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Introductory Welding Class for Artists

4.8(61 reviews)
Introductory welding class in London for students looking to learn the basic skills for welding and metal molding, including mig and arc welding
£65 pp
Next available date:21st February 2022
What happens in this class?

This 3-hour welding class in London will teach you the basic skills of mig and arc welding.

This class will absolutely fly by but the knowledge you learn will stay with you forever. You get a chance to get extremely hands-on, with scrap metal so there is no need to be precious and under the supervision and guidance of a professional.

The basics of mig and arc welding are essential skills for if you want to carry on metal work. The skills of metal welding can be used in all sorts of art and used on different types…

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Things to remember

Due to Covid 19 you must wear your own face mask on arrival.

For everyones' safety we have small class sizes, a new cleaning regime and extra covid safety measures.

Gloves and all additional PPE will be provided.

At the beginning of each course/workshop your tutor will go over…

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Latest Reviews
4.8(61 reviews)
Lauren - January 14th
Wonderful teaching and lots of hands on time - can't recommend enough!
Chris - December 20th
Good facility, interesting class. I certainly learned the basics. Useful as an intro and we had a practical time to. Worth doing it
Mike Ballard - December 14th
Great course, would totally recommend,
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Your Teacher

London Sculpture Workshop is an independent sculpture studio in Woolwich, South East London, located within Thames Side Studios, offering exceptional facilities for artists and those interested in making three-dimensional work.

Our short course programme covers a wide variety of technical and skill-based processes, taught by practicing artists in superbly equipped workshops. We teach a range of skills including welding, casting, mould making, metal and wood work, ceramics and hot metal practices.

London Sculpture Workshop is a not-for-profit, community interested company, established in 2012 by artists Giles Corby and Jessica Mello, trained at RCA and Slade. LSW…

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Class Location
London Sculpture Workshop
Unit 0, Harrington Way
SE18 5NR


