Professional teachers are the best people to share their craft! Learn intricate craft skills such as embroidery, crochet, knitting, felting and quilting with quirky craft courses in Edinburgh. If you want to get racy with lace making workshops or creative with card or candle making courses, learn how to make anything you desire in craft courses in Edinburgh from jewellery making to glass blowing! We have rounded up the top 12 best craft classes in Edinburgh so you can find classes local to you and channel your unique creativity.

  • Bespoke Mosaic Workshop
  • Bauble Marbling Class
  • Copper Clock Silversmith Course
  • Lampshade Design Day Course
  • Beginner Glass Fusing Workshop
  • 8 Week Jewellery Making Course
  • Creative Spoon Carving Class
  • Bauble Blowing Workshop
  • Get Creative With Fused Glass
  • Make Your Own Crochet Baby Shoes Class
  • New Knitter Course
  • Terrazzo Tray Workshop

Bespoke Mosaic Workshop

Location: Edinburgh and surrounding areas

Get creative in your own kitchen! If you’re someone who feels most inspired in the comfort of your own home then this is the workshop for you. Designing and creating a home furnishing while in your home can help ignite your imagination as you can visualise where you will display your tile in your home.

This workshop will teach you how to make your own personalised and unique mosaic tile. Explore the beautiful details of this mesmerising craft skill from a professional.

Gather your friends for a fun get together or your family for some essential quality time and learn beginner mosaic techniques, approaches and skills together.

Blackbird Studio Workshops host craft classes in any location that suits you! They are passionate about helping students discover the magic of mosaics and are willing to go above and beyond to help you develop your design and mosaic tile making skills.

Bauble Marbling Class

Location: Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

There’s something about Christmas that makes us feel crafty! Embrace the innovative nature of this season and create your own ornaments and decorations. Home is where the heart is, so fill your house with decorations made with your own two hands. Design your bauble to fit whatever Christmassy style you adorn your home with, from vivid abstract colours to traditional red and green. In this workshop you will learn the art of this skill through marbling eight ceramic baubles which you will get to take home with you and hang on your Christmas tree with pride.

The Edinburgh Craft Club has a selection of craft workshops from marbling to print making and Christmas candle making to wreath making. If you’re looking for a year long craft hobby or a seasonal and festive workshop, get your hands dirty in their workshops.

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Copper Clock Silversmith Course

Location: Leith, Edinburgh

The time to learn the skills of a silversmith is now! This five day course will show you every step in the process of making your own copper clock. Your unique creative flair is encouraged in this workshop by your professional silversmith teacher who will teach you the skills needed to bring your design to life. This course is perfect for beginners as you will learn basic metal working techniques and build upon those skills throughout the course. However, even those with some experience can refine and grow their skills in this course. Each workshop in this course is in an inspiring studio with no more than four students, so that each person attending can get specific advice and guidance.

Bryony Knox Silversmith is determined to help all students reach their silversmith potential. Their workshops are structured to help all students discover the rewarding nature of creating their own functional yet beautiful and unique pieces.

Lampshade Design Day Course

Location: Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Feeling shady? Channel your shady energy in this lampshade making day course. In this day-long course, you will learn how to make your own lampshade as well as printing techniques and skills. Explore colours, motifs and techniques within the world of printing to make your own personalised piece of home ware. Whether you want to get creative and design something experimental or make something that will perfectly light up your home, this lampshade workshop will teach you everything you need to know.

Blessed Unrest are passionate about printing and creating. They have a range of workshops designed to bring out the creative character of any student of any ability. Immerse yourself in craft and textiles with their wonderful workshops.

Tile Art of a Stary Night
Photo by Patrick Fore / Unsplash

Beginner Glass Fusing Workshop

Location: Leith, Edinburgh

Think glass fusing is too technical for you? This workshop will shatter that illusion! Learn the foundation skills of glass fusing in this workshop where you will master basic beginner techniques. Making coasters couldn’t be cooler than in this workshop! This class gives you an exciting and engaging opportunity to make your own original and unique glass coaster. Receive step by step guidance and direction from your expert teacher in the captivating glass fusing process.

Glass Lab Edinburgh has a wide range of classes for anyone wanting to learn more about glass fusing. The teachers in their workshops have a wealth of experience helping students make glass they can be proud of. If you want to master glass fusing, they have workshops you cannot refuse!

8 Week Jewellery Making Course

Location: Leith, Edinburgh

Are you serious about jewellery? Fashion is a vital form of self expression that can boost our confidence and self image. Jewellery is a very important part of that! For many people, jewellery is more than just jewellery. Often pieces are bought and gifted, resemble a special memory or are cherished and passed down through generations. Become part of this process of treasuring personal jewellery and make your own pieces with your own two hands. Whether you want to give someone a personal and unique gift or channel your inner fashion and jewellery designer, learn everything you need to know about the jewellery making journey in this course.

