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Hand embroidery courses are a good way of developing both your hand embroidery skills and to mix socially with similarly interested and like-minded people. You will make friends, learn together and have fun whilst accomplishing your hand embroidery goals.

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5. Mindful Hand Embroidery Class
This embroidery class will also help you explore mindfulness while stitching which is about to having a deeper awareness of the self in the present moment. You may not be able to complete your design in the workshop but will have all the tools needed to do this at home. Theme: In the class, we will be meditating upon the power of words through the medium of stitch. Words have many Meanings and a great inspiration is ABRA KADABRA!!!! which translates ’as I say I create'. Our words are our wands, and the words we speak hold a lot of weight and give great power to ourselves and the people around us and ultimately informs how we perceive and create our own reality. What you will learn: We will be exploring this idea through a series of words which we will translate to stitch. We will start off with friendly welcome. I will be teaching in the class a variety of stitches which include satin, chain, couching, spit stitch, back stitch and French knots. A comprehensive step by step guide will be provided along with all embroidery materials and of course professional guidance from myself. Why mindful embroidery? I not only wanted to provide a creative, open space to share but also to engage you all in meditative embroidery. This repetitive hand movement serves as great way to practice meditation, connect to the sacred and attain mindfulness for those of us who find it just too hard to just stop everything, to be silent and still. To be at one with ourselves in a fast-paced world! Before booking a Flexitime Class - Please note: Weekday bookings are available in evenings from 18:30pm only and weekend bookings from 11am.
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17. Introduction to Andean hand embroidery with Bella Lane
Aimed at participants new to hand embroidery or stitchers interested in textile techniques from different cultures . Create this beautiful flower design and enjoy an introduction to Peruvian Andean embroidery, exploring the art and rich heritage of hand stitching in the Andes. This class is a window through which you will have an indigenous insight into the art of Peruvian textiles, their design, formation and coloration. Inspired by the current Exhibition at the British Museum “Peru a Journey in Time” immerse yourself in the ancient textiles embroidery of the Peruvian Highland of Ayacucho. Embroidering your very own belt to wear with pride “I made this”. This class is brought to you by Bella Lane , who is from Iquitos Peru, Master Peruvian embroiderer, trained at the Royal School of Needlework and a world embroidery stitch collector. In this class The class gives students the opportunity to; Explore the rich Andean textile heritage Learn a range of embroidery stitches Translate beautiful designs into stitch Now you can Recreate beautiful Andean flower embroidery designs for a variety of applications Apply the same techniques to your own projects Have picked up some 'insider' tips and tricks from a master craft person Keep The class includes a special embroidery kit pre prepared by Bella with: Natural baby lamb’s wool backstrap hand woven braid, authentic Peruvian embroidery threads ( Choose your own colours on the day) needles and instruction sheets. The completed belt does not include metal buckles and eyelets. After completion of your embroidery you may need help from your local shoemaker to make up the belt.
19. Rainbow wall hanging beginner's embroidery workshop
Learn to stitch your own wall hanging in this workshop with embroidery artist Katie Wells. The workshop is hosted at the brand new Elephant Stores in collaboration with SoLo Craft Fair and Little Louie café and bar. You’ll learn all the basic embroidery stitches (satin, French knot, running, split and lazy daisy), plus lots of other tips and tricks to get you started. We’ll be working on a rainbow embroidered wall hanging in golden autumnal tones. You’ll start your embroidery in class and finish at home (or you’ll be offered the chance to finish it at a future workshop at a discounted rate if you’d rather). This is a beginner’s class but if you already have a bit of experience it’s a great way to brush up on your skills. There will be no more than 6 people in the workshop. During the class, social distancing will not always be possible as you may need to gather close in order to see demonstrations. Please wear a mask if you feel more comfortable but note that I will not be doing so as it makes it difficult to teach. I am fully vaccinated and I test regularly to make the workshops as safe as possible. Accessibility: The venue is fully accessible but please let me know in advance if you have any accessibility needs so that I can make sure everything is safe and comfortable for you. If you have auditory, visual or any other needs, please get in touch so we can discuss how I can make the workshop more inclusive on the day.

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