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Editing is a big part of how businesses improve on their weaknesses, eliminate errors and ensure the final product is of the highest quality before submission. Learning more on this pivotal topic will enhance both your individual credibility and your business acumen. Take an editing course to elevate your skills and your business to the next level.

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6. Photoshop For Graphic Design
Deal for those with an existing understanding of Photoshop software and design - this class requires knowledge to the standard of those having taken our Photoshop Foundation course or similar tuition. In this class The class covers all of the fundamentals of utilizing Photoshop to create professional-standard designs. Working to a brief, our friendly tutor will guide you through the creation of an original design by using a range of techniques and tools. The course covers; Software overview from a designer's point of view Working with type Vectors and Raster images / Resolution Formats overview: PSD, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, EPS, PDF Layers, Channels Hue / Saturation, Levels, Curves, Brightness / Contrast Image size, Canvas size, Image rotation, Cropping images History Layer properties and Blending options Rules and Guides Resize and resample an image Groups and Linked layers Smart layers Smart filters vs Adjustment layers Layer Mask vs Clipping Mask Importing vector shapes: Smart objects, Pixels, Path, Shape Layers Working with Paths : Tracing shapes, Selection from paths, Masking Placing vector shapes and Warping vector layers RGB vs CMYK: conversion, color modes Adding crop marks and bleeds Exporting TIFF or EPS files Exporting high quality PDF Now you can Create professional standard graphic design work Showcase your skills and create a quality portfolio Work to creative briefs and understand client's needs
8. Retoucher Pro
This course is directed at those individuals with existing understanding and knowledge of a range of retouching/image editing software, looking to polish their skills to create professional, high industry standard images. In this class This class hones the existing abilities within semi-professional retouchers, over ten sessions, you will cover a wide range of techniques and skills, all guided by our experienced, professional tutors. The course covers; Processing RAW files with ACR and Capture One Pro Creating profiles with DNG Profile Editor Masking Reshaping with liquify Frequency separation Digital make up Dodge & Burn Recreating textures Matching skin tones and evening colour Painting missing / corrupted areas from scratch Retouching metallic / reflective surfaces Removing unwanted reflections Creating light lines Sharpening methods Creative colouring Complementary colours Fine tuning the palette Emulating signature looks Cinematic colour grading Developing a distinct look Black and White conversion methods Compositing principles Changing backgrounds Blurring techniques Creating shadows Creating artificial light bursts Removing moiré Delivering finals Profile conversion File formats Image sizes Mood boards Now you can Retouch images to a highly professional standard Improve your portfolio and gain more clients Impress prospective clients and climb the industry ladder

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