Explore spices, recipes and techniques with the tastiest cooking classes in Edinburgh. Roast, saute or steam your way through your next dinner party or spice up your evening family dinner ideas. Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or want to build your experience cooking up a storm, discover your culinary skills! We have rounded up the best top 10 cooking classes in Edinburgh, so you can stop stewing over your search for the right cooking class for you.

  • Festive Canape Workshop
  • Children's One Day Course
  • Relaxing Homemade Pasta Cooking Class
  • Chocolate Making Workshop
  • Beginner Thai Cooking Class
  • Persian Cooking Class
  • Sourdough Bread Course
  • Pizza Making Party
  • Pad Thai Celebration Workshop
  • Baking Class, with a Bite and a Blether

Festive Canape Workshop

Location: Newbridge, Edinburgh

It’s never too early to start preparing for the Christmas festivities ahead! Bring the magic of Christmas to your family and friends through the aromas and flavors of the season. Everyone knows Christmas is all about comfort food! However, this workshop teaches you how to indulge in light Christmas bites that will even make any Grinch feel the spirit of Christmas. Fill your Christmas parties with food that will impress your family and friends this Christmas!

Not only will you learn Christmas canape recipes you will also develop kitchen skills and techniques.

Learning and cooking can be thirsty work! This class includes a glass of Christmas fizz on arrival as well as all of the ingredients and equipment you will need.

Edinburgh School of Food and Wine celebrates everything tasty and delicious. They are passionate about helping students build their practical culinary skills to make exceptionally mouthwatering meals and food.

Children's One Day Course

Location: Edinburgh New Town

Learning how to cook can be highly beneficial and rewarding for children for many reasons. Discovering food from around the world as well as where ingredients come from and how different dishes are made will not only build their life skills and confidence but also their taste palate. As well as building their confidence in their own abilities to fulfil tasks, cooking workshops provide a fun environment where learning doesn’t feel like learning!

This workshop uses the finest seasonal ingredients and provides all of the materials, equipment and supplies needed in the class.

Within this day class, children will learn to master dishes they can recreate at home as well as how to keep on top of and clean their workspace. A skill every parent hopes for their child to gain!

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School is an award winning school that runs interactive and rewarding workshops for anyone and everyone wanting to discover their culinary passion. Whether you’re a beginner, have some experience cooking, a child, adult or somewhere in between, they are sure to have a workshop that gives you a taste of being a professional chef.

Photo by Max Delsid / Unsplash

Relaxing Homemade Pasta Cooking Class

Location: Edinburgh New Town

Many cooking enthusiasts find that cooking from scratch can be an incredibly rewarding way to practise relaxation and mindfulness! Get stuck into working with the process of rolling and stretching your dough which is particularly captivating as well as calming.

Learn how to make ravioli, tagliatelle, pappardelle, farfalle and orecchiette as well as a tasty tomato and basil sauce.

Explore the art of handmade Italian pasta, from traditional dough to the perfect sauce to compliment your dish. As well as tasting the fruits of your labour at the end of the class you will also get to enjoy a glass of well earned wine.

Personal Chef Edinburgh is determined to enlighten students to the dynamic and rewarding nature of cooking. Their workshops are designed to show how cooking is accessible for everyone with a craving for creating their own delicious dishes.

Chocolate Making Workshop

Location: Edinburgh and the surrounding areas

Are you a chocolate addict? Any chocoholic should learn about the chocolate making process to discover how their favourite chocolatey treats are made!

Learn how to make velvety sweet snacks from a professional and explore the tricks of the trade as well as the different ingredients used in the chocolate making process.

Whether you want to learn with a small group of family and friends or to celebrate any occasion, chocolate making workshops are perfect for hen-do’s, birthday parties and any event! Looking for a tasty treat for your team? Learning and enjoying chocolate is a great alternative activity for any office party to unwind with your colleagues.

Thinking Chocolate has a range of workshops for beginner and experienced chocolate making students. Their determination towards teaching students the rich world of chocolate means their workshops are adaptable, so class sizes and location can be arranged to fit your needs.

Beginner Thai Cooking Class

Location: Inch, Edinburgh

Bring the taste of Thailand to your kitchen! Learn how to make your favourite Thai dishes in this workshop and show off your culinary skills at your next dinner party. Discover how to make famous Thai meals while also exploring fresh Thai food and flavours.

In this traditional Thai cooking class, you will learn how to make authentic Thai food such as Pad Thai, Thai Green Curry and much more.

