Learn to make your own clothing from skirts, trousers and dresses to customised knickers and festive pyjamas, stitch together garments you’re excited to wear. Producing clothing isn't the only way to get creative with sewing! Teachers in sewing classes in Bristol host workshops in their professional studio where you can master making accessories and home furnishings such as cushion covers, curtains and bags. Whether you’re motivated to learn sewing skills to repair or make clothing in your own style, we have rounded up the top 10 best sewing classes in Bristol, so you can get straight to stitching!

The Top 10 Best Sewing Classes in Bristol are:

  • Bristol School of Sewing and Textiles Guided Courses
  • Knitwear Workshops at The Woolly Badger
  • Machine Knitting with Ria Burns
  • Sew Your Own Pyjama Set at The Bristol Stitchery
  • Knicker Making Sewing Class with Sew Easy Bristol
  • One-to-One Sewing Workshop with The Mobile Sewing Teacher
  • Soulful Hand Sewing at Cafe Sewciety
  • Private Beginners Sewing Class with Flo- Jo Fabrics
  • Introductory Sewing Course with Lisa Bailey
  • Stitch 'n' Chat Workshop at Create and Grow

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Bristol School of Sewing and Textiles Guided Courses

Location: Kingswood, Bristol

When it comes to sewing, the Bristol School of Sewing and Textiles has all the credentials. Owner Emma Hawkins has over 25 years of dressmaking under her belt and a highly competent team of professionals to assist. To aid the creative process, they have just furnished their brand new garden studio where you can darn, patch and embroider in you own mindful space.

Every person is supplied with a sewing machine and basic sewing essentials to get you started. The space is even available if you want to take some time for solo practice available for £7.50 per hour. Of if you prefer to be hand-led through the process, a tasteful array of courses from sewing & dressmaking and knitting and crotchet are on offer. Complements perfectly with a homemade cake!

Knitwear Workshops at The Woolly Badger

Location: Bedminster, Bristol

Have you ever been given a homemade woolly jumper and quaked at the thought of making something so intricate? This is the myth that Jacki from the Woolly Badger is trying to dispel. Knitting is accessible, practical and fun - and not just an activity to keep your nan busy! In her friendly and fuss free classes, you will learn from the bottom up in her Absolute Beginners Workshop starting from the basics of yarn weights and needle sizes to the grand finale where you can produce a wearable scarf 2.5 hours later!

In the 'No Frills Knitting Shop' your love-hate relationship with knitting could be turned on its head with the 'It's all Gone Knits Up' class. Here, Jacki aims to increase confidence and teach new skills to empower the knervous nitter. There couldn't be a better place to find a new hobby than the Woolly Badger!

Machine Knitting with Ria Burns

Location: South Liberty Lane, Bristol

Are you conscious about your personal environmental impact? Are you wanting to take up a hobby that works with rather and against the environment? You will feel very comforted by the process that Ria Burns follows to produce her knitwear. All products are small batch, artisinal clothes from local, traceable wool. And the best part? You could be making them yourselves after an intensive 1-1 class four hour class!

Or if you are more familiar with a group setting, then join a group machine knitting or natural yarn dye class! Workshops with Ria Burns will teach you how to make long lasting unique knitwear products that are both sustainable as well as stylish! Make your wardrobe and the plant happy in courses with Ria Burns.

Sew Your Own Pyjama Set at The Bristol Stitchery

Location: Bedminster, Bristol

Christmas is the time to get creative! Keep your loved ones warm by making them a gift that will keep them comfy and cosy through the cold winter months. In this workshop you will learn how to make and design festive pyjamas for a child. With sizes ranging from newborns to thirteen year old children, you can make a pyjama set for a newborns first Christmas or bring some magic to an older child's celebrations. All you need to bring along is your creativity, as this class provides all of the expertise on how to sew and create your design, as well as all the materials including soft and organic jersey cotton.

The Bristol Stitchery doesn't want to pull the wool over your eyes! They are determined to show students the rewarding feeling of sewing together your own project and seeing your finished product.

Knicker Making Sewing Class with Sew Easy Bristol

Location: Keynsham, Bristol

Want to design your own delicates? This workshop will help you fulfil that ambition! Make undergarments that reflect your individual character, style and creativity. This workshop is perfect for if you’re a beginner or an experienced sewing enthusiast that wants to learn how to work with delicate fabrics such as racy lace, smooth silk and stretchy materials. Your professional teacher will not only show you how to stitch together your unique knickers, they will also help you create your design from vintage styles to thongs. Learn about the whole fascinating knicker making process, from cutting and sewing to using lace and elastic. Leave this day-long workshop with as many knickers as you can make!

