Guided meditation workshops in Edinburgh will teach you how to treat yourself with kindness through calming moments. Learn mindful techniques through breath-work, yoga and meditation, the benefits of meditation as well as how to make time in your busy lifestyle for relaxation and meditation. In no particular order, we have listed the top 10 meditation classes in Edinburgh because there’s no time like the present to learn how to be present!

  • Morning Meditation Class
  • Mindfulness Course for Beginners
  • Energising Yoga Workshop
  • Gentle Chair Yoga Class
  • Yoga Nidra Workshop
  • Shamanic Circle Meditation Class
  • Breath, Body, Mind Breath-work Class
  • Yin Yoga Workshop
  • Bespoke Yoga and Meditation Workshop
  • Beginners Mindful Yoga Workshop
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Morning Meditation Class

Location: Leith, Edinburgh

Start your day in the best way! Spend your morning relaxing and centre yourself ready for the day ahead. If you want to fit a short meditation into your morning or a longer indulgent mindful relaxation, this meditation workshop has two weekly classes of half an hour or hour-long workshops. So whether you want to set a manageable amount of time aside or treat yourself to more meditation, there is a mindful workshop for you! In this workshop you will be guided through two meditations. Not only will you discover meditation techniques, you will also become enlightened to Buddhist beliefs and how to introduce meditation into your day to day life.

Kadampa Meditation Centre Edinburgh is determined to deliver a relaxing and peaceful environment in the heart of Edinburgh. They are passionate about helping students incorporate time to relax through mindfulness in their daily lifestyle and routine.

Mindfulness Course for Beginners

Location: Musselburgh, Edinburgh

Everyone can feel overwhelmed and stressed from time to time, we’re only human! With the hustle and bustle of modern everyday life, it is essential to find the right methods and approaches for managing daily stress and worries. Practising mindfulness through meditation is a fulfilling way to find peace in your day. Being still and present in your body while addressing your thoughts and feelings is a great way to get some perspective. This calming group course is designed to help complete beginners learn how to approach mindfulness as a meaningful way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Me Time Therapy runs classes with the goal of, you guessed it, helping students have mindful me time! Geraldine at Me Time Therapy believes in the healing powers of mindful meditation on our well-being, health and happiness. Workshops with her will leave you with an elevated spirit and hungry for more meditation.

Energising Yoga Workshop

Location: West End, Edinburgh

Mindfulness is an individual and personal experience that varies person to person. Many people find intense exercise such as running and swimming to be mindful. Whereas others may find sitting still and traditional meditation is the best way for them to practise mindfulness. While some people may exercise mindfulness with activities somewhere in between being active and sitting still- practising mindfulness really does mean something different to everyone! This workshop gives you an opportunity to explore mindfulness through energising yoga. This weekly one hour long energising yoga class will teach you how to use yoga as a form of mindfulness and meditation while also perfecting your poses and stances.

OMH Therapies receive inspiration from helping their students feel better! Teachers in their workshop thrive through teaching students ways to take care of themselves and self-soothe through various mindful yoga styles and Pilates.

Gentle Chair Yoga Class

Location: Recorded Online Class

Try a gentle approach to yoga. Yoga is often celebrated for its ability to be extremely versatile and adaptable, making it popular for people with different goals and abilities. This class is designed for those who want to discover the world of gentle mindful yoga. Whether you live with disabilities or are recovering from an injury, this class will give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace with manageable yet stimulating mindful yoga techniques. This beginner class has been structured for those who have limited mobility. This class is run weekly and will help you develop the poses, stretching, meditation and breath-work skills.

North Edinburgh Arts have a range of workshops championing mindfulness and meditation. Experience their welcoming workshops and gain expertise from their encouraging teachers! Whether you are wanting to practise mindfulness through yoga, meditation or by relaxing in the community garden they are sure to provide you with a space to find some peace.

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Yoga Nidra Workshop

Location: Live Online Class

Are your thoughts keeping you up at night? Learn how to get some decent shut eye! Stress can impact people in many different ways. Busy and overwhelming thoughts can stop us from unwinding and drifting off into a sound sleep. That’s why Luna Yoga Meditation has a class for the night owls of the world wanting to rest easy. Nidra yoga is known for its ability to help promote a healthy deep sleep cycle so you can recharge in peace! This workshop will teach you about the many benefits of Nidra yoga as well as how to practise this style of yoga and meditation to feel its many benefits.

