From classic sunset photos to abstract art shoots, learn how to take colourful nature photos or vintage black and white images with photography workshops in Edinburgh. Capture personal meaningful moments such as pregnancy, maternity, newborn and wedding photos. We have rounded up the top 10 best photography workshops in Edinburgh so you can stop searching for the right class and learn how to get snapping shots in a local Edinburgh studio.

  • Switch to Manual Class
  • Explore Your Camera Workshop
  • Old Town Edinburgh Photography Tour
  • One-to-One Photography Class
  • Beginner Photography Workshop
  • Digital Photography Beginner Class
  • Product Photography Course
  • Private One-to-One Photography Workshop
  • Beginner Camera Course
  • Bespoke Edinburgh Photography Workshop
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Switch to Manual Class

Location: Edinburgh City Centre

Don’t trap your creativity! Many beginners feel comfortable using Auto and find the idea of turning Auto off very daunting, overwhelming and scary. However, this class will teach you how to take professional looking photos and build your confidence to leave Auto firmly off. In this three to four hour workshop, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of composition and exposure. Along with your unique artistic vision, you need to bring along an empty memory card, your digital camera as well as a full battery.

Edinburgh Photography Workshop runs a broad range of workshops that celebrate the beautiful city of Edinburgh as well as the art of photography. They are passionate about helping students of any level discover their photography potential.

Explore Your Camera Workshop

Location: Edinburgh City Centre

Feeling like you have all the kit but no idea how to use it? Every artist should understand their tools! This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about your camera and how to use it to take exceptionally picturesque photography. In this workshop you will learn how to use blurring, how to take close ups and how to shoot landscape photography and so much more. With a combination of hands-on teaching at striking Edinburgh locations around the city as well as learning in the studio, this workshop aims to use a variety of teaching methods and approaches.

Going Digital has interactive photography workshops around the country. Their courses range from introductory skills to training on specific photography techniques for experienced photography enthusiasts.

Old Town Edinburgh Photography Tour

Location: Edinburgh Old Town

Want to explore the beauty that Edinburgh has to offer? This tour will teach you about the rich history behind some of this city’s famous landmarks as well as how to take pictures of them that do the sights justice! In this four to five hour workshop, you will tour Edinburgh Old Town and learn how to master composition in your photographs as well as how to use manual flawlessly. Alongside historic famous landmarks, you will also discover and snap shots of precious hidden gems in the city.

James Christie at The Scottish Photography Experience has more than forty years of experience in photography and has had shoots with famous figures such as David Bowie! James’ workshops give you the opportunity to learn valuable tricks of the trade from an accomplished professional.

One-to-One Photography Class

Location: Edinburgh City Centre

Want to set the focus on yourself? One-to-one workshops are an extremely beneficial way to develop your skills quickly. Not only do you get specific feedback and direction from your professional teacher, you also get to set the agenda of the class and prioritise the photography techniques you want to learn. Whether you’re a beginner who wants detailed insights into basic photography approaches or an experienced photographer who is feeling rusty and wants to grow their expertise, one-to-one workshops can be tailored to your goals.

Philip Hawkins Photography enjoys helping students discover the stunning city of Edinburgh as well as the rewarding feeling of capturing beautiful pictures of the city. Workshops at Philip Hawkins Photography will motivate you to master your camera like a professional.

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Beginner Photography Workshop

Location: Abbeyhill, Edinburgh

New to the world of photography? Not to worry, this class will introduce you to different photography concepts, techniques and approaches. Understand composition, Aperture, ISO, shutter speed, white balance and so much more! Does all of this photography lingo sound daunting? By the end of this workshop you will not only understand these terms but you will also have mastered them to take creative and fascinating photographs. In this workshop you will be able to put what you’ve learned to good use with stimulating practise shots.

Edinburgh Camera Training is determined to help all students take better photographs. With their range of workshops from helping you get to grips with your camera to lightroom courses, you are sure to leave their classes feeling like a confident professional photographer.

Digital Photography Beginner Class

Location: Seafield, West Lothian

Can’t work out what’s going wrong with your photographs? This beginner class will teach you why your pictures aren't turning out how you would like them too as well as how to improve them. Within this two and a half hour workshop you will learn everything there is to know for a beginner in photography, from exposure and sharpness to composition and white balance and more. If your pictures are grey and dull, learn how to bring out the colours in your photographs and balance the colours in your shots.

Pavilion Photographic Studio runs their workshops in their professional studio just outside of the city in Seafield. Their welcoming workshops will help you develop an understanding of the fundamentals of photography as well as how to put them into practise- making their classes worth travelling the extra mile for!

Product Photography Course

Location: Edinburgh Old Town

Explore product photography methods, approaches and techniques. In this course, you will learn about the history and evolution of still life photography as well as how to fulfil this style of photography. Discover the power of product photography and build your understanding of how this genre of photography is used in practise, from fine art to commerce. This course is made up of one informative workshop. At the end of this captivating day-long workshop you will have a greater understanding of the lighting and camera skills needed for product photography as well as the historic uses of this style.

Stills host a number of fascinating workshops in the centre of Edinburgh. Their studio has a wealth of experience enabling students to grow their understanding of what it takes to snap stylish shots.

Photographic studio
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Private One-to-One Photography Workshop

Location: Edinburgh and the surrounding areas

Private workshops allow you decide what you want to learn. Lens and Beyond have one-to-one workshops where you can master a variety of photography skills. Learn street and fashion photography, portrait, flash or lighting techniques as well as other types of photography. Whether you want to show your camera who’s boss and master its settings or learn advanced detailed macro photography, structure this workshop around your goals and photography ambitions.

Lens and Beyond run group workshops in Glasgow as well as one-to-one private classes in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. They are so determined to help anyone and everyone who wants to develop their photography skills, that they will teach one-to-one workshops at a time and place that stimulates, motivates, inspires and suits you.

Beginner Camera Course

Location: Portobello, Edinburgh

Build your camera skills in the great outdoors! Many students find the best way to learn is by having a go themselves. This workshop allows you to get guidance and direction from your professional teacher while you are trying your hand at different techniques yourself. Practise and expand your skills while exploring classic Edinburgh landmarks, from Edinburgh Castle to Arthur’s Seat. Leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of how to use your camera as well as a greater appreciation for the sights of the beautiful city.

Portobello Photography School is determined to help students exercise their creativity through photography. Their workshops are interactive and encouraging giving you hands-on experience in stunning famous Edinburgh locations.

Bespoke Edinburgh Photography Workshop

Location: Edinburgh City Centre

Want a workshop that is designed for you and your needs only? Attending a bespoke class means you decide what you learn in the workshop. If you have experience in photography and want detailed advice on how to build your strengths or if you’re a beginner wanting to learn at your own pace, this adaptable workshop can be made to fit your goals. Choose which Edinburgh locations you would like to visit and photograph in this three hour workshop, bring along your unique creativity as well as your camera.

Cat Burton Photography has a selection of exciting workshops to help you build your photography experience. Whether you want to learn in the streets of Edinburgh or with online classes in the comfort of your own home, Cat Burton Photography is sure to have a workshop that brings out your innovative nature and creativity.

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It takes so much more than a good camera to take impressive photos! Photography workshops in Edinburgh will teach you how to create the best lighting and environment for your shots. Whether you want to master the many settings of your camera, capture your models best angles or build your ability to take professional photographs such as head shots, portraits and fashion photography, learn this artistic yet practical and rewarding skill from an expert. From sophisticated and structured professional shots to relaxed candid pictures, learn how to make the most of your camera with photography classes in Edinburgh.

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