You set the agenda! Evening Thai cooking workshops are arranged at a time that suits you and prioritises teaching you a dish that you're excited to make.

Krua Thai Cookery School are experienced teachers who inspire students’ excitement for Thai cooking to boil over. At the end of their workshop you will leave with technical skills, an understanding of Thai cuisine as well as your tasty creation to enjoy at home.

Persian Cooking Class

Location: Leith, Edinburgh

Discover this dynamic cuisine from across the world. In this workshop you will learn how to make Tomato Ash from Tabriz. Explore the background and history of this dish as well as why it’s so popular in the Azerbaijan region of Iran. The warm and comforting taste of this dish is sure to make you hungry for more Persian dishes. Master cooking Tomato Ash and make this dish an essential winter warmer for you and your family. For those with a sweet tooth, you will also learn how to make plant based pistachio, walnut and cardamom spiced cookies. All of the quality ingredients, equipment, inspiration and guidance you will need is provided in this studio workshop.

Cyrenians is a cooking school with a conscience. When you book classes in the Community Kitchen, you are supporting their mission to help and educate everyone who is early in their food journey with classes teaching students how to cook healthy meals on a budget and much more! Enrich your life as well as those in your community in their inspiring workshops.

Sourdough Bread Course

Location: Leith, Edinburgh

Think you can rise to the occasion? Prove your break making skills in this beginner sourdough bread workshop. This one day course will teach you how to make popular wheat and rye sourdough bread from scratch. Can’t get enough of sourdough bread? Included in the workshop you will also learn how to make a sourdough pizza to eat for your lunch. As well as how to make different types of bread, you will develop your understanding of the bread making journey.

Breadshare is a community bakery that sells delicious and bouncy fresh bread. As well as making their tasty bread creations, they’re also experienced in hosting bread making workshops for those wanting to make bread like a professional baker.

Pizza Making Party

Location: Edinburgh Old Town

Experience the excitement of pizza making! Making pizzas is a fun activity for adults and children alike. Whether you want an interactive birthday party for your child and their friends, a get together with family and friends or a fulfilling office party event, this pizza making workshop is perfect for any celebration or occasion. Use a bit of elbow grease and learn how to make and roll your own dough. All toppings, ingredients, materials and equipment is provided in this welcoming workshop.

Mamma’s American Pizza has been making and serving delicious pizza to hungry students and customers in the heart of Edinburgh for more than thirty years! As well as their menu of vegan, meaty or gluten free food for customers, they also offer pizza making party experiences for those who want to try their hand at making their own masterpiece.

Pad Thai Celebration Workshop

Location: Edinburgh New Town

Some dishes deserve celebrating! This two and a half hour workshop will teach you every aspect of the steps needed to make a perfect Pad Thai.  Enjoy a complimentary drink at the start of the class then get straight to rustling up your Pad Thai. This workshop will have demonstrations as well as hands-on experience for you to learn as you cook. Your expert teacher will introduce you to the ingredients and equipment needed to cook your two Thai dishes. Once you have made your two courses, tuck into your creation in the stunning restaurant.

Chaophraya celebrates not only Pad Thai but everything in the world of fine dining. Teachers in their workshops are passionate about helping students make authentic Thai food as well as discover new Thai food favourites. You are encouraged to devour your delicious dishes at the end of their stimulating workshop.

Baking Class, with a Bite and a Blether

Location: Milton Bridge, Penicuik

Learn how to make a proper Scottish Afternoon Tea in this friendly workshop. This baking class creates a warm and welcoming environment for you to learn how to make Girdle Scones, Scotch Pancakes, Gingerbread, Rock cakes, Cupcakes and so much more! Get encouraging guidance from a professional teacher and leave this workshop with not only your new baking abilities, but also with an uplifted mood from the sociable atmosphere of this class.

Scottish Food and Drink Trails is determined to help students develop baking skills they can be proud of. Their beginner workshops are here to break the stereotypes that baking should be left to the professionals. Scottish Food and Drink Trails run their workshops in Milton Bridge and are definitely worth the short trip out of Edinburgh.

Photo by Jude Infantini / Unsplash

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Master making your favourite food so you can fill your boots with tasty dishes at home. Whether you want to develop culinary techniques such as knife skills or discover new moreish recipes, cooking classes in Edinburgh will bring out your inner chef. From Chinese, Indian, French and Italian cuisines, explore vegan, vegetarian and meaty workshops and taste food from around the globe. Train like a professional chef or learn in a social and informal environment with the best cooking workshops in Edinburgh.

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