Luna Yoga Meditation enjoys teaching students about the many different ways they can practise mindfulness as well as helping them find which methods and approach best suits them to relax. Their workshops promote the belief that yoga and meditation can lift your spirits, so if you want to elevate your mood and feel comfortable in your own skin, their workshops are definitely for you.

Shamanic Circle Meditation Class

Location: Gorgie, Edinburgh  

Feel connected, comfortable and confident in your body. Self love and a positive self image can grow through mindful spiritual Shamanic practises. Explore this spiritual meditation exercise to heal your stress and ailments, which will also make you feel appreciative and in tune with your body. This workshop has a focus on healing and building your understanding of yourself. If you're new to Shamanic practises, this class is structured with beginners in mind. Discover the fascinating way this form of meditation can help stimulate and channel your positive thoughts towards yourself.

Invisible Caims is determined to help everyone boost their self image and understanding of how mindful practises can help restore energy both mentally and physically. Attending their workshops will help you explore ultimate peace and relaxation.

Breath, Body, Mind Breath-work Class

Location: West End, Edinburgh

The mindful benefits of breathing is something most people take for granted! Taking a deep breath in and out is one of the easiest ways to feel a moment of instant relaxation and calm. Learn how to control your breathing and feel the positive effects of breath-work exercises in this one hour long workshop. Breathing techniques are recommended for many different stressful or painful situations. For example, breathing techniques to manage labour pains when giving birth or breathing exercises for managing panic attacks and anxiety. Discover the powerful impact of this simple thing which we all do all day, everyday!

Calm on Canning Street runs a wide range of workshops centred around improving students health and well-being. Their goal is to create a space where students can feel at home and learn in a comfortable environment. If you want to become more aware of the nuances of different mindful techniques then Calm on Canning Street is sure to have a workshop that will help you feel relaxed, calm and tranquil.

Yoga with Be Well
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Yin Yoga Workshop

Location: Ravelston, Edinburgh

Struggling to exercise self love? This two hour workshop encourages you to slow down and feel connected to your body. The slow poses in this style of yoga will draw your attention to the movements of your body and appreciate what it is capable of. Focus on your muscles and push yourself to hold each pose and take a deep breath. In this workshop, you will not only learn poses from this style of yoga, you will also learn about the background of Yin yoga being based on the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang.

Yoga With Esme runs workshops that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and rewarded. If you want to leave each workshop feeling centred and like you have just had a massage, their workshops will leave you feeling relaxed, mind body and soul and from head to toe!

Bespoke Yoga and Meditation Workshop

Location: Live Online Workshop

Get some one-to-one meditation time! Or maybe you have a group of friends you would like to learn yoga and relax with? Whatever yoga and meditation workshop you want, structure the right class for you with this bespoke workshop. Many people find it hard to connect with their body, thoughts and feelings in the presence of strangers, this workshop gives you the opportunity to comfortably explore mindfulness in the comfort of your own home. Often small workshops in a studio means you and your friends can't always get a space, this workshop means you are guaranteed to all build your yoga abilities together. This online bespoke yoga and meditation workshop can be whatever you want it to be!

Yoga Ganesh is passionate about helping students exercise mindfulness no matter the season. If you are feeling the winter blues and want to lift your mood and outlook, workshops with Yoga Ganesh will help you feel calm, uplifted and inspired.

Beginners Mindful Yoga Workshop

Location: Edinburgh New Town

Everyone has to start somewhere! Often people have the incorrect assumption that yoga is only for people who are naturally flexible and agile. This workshop will shatter that misconception and show you that yoga can be an enriching and rewarding experience for everyone. Explore how to safely push and challenge your body physically when learning new poses, postures and techniques. As well as basic and beginner yoga exercises, you will also learn how to practise mindfulness through yoga and the many benefits of yoga on our health, well-being and mood.

The Yoga Room has friendly teachers and workshops for students of any ability. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced in your yoga journey, you are sure to develop your understanding of yoga stances and poses as well as the many enriching benefits of this form of mindfulness.

Namah Yoga
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Most of us need a gentle reminder to take care of ourselves through mindful methods. It is incredibly rewarding to practise meditation and mindfulness regularly in your routine, not just on spa breaks and retreats. Meditation classes in Edinburgh will teach how to practise mindfulness as well as how to manageably add it into your lifestyle. Learn mindfulness techniques through yoga and meditation and become enlightened to the many benefits of this healthy habit with the best meditation classes in Edinburgh.

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