Discover how to make your own art and pick up a pencil, paintbrush or slab of clay to make paintings, prints or pottery. Develop your skills making graphic illustrations, stained glass or resin artwork. Talented teachers in Edinburgh art classes are eagerly waiting in their studio for art hungry students! That's why we have put together a list of the best 10 art classes, so you can discover which artistic expression is for you and learn from an accomplished artist!

  • Printmaking: Waterless Lithography Course
  • Team Building Workshops and Pottery Parties
  • Art For Well-Being Acrylic Painting Course
  • Expressive Watercolour Landscape Course
  • Beginners Stone Carving Class
  • Icon Painting Course
  • Drawing and Painting Course
  • Artistic Graffiti Class
  • After School Art Workshop
  • Introduction to Printmaking Course

Printmaking: Waterless Lithography Course

Location: Leith, Edinburgh

Always wanted to make your own vibrant and original prints? Develop your confidence to DIY your own textured and unique artwork in this lithography course. Start with an introduction to this artistic form as well as the materials and supplies you will be using.

Over the course of two days you will have gained a deeper understanding of printmaking as well as the ability to make your own artistic plate and prints. In the first workshop you will learn how to prepare a plate, make a print as well as explore different drawing patterns. In the second workshop you will go on to make more prints and layer your plate.

Whether you want to make prints to display with pride or discover a hobby to keep developing, this workshop will give you all the tools and printmaking expertise you could need.

Leith School of Art is determined to exceed students' expectations of learning artistic skills. Their workshops are perfect for beginners or those who want to develop their artistic nature and vision. With their friendly workshops welcoming people from all walks of life you are sure to get creative in their inspiring classes.

Team Building Workshops and Pottery Parties

Location: Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

Getting messy and creative is the best way to let off some steam and get to know your team! Get your hands dirty in this creative ceramics workshop and learn not only about the pottery making process but also about your colleagues and workmates.

Learning a skill with others is an enriching way to bond within an informal and friendly environment. Discover your colleagues character and personalities which will inevitably result in stronger communication within your team.

In this three hour workshop you will learn beginner hand building methods as well as wheel throwing skills to make your own pottery with your own two hands.

Edinburgh Design School runs a mixture of private pottery workshops as well as interactive and social pottery parties and classes. Whether you are wanting to learn one-to-one with a professional pottery teacher or in a lively group, Edinburgh Design School have workshops with any teaching atmosphere.

Art For Well-Being Acrylic Painting Course

Location: Lorne, Edinburgh

Mindfulness and meditation can be exercised in different ways for different people. Self-soothing and taking time out to relax is important for anyone with a busy lifestyle and stressful schedule.

Learning and creating is an incredibly rewarding way to practise mindfulness. Seeing your skills grow through producing your own unique artwork is bound to make you feel accomplished and calm.

In this workshop, you will learn acrylic painting techniques and watch your skills develop as your painting progresses. This class welcomes anyone and everyone, whether you’re a beginner in the world of art or you have some skills with a paintbrush but want some time in your schedule to relax.

The City Workshop Edinburgh has a range of workshops designed to help students find some peace in their day and make time for art. With all of the supplies and materials included, all you need to bring along to their workshops is your creativity and artistic nature to discover art as a form of mindful therapy.

Expressive Watercolour Landscape Course

Location: Edinburgh New Town

Get inspired by impressive and striking landscapes. Nature, wildlife and the environment have been the muse for many artists throughout history, from Van Gogh to Bob Ross! Taking time to stand still in the great outdoors will inevitably boost your mood and well-being as well as your thirst for creativity and innovation.

Learn how to produce landscape paintings that do mother nature justice! From the details of plants and leaves to the vast sky and sea.

Develop your knowledge of how to use watercolours for expert brush strokes in this two and a half hour beginner workshop. Whether you are new to watercolours and painting or want to refine your rusty skills, this workshop is perfect for students of all abilities.

David Foster at The Edinburgh Drawing School is passionate about helping students learn a skill they can keep developing and building. With his expert guidance and direction, workshops with David will help you find your fondness for art.

Beginners Stone Carving Class

Location: Newhaven, Edinburgh

Make your skills set in stone! Design, carve and create your own artwork in this beginner stone carving workshop. Class sizes are limited to allow each student to get the time they deserve from their expert teacher to help them improve their individual skills.

This two and a half hour class is part of an eight week stone carving course to help beginners become carving masters!

