Discover dressmaking, quilting and embroidery workshops in Edinburgh and make your own clothing, soft furnishings and accessories. Learn how to use a sewing machine, or become a sewing machine! Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience and want a challenging sewing project, the best sewing classes in Edinburgh will make reaching your sewing goals seamless! We have sown together a list of the best top 7 sewing classes in Edinburgh so you can unleash your inner tailor.

  • Four Week Upcycling and Mending Course
  • Parent and Child Beginners Sewing Day
  • Team Building Sewing Class
  • Beginners Patchwork and Quilting Course
  • Two Week Intensive Kilt Making Course
  • Kilt Making Alterations Class
  • Dressmaking Workshop

Four Week Upcycling and Mending Course

Location: Meadowbank, Edinburgh

Learn how to cherish your treasured items. Sometimes wear and tear can make our favourite clothes look a bit shabby- which is fine is that’s the look you’re going for! For those who want their clothes to look as new as the day they bought them, learn how to refine your favourite fashion pieces in this upcycling course.

Whether you want your clothes to have a vintage, antique and timeless style or look as good as new, this course will teach you how to mend as well as upcycle any of your clothing, whether it's a charity shop gem or your much loved personal pieces.

Classes within this course have a limited number of students to ensure that all students get some one-to-one time with the teacher who can give them specific advice to progress their sewing and restoration skills.

Sewing Classes Edinburgh offer, you guessed it, sewing classes in Edinburgh! Whether you want to master upholstery, design and create your own dresses or learn embroidery techniques, reach any of your sewing goals with their hands-on and interactive workshops.

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Parent and Child Beginners Sewing Day

Location: Meadowbank, Edinburgh

Looking for a simple introduction to sewing? This class will take you through the basic and fundamental sewing techniques needed to make your own reversible tote bag! As well as using a needle and thread by hand you will also master how to safely use a sewing machine to make your own creative accessories.

In this day-long workshop, you will learn how to use a sewing machine, thread up the machine, wind bobbins and so much more!

Not only will you learn exciting and useful sewing skills, you will also be spending some quality time with a loved one. Learning together can strengthen family bonds and create a shared experience within this form of interactive quality family time.

Jen Skedd at Artisan Stitch is passionate about helping students of any age and ability discover their fondness for fixing up their own textile pieces, clothing and accessories! Artisan Stitch have a range of sewing and textiles workshops for anyone and everyone wanting to develop their crafty nature and confidence with a needle and thread.

Team Building Sewing Class

Location: Leith, Edinburgh

Trying to sew your perfect team together? Collectively learning something new in a fun and informal environment can break any awkwardness within your team. If you want to increase the team bonds between colleagues or reward your office with a fascinating workshop, then this is the class for you and your team!

In this workshop you and your team will learn creative mending techniques as well as how to alter and revive your clothing. Not only will this class build your sewing skills, it will also strengthen communication between your teammates.

Although this is a hands-on workshop where you can learn as you sew, you will also become enlightened to the positive impact repairing and reusing your clothing has on the environment as well as the effect of this sustainable skill.

Remode Collective are determined to teach students about the importance of re-purposing their clothing, fabrics and textiles. Through their creative workshops, learn impressive sewing skills as well as how to promote a more sustainable lifestyle through clothing, garments and textiles.

Beginners Patchwork and Quilting Course

Location: Lochrin, Edinburgh

Do you prefer to learn little and often? Teachers at My Bear Paw understand that everyone works at different speeds. That’s why they have created this workshop, so students who want to learn patchwork and quilting can all work at their own pace. With a mixture of different teaching styles, this course will advance your skills within manageable workshops.

Each workshop will give you a new approach and method to making your own quilt including cutting, piecing, layering and binding techniques.

As this course takes you through the process and techniques of quilt making, these workshops are ideal for beginners or experienced quilt makers wanting an inspiring project and expert advice.

My Bear Paw has a wealth of experience helping students discover and develop technical sewing and quilt making skills. Their range of craft and sewing workshops will help you enhance your innovative nature.

Two Week Intensive Kilt Making Course

Location: Leith, Edinburgh

Learn the tricks of the trade from a professional kilt maker! Explore quality fabrics, tartan and styles while developing your sewing skills. Not only will you learn about the methods and different approaches to making kilts, you will also discover the history of kilts as well as kilt making.

Each workshop will include step by step direction on how to make your own hand sewn kilt to wear with pride or send as a special gift.

Learn how to take measurements and master different sewing techniques while also learning about the history of tartan textiles and kilt making.

Scot Clans celebrate Scottish history, heritage and culture. They are passionate about sharing the enticing and fascinating history of Scottish customs and traditions as well as how to make their own kilt.

Kilt Making Alterations Class

Location: Holyrood, Edinburgh

When it comes to kilts, it’s definitely not one size fits all! Learn how to alter and repair kilts so they fit its wearer perfectly. Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy has a wide range of workshops which teach students every step needed to make kilts to an exceptionally high standard. However, in this workshop you will specifically focus on learning how to assess kilts for alteration, carry out a kilt shortening, learn apron replacement and adjustment or even remake a whole kilt. Kilts in need of alteration are provided in this workshop or you can bring along your own kilt from home to alter.

Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy runs workshops that help students discover the art of kilt making. Their Edinburgh classes will teach you technical skills to amend and alter any kilt issues you face! Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy have received global recognition for their ability to make impressive and excellent kilts. Whether you want to learn how to make a kilt from scratch or master specific kilt making skills, their workshops are sure to enlighten you to the fascinating kilt making journey.

Dressmaking Workshop

Location: Lochrin, Edinburgh

It’s important to wear clothing that you feel expresses your unique individual style. Create clothing that fits your character and fashion taste. Whether you want a comfortable day time dress or to stand out, design and create your own dress in this workshop! Build your confidence in your creativity as well as in using dressmaking methods. This class is perfect for beginners who are new to using a needle and thread or sewing machine as well as experienced sewing enthusiasts who want to make a piece of clothing from scratch.

Pins and Needles are determined to help students discover the fun and creative nature of this craft. Their workshops show that sewing and garment making can be an exciting and captivating as well as handy hobby for everyone.

Tartan cloth for kils, Edinburgh
Photo by Henrik Hjortshøj / Unsplash

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From kilt making to quilt making, discover your next project with a needle and thread in the best sewing workshops in Edinburgh. Whether you want to fill your evenings with stitching workshops or experience a full day dressmaking course, get inspiration from professional teachers and their creative studio with the best sewing classes in Edinburgh. With classes for beginners who want to learn how to adorn objects with dazzling embroidery or experienced sewing students who want to master and refine their skills, sewing classes in Edinburgh are sure to have something for anyone and everyone.

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