Pinch, slab, coil and mould clay into impressive ceramics with the best pottery classes in Edinburgh. From white ceramic dinner sets to colourful decorations, learn how to expertly sculpt pottery with your own two hands! Don’t be in a pinch searching for the right pottery class in Edinburgh! We have rounded up the top 10 best pottery classes in Edinburgh, so you can get straight to spinning on the potter's wheel like a professional!

  • Weekend Taster Pottery Course
  • Team Building Ceramics Class
  • Pottery Course for Children
  • Five Week Ceramic Project Course
  • Ten Week Immersive Pottery Course
  • Wheel Throwing Taster Workshop
  • Taster Pottery Class for Two
  • Potter Wheel Ceramics Workshop
  • Pottery Painting Class
  • Christmas Pottery Painting Workshop
Doing a pottery class. We made some cups and saucers.
Photo by Andy Kelly / Unsplash

Weekend Taster Pottery Course

Location: Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Get messy exploring a new craft! If you’re a complete beginner with clay and want a comprehensive yet fun introduction to the world of pottery then this two day weekend workshop is for you. This hands-on course will give you plenty of opportunity to get your hands dirty while having a go at different pottery techniques. Get experimental while learning hand building pottery skills and wheel throwing approaches. Not only will you get experience in making pottery and developing your skills making ceramics, you will also unleash your creativity when decorating your unique pieces.

Edinburgh Design School has a wide range of workshops that celebrate ceramics. Their workshops have a welcoming, creative and reassuring atmosphere for you to try new pottery skills with the encouragement as well as direction, guidance and teaching of your professional pottery teacher.

Team Building Ceramics Class

Location: Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Go team! Informal activities outside of the office can help you build team bonds with your colleagues. Find out more about the people you work with in a fun environment that also builds your communication skills. It’s a win win! Not only do you get to experience an exciting pottery class you also get to know the people in your office better and improve your relationships with your teammates. Learning pottery together provides a shared experience which can help to build bonds and break awkwardness. This team building ceramics class is designed for beginners wanting to try their hand at basic pottery methods to create their own ceramics.

Mud Station is passionate about pottery! Not only do they create and sell their impressive and professional ceramics, they also enjoy sharing their crafty ceramics secrets in their workshops! Learn from accomplished pottery teachers the tricks of the trade in their interactive classes.

Pottery Course for Children

Location: Duddingston, Edinburgh

Are your children full of creative energy and an active imagination? Innovative after school classes give children an opportunity to explore their unique creativity. After a day of concentration at school, each workshop in this course encourages children to get messy and indulge in their imagination. In this course, children will learn how to master hand building as well as how to successfully wheel throw. The rewarding nature of making something with their own two hands can be extremely beneficial for children's development. Not only will bringing their artistic vision to life through pottery build their confidence and self-image, but they will also gain greater coordination skills.

Edinburgh Pottery Studio runs courses and workshops to help children and beginners make ceramics such as vases, candle holders and sculptures. Learn how to make your own ceramics with a variety of pottery making approaches in their friendly and inspiring classes.

Five Week Ceramic Project Course

Location: Bonnington, Edinburgh

Do you want to discover your pottery potential? This course is for those with prior knowledge and experience of making pottery and ceramics. If you’re feeling rusty or want to learn specific pottery making skills, then this course will help you become one step closer to being a professional potter. This course is structured around helping students develop whatever pottery project they have. Whether that is a specific pottery piece they’re working on or if they have a personal project of building pottery techniques, skills and approaches.

Cyan Clayworks are potty for pottery! Teachers in their courses cannot get enough of inspiring students of any ability and level. They have a range of workshops run throughout the year so that students can experience the enriching and addictive nature of creating their own personalised pottery pieces.

Ten Week Immersive Pottery Course

Location: Leith, Edinburgh

Want to incorporate clay and creating into your schedule? This ten week course is made up of interactive two and a half hour weekly workshops. All of the materials, supplies and equipment as well as direction, expertise and guidance you could need is provided in this workshop. You will learn each step of the ceramic making process in detail, from the potter's wheel to the kiln. Learn basic wheel throwing and hand building methods that you will grow throughout the course. Glazing, finishing and firing is also included so you can display your perfect pot with pride.

