning + Homemade tea
Based on the season, you will be gently introduce into the magical world of plants, using our senses to identify around 15 wild edible plants and flowers that provide us with both food and medicine. Packed with vitamins and minerals they are a true superfood, and a magical addition to the stew pot of salad both. We will also be shown any poisonous plants that we encounter, making sure we learn how to recognise and understand them so we can safely avoid them. This is a mindful foraging walk that will ensure everyone feels confident in naming and identifying each of the plants, along with how best to prepare them. This herbal knowledge has long been our heritage, and reconnecting with the landscape in this way is both very simple and often quite profound. It is a lesson that will last a lifetime! We will then have tea and cakes on the Heath with some of the plants we've collected together. Meet our host! Tamara Colchester is a wild food teacher and writer who guides people in the old ways of foraging as a route to a simpler, more connected way of life. Trained by renowned wild food teacher and author Ffyona Campbell, she now travels the UK reintroducing people to our wild heritage. Incorporating her interest in psychotherapy and healing (she trained at Tavistock & Portman), she specialises in using foraging and tracking techniques as a means of helping those suffering from PTSD, Depression and Anxiety, as well as those who are simply interested in deepening their relationship with their environment and the food we eat.
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4. Raw Plant Based Chef & Integral Wellbeing Leader Training
Plant Food Chef Foundation Course: Architecture of Raw and Plant Food Part I You will learn: Plant-food kitchen practices: mise-en-place, health & safety Equipment: high-speed blenders, dehydrators, food-processors Sprouting & dehydration techniques Part II You will learn: How to work with nuts/seeds & replacements How to work with sea-weeds: Irish moss, agar agar, green and red sea weeds How to work with greens Dips, mayos, creams, spreads, salsas and dressings Part III You will learn: How to understand flavour and ingredient combinations The architecture of recipes Menu planning & execution Integrating wild foraged ingredients Wild Wellbeing Foundation: An Integral Approach to Food and Wellbeing Becoming a plant-food leader is so much more than just becoming an expert of the recipes. For this reason we chose to include a robust wild wellbeing foundation curriculum covering a wider spectrum of individualised plant-food skills, integral understanding of pathways to nourishment and thriving, different approaches to raw and plant food, the latest practices and ingredients available. These include: Understanding different approaches to raw & plant food Thriving on plant-foods; individualisation Understanding: variety, creativity, seasonality New generation plant proteins, superfoods and supplements: pros and cons Sourcing your food: growing your own, organic, biodynamic, foraged and the difference Wild Wellbeing Leadership Training You will gain practical group facilitation and leadership skills that will provide you with a framework to have an all-inclusive approach and vocabulary and enable you to connect the wisdom of the food and nourishment with the wisdom of the body, mind and spirit. You will be able to transfer these skills to any group or individual work: from yoga classes, to women’s groups, food workshops and nutrition clients. Leading groups and becoming a group facilitator in the fields of plant-food and wellbeing Understanding and leading through the paradox Removing barriers, accessing connectivity of the group Using traditional modalities in food & individualisation Creating your unique story, voice, brand, vision and community Bridging Nutritious and Delicious This one-of-the-kind programme draws on rich, internationally acclaimed culinary expertise of Wild Food Cafe and provides comprehensive leading-edge tools for the raw and plant food chef's kitchen and holistic wellbeing leadership for those who intend to incorporate new generation raw-centric plant food practices in their career, group work, professional or personal development. An Integral Approach to Wellbeing Food and wellbeing has to do with so much more than what’s on our plate. This training is designed to provide a thorough foundation in understanding different food and wellbeing modalities and leadership practices that are all-inclusive, empowering to promote both, individuality and all-inclusivity in food and groups. Who Is This Course For The programme is designed for those with a background (and/or interest) in food, nutrition and wellbeing looking to bridge the gap into the practical field of plant food. All spectrum wellbeing practitioners and retreat leaders that work with groups; or simply those looking to gain new skills in life or are seeking a new career direction. This training will give you confidence and strong practical skills to work in a professional plant-based kitchen; a foundation to understand plant-food and the art of nourishment from a broader perspective; open your own plant-food venture; or to incorporate leading-edge plant-food and holistic wellbeing understanding and practice into your existing project. Schedule Full time / 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday) / 9am - 5pm (times might vary slightly, Monday will be longer)

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