Sew Easy Bristol wants to make learning sewing skills, you guessed it, so easy! Teachers in their interactive and fun workshops inspire students to discover their creativity and passion for sewing.

One-to-One Sewing Workshop with The Mobile Sewing Teacher

Location: Mangotsfield, Bristol

Set the agenda of your class! One-to-one workshops give you the opportunity to decide what you want to learn without having to compromise with other students in a group class. For experienced sewing students with a specific project in mind, learn the skills you need to bring your project together with the personalised and concentrated guidance of your expert teacher. Whereas beginners who want to work at their own pace and without the distractions of other beginners can also get a focused teaching experience in one-to-one classes.

The Mobile Sewing Teacher has classes in their sewing workspace in Bristol. Want to learn in the comfort of your own home? The Mobile Sewing Teacher understands that many students feel inspired and creative in a familiar environment, that’s why they provide enriching workshops in a location of your choice.

Soulful Hand Sewing at Cafe Sewciety

Location: Hotwells, Bristol

If you’re looking for a soothing sewing experience then look not further! Bringing your design to life with your own two hands can be an extremely rewarding experience. The feeling of accomplishment after mending and repairing your cherished clothing and items can also boost our mood and spirits. Many people find the act of sewing to be a valuable way of exercising mindfulness. Creating through sewing often helps students of any level feel tranquil, peaceful and calm. In this workshop you will leave with a developed understanding of hand stitches, embroidery and applique skills as well as an uplifted mood.

Cafe Sewciety thrives through helping students develop their sewing skills. Discover a range of sewing approaches and techniques as well as the mindful nature of sewing in their workshops.

colorful wools
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Private Beginners Sewing Class with Flo- Jo Fabrics

Location: Bishopston, Bristol

Have fun with the fundamentals of sewing! Private workshops give you the power to choose what techniques you want to learn. From mastering sewing patterns to understanding how to flawlessly use sewing techniques. Flo- Jo Fabrics private workshops are a great fit for beginners who are new to sewing and want to build their confidence and skills quickly. Can’t get enough of sewing? Teachers at Flo- Jo Fabrics run weekly workshops for you to take up sewing as a practical yet exciting hobby.

Flo- Jo Fabrics offers classes to help anyone and everyone become an expert with a needle and thread. Explore fabrics, materials and techniques in their hands- on sewing workshops.

Introductory Sewing Course with Lisa Bailey

Location: Old City, Bristol

Fancy yourself as a bit of a fashionista? Clothing and fashion is one of the main ways many people express themselves. Feel like a fashion designer in this workshop where you will learn how to create your own clothing and accessories from scratch. In this beginner workshop, you will learn how to make your own shopping bag through intricate sewing techniques. Want to bring personal soft furnishings into your home? Get step-by-step guidance on how to make your own cushion covers. Learn how to add a zip to fabrics and create rouleau loops. Seamlessly learn how to produce professional looking seams with the guidance of an expert in this four week course.

Lisa Bailey runs sewing workshops with all of the direction and materials you could need to make your own personalised fashion and home ware pieces. Their classes will give you plenty of guidance as well as inspiration to create items through sewing.

Stitch 'n' Chat Workshop at Create and Grow

Location: Tytherington, Gloucestershire

Join an interactive and friendly sewing community! Want to learn in a social and informal environment? This workshop will develop and refine your sewing skills in a relaxed and welcoming approach to teaching. Meet other sewing students and share your tricks of the trade with each other. Sewing projects and ideas can be discussed, as this workshop believes there are no wrong answers when it comes to creativity! You can expect demonstrations of techniques from your teacher as well as friendly sewing chat over a cup of tea in this class.

Create and Grow is determined to make sewing accessible for all students of all ages. Teachers at Create and Grow run workshops for children to master sewing or adults who want to develop this fulfilling skill.

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Need more advice?

Sewing is not only a creative and exciting skill to master, it is also very practical in a number of ways! Developing your sewing skills means you can live a more sustainable lifestyle, as you will have the know-how to repair your clothing instead of buying new pieces. It’s a win win! Sewing is good for your wallet and the planet. Many people also find working with fabrics and a needle and thread to fulfil their personal projects is an exceptionally rewarding way to practise mindfulness. So what are you waiting for? Discover the power of this skill with sewing classes in Bristol.

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