The Potter of Leith has a range of classes teaching students how to make quality pottery. Whether you’re a beginner or already enjoy pottery as a regular hobby, you are sure to refine your skills as well as discover new methods, approaches and techniques in their workshops.

Wheel Throwing Taster Workshop

Location: Marchmont, Edinburgh

Wanting a workshop where your creativity can take the reins? This workshop will teach you how to design and create your own piece of ceramics from scratch. In this class you will learn how to make pottery through wheel throwing, how to make imprints on your pottery as well as pinching, coiling and slabbing techniques. Take home pots that are fired and finished and show off your impressive ceramics skills!

Doodles Ceramic Workshop thrives through teaching students an understanding of the pottery process as well as exciting pottery skills. With creative clay classes for adults and children, they will have a workshop suitable for anyone and everyone.

Taster Pottery Class for Two

Location: Linlithgow, Edinburgh

Smaller class sizes means you are able to get specific guidance from your expert teacher about how to improve your pottery skills. This workshop of just two students is perfect for those wanting the concentrated direction and focus of their teacher. Whether you want to learn with your partner, friend or family member, this experience provides a fun and creative opportunity for you to build pottery abilities together. Once you have made your pot in this two hour workshop, your teacher will professionally trim, glaze and fire your pot so you are sure to have one finished pottery piece.

Linlithgow Pottery pride themselves on their workshops delivering a fun, hands on and interactive learning experience for students. If you want a class that prioritises fun and friendliness while you learn then Linlithgow Pottery will have a workshop for you.

Creating cups on a potter's wheel.
Photo by Earl Wilcox / Unsplash

Potter Wheel Ceramics Workshop

Location: Kirknewton, Edinburgh

Explore the art of wheel throwing. This skill isn't as easy as it looks, but is just as fun as it looks! However, with the teaching and expertise of an experienced potter you will be wheel throwing like a professional in no time. Many people find pottery and wheel throwing in particular a relaxing and mindful experience. Once you have mastered the basics of this impressive skill, you can concentrate on feeling the clay smooth in your hands which many students find very calming, tranquil and peaceful.

Potter Around offers workshops with a friendly and stimulating atmosphere where you can experiment with your creativity and innovative spirit. Their studio is in a rural corner of Edinburgh, making their workshops the best place for a short escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Pottery Painting Class

Location: North Berwick, East Lothian

It’s time to pick up a paintbrush and decorate ceramics with your own style and design. Painting and adorning your pot with different colours, patterns and styles allows you to exercise your creativity. In this workshop you will learn about the different materials and equipment needed as well as how to use them to perfectly personalise your pot. All of the supplies and paint you will need is also included in this workshop, so all you need to bring along is your unique artistic creativity.

Fingers and Thumbs runs their workshops just outside of Edinburgh in North Berwick. This seaside town is the best place to get some fresh air and recharge your creativity. Their selection of interactive workshops are definitely worth going the extra mile.

Christmas Pottery Painting Workshop

Location: South Queensferry, Edinburgh

It’s never too early to get into the festive spirit! Design and decorate your own festive Christmas ornaments that you can admire every year. Either explore a new hobby or start a new yearly ornament decorating tradition! Get into the spirit of Christmas and use classic green, red and snowy white or experiment with vibrant abstract colours. Whether you want to create a decoration for yourself or a secret santa gift for friends and family, all of the equipment and guidance on how to make the most of painting pottery is provided in this workshop. All this creativity can be thirsty work! That’s why this class allows you to bring along your own tipple.

Honey Pot Creative Cafe is passionate about helping students explore their creativity. Their craft workshops range from Christmas wreath making to calligraphy or glass fusing to ceramic painting. If you want a hobby for all year round or a Christmas ceramics class, Honey Pot Creative Cafe will help you develop your creative nature.

Working with stoneware clay on a Brent wheel.
Photo by Taylor Heery / Unsplash

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Create your own ceramics and build your ability to make perfect pottery! Whether you want to make plant pots for your garden or vases for your flowers, master wheel throwing and hand building with pottery classes in Edinburgh. Understand every step in the pottery making process from moulding your clay to glazing, firing and finishing your pot. Create home ware such as bowls, plates and candle holders or wall art and decorations with the best pottery workshops in Edinburgh.

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