Work with limestone and carving tools and materials in an inspiring courtyard workshop to create your own personalised piece of artwork.

Alejandro Lopez at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop runs classes that are perfect for beginners who are new to carving and creating sculptures. Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop provides a friendly and encouraging space for anyone wanting to learn this hands-on and engaging skill.

Icon Painting Course

Location: Meadowbank, Edinburgh

Understand the captivating tradition of icon painting with this intensive course! Learn how to create your own masterpiece in this nine week course using the impressive egg tempera technique.

This course will grow your confidence and ability in a range of skills. Explore beautiful icon paintings to feed your imagination.

You will also learn gilding, highlighting and drawing with paint techniques as well as how to transfer your drawing onto a panel. Once you have created your painting you will have an impressive piece of artwork to hang with honour.

Edinburgh School of Icon Painting has a broad range of workshops for students of any ability. With workshops in a professional studio or online to learn from the comfort of your own home, you can learn wherever and whenever you’re feeling creative and motivated.

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Drawing and Painting Course

Location: West End, Edinburgh

Feeling spoilt for choice? Don’t get bogged down in choosing which artistic journey is for you! This workshop gives you the best of both drawing and painting if you’re new to the creative scene. Develop fundamental painting and drawing skills and build your confidence in this exciting artistic avenue.

Explore stimulating themes such as still life, landscape, life drawing, buildings, portraits and so much more.  

Get your proportions right! This course will teach you how to master composition, tone, colour, perspective and proportions.

Claudia Petretti hosts an array of artistic workshops. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to explore different artistic media or you have some experience creating your own artwork, classes with Claudia will help students with any amount of knowledge learn something new.

Artistic Graffiti Class

Location: Edinburgh Old Town

Explore a modern and current form of artistic expression through graffiti. What draws so many people towards graffiti is the scale of the artwork. Most graffiti pieces are the size of a large wall or mural. Learn how to stand out and enhance your artistic skills with this one hour workshop. Understand the art subculture of graffiti, how to use spray paint, stencils and a range of compelling painting techniques. Create your own graffiti tag or character and build your understanding of lettering in this interactive workshop.

Spectrum Arts celebrate graffiti and creativity. They are determined to enlighten keen students to the dynamic and colourful world of graffiti as well as teaching them how to make their own stamp on the graffiti scene safely.

After School Art Workshop

Location: Leith, Edinburgh

Children exercising their creativity and imagination is incredibly beneficial for their self image and confidence in their own ideas. Art can be both an exciting activity for children to get messy and make something they have designed as well as a calming and relaxing hobby for them to unwind after school. With weekly after school art workshops, children can explore a range of art forms and find a new hobby or passion.

In this workshop children can challenge their artistic skills through exploring drawing, painting, sculpting, printing, model making and mask making.

Not only will they learn crafty new artistic skills they will also discover new materials and textures such as plaster, clay, charcoal, paints, pencils, pastels and inks.

artroom32 is determined to teach children about the fascinating and thrilling world of art. With their range of child focused workshops, each child is sure to discover a fresh favourite activity.

Introduction to Printmaking Course

Location: Meadowbank, Edinburgh

This four week course will take you through everything there is to know about printmaking for beginners. Each workshop will take two and a quarter hours and concentrate on a specific and technical printing style for you to master. This course adopts an experimental and fun approach to printing which makes every workshop in this course stimulating and engaging. Mono-printing, collograph and lino are just a few of the printing techniques you will gain. Explore etching as an exercise to refine your drawing skills and inspire your creativity in the printmaking process. You will also receive direction and guidance on colour, composition and contrast in your personal prints.

Look and Draw Workshops run a range of invigorating artistic workshops from daring life drawing to printmaking. Teachers at Look and Draw Workshops understand that being creative can be thirsty work! That’s why some of their workshops have drinks to enjoy. If you want a tipple while you turn up your creativity, Look and Draw Workshops are sure to have a  workshop that works up your appetite for artistry and innovation.

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Whether you want to see your work in famous art galleries or just want a fun and relaxing hobby to practise mindfulness, art classes in Edinburgh can help you meet your artistic goals. Try your hand at painting, printmaking and graffiti or challenge yourself with the intricacies of a human figure in a life drawing workshop. Whatever creative and artistic skill you choose, whether it’s oil painting or stained glass making, master your techniques with the best art classes in Edinburgh.

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