Silver Hub Studios has workshops that teaches students the skills needed to make jewellery with confidence. Feel part of a wider student and jewellery making community in their interactive, creative and rewarding workshops.

Creative Spoon Carving Class

Location: Prestonfield, Edinburgh

Explore woodworking classes through carving your own spoon and utensils. This class will last a whole day and teach you thrilling beginner wood carving techniques and skills. Build your confidence holding a knife and feel comfortable safely using it to create crafty pieces! In this class, you will learn how to use an axe, straight knives, hook knives and so much more. Not only will you experience growing your exciting woodcarving techniques, as well as your spoon, you will also be taking home a practical as well as fascinating skill. Discover quality tools, equipment and materials needed in the carving process as well as the intricate steps of woodworking to make your own splendid spoon!

Alien Spoons have a broad selection of classes that champion the dynamic skill and process of woodcarving. They understand that beginners can be apprehensive towards using knives to create spoons, that’s why they address the ‘alien’ feeling of holding a knife to carve instead of chop and cook! Their welcoming workshops will leave you with a taste for this addictive skill and hobby.

Bauble Blowing Workshop

Location: East Linton, Edinburgh

Does the thought of making your own Christmas decorations blow you away? This glass making class will teach you how to master the impressive skill of glass blowing. This workshop gives you the opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit through making your own ornaments. Bring the magic of Christmas into your home with unique and festive decorations. Unleash your creativity and make Christmas decorations that represent your tastes and character. At the end of this one hour workshop you will have a glass bauble ornament to hang with honour in your home in the festive season.

Trejayne runs beginner friendly workshops that praise the glory of glass making! Their workshops will not only teach you how to make hand blown glass pieces you can show off in your home, they will also inspire you to put your creativity to good use through glass making.

Get Creative With Fused Glass

Location: Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Discover the exciting and creative process of fusing glass. Whether you want to make a personalised gift for friends and family or explore a new innovative and artistic hobby, this workshop will enlighten you to the enigmatic and dazzling process of fusing glass, from the kiln to your finished product! In this workshop you will learn how to fuse together pieces of glass to make your own Christmas ornaments, bowl, sun catcher and other glass objects.

523 Glass Studio runs workshops that teaches students about the complexities of glass fusing as well as how to build glass fusing skills in manageable and simple steps. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced glass fusing student, enhance your understanding and abilities with interactive and exciting workshops with 523 Glass Studio.

Make Your Own Crochet Baby Shoes Class

Location: Leith, Edinburgh

Are you getting ready for the pitter patter of little footsteps? Before the stork brings along a new bundle of joy to your family, make a gift that is special and meaningful for the little one arriving soon! Whether you’re a mum-to-be or an excited family member eagerly awaiting the due date, build your excitement as well as your craft skills in this crochet workshop. This two hour workshop will teach you beginners crochet skills as well as how to use these skills to make baby shoes with your own two hands.

Joy Tots get inspiration from working with children and families, whether that be helping them learn new crafts or exploring pregnancy yoga. If you are wanting to build craft skills with your children or feel more comfortable in your pregnancy journey, they are sure to have workshops that make you feel creative and uplifted.

New Knitter Course

Location: Recorded Online Course

Wish you knew how to knit? This workshop will grant those wishes! Structured with complete beginners in mind, each workshop will teach you basic knitting techniques which you will enhance during this course. In this course, you will learn how to knit your own cardigan from an enthusiastic and encouraging knitting teacher. This online workshop will provide you with all of the expertise, direction and guidance you could need as well as all the materials, wool and equipment to make your cardigan. The beauty of recorded classes is that you can fit the workshops in this course around your schedule and learn when you know you are feeling relaxed and ready.

Ginger Twist Studio helps those yearning to use yarn! Their workshops will teach everyone something new about knitting from beginners to advanced knitting know it alls! Workshops with Ginger Twist Studio will inspire you to knit a whole new wardrobe.

Terrazzo Tray Workshop

Location: Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Create your own terrazzo tray from scratch! From the design to the process of making the tray, master every step of making your own artistic pieces. In this two hour workshop, you will explore the materials needed to create your tray as well as how to make the terrazzo pieces. You will also discover how to use acrylic resin and add pigment to the materials before making your tray. As well as the guidance and expertise of your professional teacher, all of the supplies, equipment and encouragement you will need is provided in this interactive workshop.

Polymorphics are determined to teach everyone how to DIY their own terrazzo home ware pieces. Their workshops provide a creative and friendly atmosphere to learn and make your own coasters, trays and clocks.

Creative Mind
Photo by Myrlene NUMA / Unsplash

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Whether you want to try your hand at knitting, wood-turning or leatherworking, craft classes in Edinburgh will help you unleash your creativity and innovative spirit. Attend a jewellery making class to design personalised gifts, a woodworking workshop to make your own utensils and furniture or crochet and knitting classes to create your own clothing and garments. No matter what kind of craft you want to explore, get expert guidance and direction from encouraging teachers in the best craft workshops in Edinburgh.

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