To: London Sculpture Workshop

Introductory Welding Class for Artists


Lauren - January 14th
Wonderful teaching and lots of hands on time - can't recommend enough!
Chris - December 20th
Good facility, interesting class. I certainly learned the basics. Useful as an intro and we had a practical time to. Worth doing it
Mike Ballard - December 14th
Great course, would totally recommend,
Sohrab Khan - November 2nd
Great experience !
Jeff M - October 2nd
Well paced and clear and straightforward introduction to key principles of welding. Andrew knows his stuff well especially the art elements. Recommend this to people wishing to get started on this area.
Anthony Woods - October 2nd
The course was packed with information and advice from the start. The pace was good too. The instructor was able to answer all questions put to him. After instructions were good as well as thorough. The trainer also took the time to help me understand ARC welding too as I have my late fathers old machine.
Anonymous - June 21st
Well worth the money, the teacher was really engaging with amble time at the end to practice the welds learnt in class. Highly recommended!
Robert Atwater - May 16th
Absolutely The Best Thank You Looking forward to more Welding!!
Great teaching and practical work
Marie Ackers - May 11th
Great morning , highly recommended
Philip McGrath - May 9th
Andrew lead a fantastic class. Everything explained in a good amount of detail and enough time to practice the skills too. Ace afternoon.
Dan Cobley - April 19th
Great session. Super teacher. Fun to be let loose with the tools.
Mike Sharp - March 22nd
Learnt a lot about welding techniques and managed to have a go with 3 different types of welding machines as well. Really enjoyed it. Andrew (the tutor) was excellent - explained everything really clearly and very encouraging and friendly. I would highly recommend.
I bought the welding class for my son; he enjoyed it very much and learnt how to use a mig welder. - March 22nd
My son said the class was professionally run and safe.
Bernie France - March 22nd
An excellent resource, the afternoon flew by, would love to visit again. Highly recommended.
Mateusz Odrobny - March 20th
Fantastik workshop. Learned loads, had a great time.
Alex - March 19th
Great experience. Andrew was very helpful and taught us everything we could need for a first time at welding. Would recommend to anyone.
peter doyle - March 16th
An enjoyable evening class taught by Andrew. As a basic introduction to welding it was well worth attending.
Euan Major - March 16th
Great introduction to welding
Greg - December 8th
Very insightful to the welding world, would recommend it to anyone want to try it. Andrew (the teacher) very nice fella who explained things really well and very approachable.
Lisa - December 8th
Really enjoyable day. Felt like I learned lots and really enjoyed the practice. I think it would be awesome as a full day course.
Eldi - December 1st
The only issue I had with the course was the fire alarm testing going off during a really important demonstration/explanation and it went on and on and on - it was definitely a test rather than an actual fire. It went off twice and was ear piercing. The tutor tried to talk through it but it was impossible to hear or concentrate and was actually painful. He did ask for the test to be cut short - it was obviously working - apparently they wanted to let the alarm test go on for 20 minutes! I suppose I would say don't schedule classes on alarm testing days during alarm testing hours.
Sarah - October 15th
very informative and welcoming :)
Charlotte - September 15th
Andrew is an incredibly engaging, clear and helpful tutor. Small class size meant that everyone got a decent amount of practice time. I’ll be back!
Philip - July 27th
Teacher was really good. Very nice person. Was taught the basics. But I feel enough info and practical, to set up and practice at Home / a workshop. Would definitely recommend if interested in welding
Deirdre - January 27th
Had a great day. Would have preferred to have spent more time doing the welding than learning the ins and outs of each machine though.
Owen - September 4th
This was a perfect intro to welding. There was enough opportunity to have a go as well as useful guidance on getting started. I now feel confident enough to practice at home.
Sinead - August 7th
Really enjoyable class was really informative and with plenty of info about owning a MIG welder at home. Was a really lovely space and an excellent place for picking up other skills, I fully intend to come back and learn more skills from the London Sculpture Workshop! I can't recommend this class more, it really was a great experience and really set you up for further learning about welding as well as being just and excellent fun day out. Only issue we had was people struggling to find Unit 0 where the workshop is based, you want to get there easily take the last left on the road into the estate and go behind the art cafe and hug the sea wall, the workshop is right at the end of the row, you're going the right way if there's a giant rusted out ship on your right.
Abi - July 24th
Loved the class! It didn't go into too many difficult technical things, and we had 1h to weld different pieces of metal together to get a real feel of the stuff and excellent guidance from the teacher when we got stuck. Small class of only 7 people so it gave everyone a chance to make something. Lovely location as well, it almost felt like you were next to the seaside.
Seon - June 17th
Really enjoyed it....learned lots....will be doing more sessions to keep my hand in.....instructor was very clear and concise with the info he was giving
Adam - June 13th
A really good class. Hands on & fun!
Jamie - June 11th
Really informative and great, if you’ve never welded anything in your life. Recommend it!
Edmund - June 6th
Fantastically good. Well paced, lots of information, great practical session at the end, patient and experienced instructor. Really great, highly recommended.
Eta - May 8th
Great class! Just enough time to understand the basics of welding but also get stuck in and try my hand at a bit myself. I loved it. Great instruction.
Hazel - April 16th
Perfect introduction. Relaxed atmosphere and small class size made this a really good way to acquaint myself with welding. Great tutor, I loved every minute of this class.
Elaine - April 13th
What a great course! Learnt so much in just 3 hours. Andrew explained things really well and was on hand all afternoon to help and guide us. Will be doing more courses with him! Really loved it and wasn’t as scared as I thought I’d be being a complete newbie to welding!
bernie - April 13th
Very friendly and informative
Gabriel - April 9th
It was good, got to use some machinery, learn about the various welds, different joints. Informative and fun, good bunch of class mates too.
Erkin - April 7th
Friendly and very informative class will be returning.
A - February 19th
