Introduction to the Darkroom

    Photography course in Shoreditch London - learn the basics of analogue photography, including negative development and image creation

    Digital course

    7 hour course

    Beginners welcome

    Location varies by date

    What you'll learn

    This introductory course covers the basics of analogue photography, negative development and image creation.

    In this class

    Beginning with a discussion surrounding the types and sizes of film, this class leads into the practical aspects of negative development and analogue photography.

    The course covers;

    • Film types and sizes
    • ASA/ISO
    • Film camera functions
    • Metering
    • Loading and unloading film
    • Darkroom chemicals
    • Film development, washing and fixing
    • Making contact prints
    • Printing with enlargers
    • Dodging and burning
    • Multigrade filters
    • Drying and mounting prints
    • Care of negatives

    Now you can

    • Experiment with analogue photography
    • Develop negatives and use new techniques to create different effects
    • Understand how to care for your analogue photography supplies

    Did you know?

    In 2015, Joel Nicholas Peterson turned a soon-to-be-demolished building into a giant camera, creating 13 feet tall negatives. Imagine developing those!

    Dates & times

    Thu 7 Dec, 10:30am - 5:30pm

    Shoreditch, N1 7ED (map)

    Thu 25 Jan, 10:30am - 5:30pm

    Shoreditch, N1 7ED (map)

    Fri 2 Mar, 10:30am - 5:30pm

    Shoreditch, N1 7ED (map)

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    Photography Course London is a Photography school based in East London, Shoreditch, offering a wide variety of courses and classes, from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced DSLR Photography to Post-Production Courses. You can engage in classes in the evening, daytime and on Saturday, in the classroom or fully practical, on location or in the studio. Their approach revolves around a focus on small sized classes at affordable prices, with experienced and skilled teachers as well as practitioners in the professional photographic industry. Click with photography by learning from the best.

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    • Just a stones throw away from… Old Steet Tube Station

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