Good, and I now know understand several techniques for welding or otherwise joining metal together, including several I didn't know existed. The balance of time spent explaining various tools (including power settings on various types of welders) vs the hands-on experience was perhaps just a little too far towards the explaining for my personal learning style. If it wasn't just a 3-hour class this would be ok, and even potentially interesting, but I would say it went just too far beyond what we would need to know for that session, at the expense of hands-on time. I did come away with two practical household items made from scraps - a trivet and an over-the-door coat hook. Neither are lookers (hey, first attempt at MIG welding!) but the engineering is sound and both are now in use at home. Also, perhaps this is sightly nitpicky, but I had real trouble finding a set of coveralls that fit - they were either absolutely tiny (several sizes too small) or literally falling off my body to the point that it was dangerous - even with rolled sleeves & legs I was tripping over the material. I'm a size 12 & 5'4", not exactly unusual! Several other students were broadly similarly sized, so maybe they just got there first, but another few pairs of 'medium' coveralls would help. On balance, a solid 4 stars, and I'm really glad to have found a facility like this in London - odds are very good that I'll be back at some point to create, craft or repair something in metal. The site is fairly remote though only about a 5 min walk from a bus stop with a bunch of buses from Woolrich / North Greenwich, and never felt unsafe, even at night in the dark winter evening. Do note that Citymapper and other mapping providers may show the wrong entry location to the Thames Side Studios, which caused me and others a bit of lost time finding the place! Once you get the right entrance, the directions provided via Obby are fine.
Stuart Mackay - November 12th
Friendly, helpful and fun - for me (male). Less so my girlfriend, who found it quite daunting - but the tutor eventually helped her out with an alternative approach, so she came away satisfied. Its a very basic intro so don't arrive with too much ambition!
Ame - November 8th
I booked the class as a present for my partner who was realyl delighted with the hands on nature of the class and how much he learnt. ,
Claire - November 6th
Really enjoyed the day, super keen to get some cheap welding stuff and play at home now too :-D
Aali - November 6th
I did the 2 days welding course to understand metal and it’s properties. I had an ambitious goal to design a spiral staircase at my flat. The course exceeded all my expectations. Andrew was patient, knowledgeable and very methodical with his teaching. He helped me master the basics in measurements and welding skills. I was so proud that I was able to make a side table (albeit slightly wobbly;) in two days. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of working with metals to learn from Andrew.
Helen - August 30th
Excellent - fun and informative. Can't wait to try another class at London Sculpture Workshop!
Margarida - August 30th
It was a great class! Lots of fun - some confusion, as the instructor at one point said that the class was in fact 'basics of welding' and not intro for artists... Still, worth the visit.
Will - May 17th
Lauren was clear, instructive, serious when she had to be (health and safety issues) and good fun in her teaching method. I really didn't want to leave. I don't know why I left it so long to do one of your courses. Already trawling through the courses to find the next one. Many thanks, Will
Dave - May 9th
Although I do not consider myself to be an artist, I did want to have an expert-led introduction to welding for the purposes of general repairs and new-fixture building, including for a canal boat. The course delivered that very well with excellent theoretical and hands-on aspects. Welding is a practical activity and the course balanced that well with basic theory. I enjoyed the course and felt that it was very good value for money. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone wishing to get a positive and practical start to welding, how to do it, how to fix basic issues, how to choose a welder for your needs and (not least) how to be safe.
Paul - April 24th
Excellent. Perfect balance of theory and hands-on with the emphasis on hands-on. Great tutor who was there when required but not looking over your shoulder all the time. Everyone left with a small creation. Thank you.
Wendy - March 10th
Professional friendly inclusive educational workshop even for a complete novice. I even got a slow motion vid clip of me taken while using a mic welding . Andrew was attentive and left us to practise when we got the hang of it and he let me take some photos of his machinery . Would recommend for non-artists like myself.
Hugo - March 10th
Really good. Andrew went over all types of welding. He gave us a brief safety instruction and how best to use the certain types of welders/techniques. He then let us get on with it. We had lots of scrap metal to practice on and there were lots of welders, so no one was waiting in line. I feel that I can make something now. Thanks!
Rosina - February 17th
I had a really great afternoon - and learnt so much in a short time. The session covered Mig, Tigg, Arc and Spot welding, grinding and finishing. A great springboard for planning future ideas and projects.
Mark - February 16th
Really enjoyed the course. Lauren was a very good trainer and explained everything clearly and carefully, was happy to answer questions, and go off piste when necessary. Thanks again.
Anonymous - February 12th
Very warm and welcoming for a complete beginner. Only downside was five people sharing a welder meant not as much hands on practice as I would have liked.
Frost - January 31st
This was an excellent introduction to welding. Lots of hands on, practical time to get to grips with it all. Would highly recommend anyone interested in trying out welding to give it a go!
Ruth - January 13th
An excellent introduction with a good tutor and gave a useful overview of welding methods. Looking forward to doing the full metal fabrication days.
Jane - January 13th
Excellent course. A surprising amount covered in three hours. Entirely hands on combined with very good technical information. Great facilities. No improvements to suggest, highly recommended!
Claire - November 13th
Great class for a total beginner to welding, good balance between tutorial and letting us do out own thing: plenty of safety and background but also just enough time to play with the materials and make a couple of things to take home. Thank you!
Beth - September 21st
I gave the class to my partner as a birthday gift and he absolutely loved it. As a keen craftsman, he was so excited to try out welding and was not disappointed. The tutor leading the class was so knowledgeable and passionate about his craft, and he came home with three things he had welded! 10/10
sarah - June 18th
This was an excellent course, the teacher is calm, easy to understand and very encouraging. The workshop is clean, well organised and safe with all the equipment you could need.The course starts out with instruction and quickly moves on to your own experiementation under his watchful eye.
Rachael - June 11th
Brilliant experience! Fab tutor, great venue. Full review here: