There are many pottery classes available to book in the UK, and especially in London. If you're travelling in from north of London, or have an 'N' postcode, then you'll be looking to book from the number of pottery classes in North London.

To narrow this down, we've put together a list of the best pottery classes in North London.

The Top 8 Best Pottery Classes in North London are:

  1. 5 Week Throwing Course
  2. Raku Pottery Workshop
  3. Weeknight Ceramics Course
  4. Beginner Pottery Class
  5. Pottery Class Workshop
  6. Wheel Workshop
  7. Pottery Taster Session
  8. Large Scale Ceramics for The Garden

1. 5 Week Throwing Course

The course is suitable for all levels and will comprise of five, consecutive, two hour sessions and will take place on Sundays. We never have more than one class running at a time, so participants have exclusive use of the entire studio. Each person will have their own dedicated wheel for the entire length of the course. At the end of the course, you will have up to five items to take home.

Arguably the best of the best pottery classes in North London, Sak Beh Studio Pottery was founded by Tessa Robinson, who lives and works in London. Her idea was to create a comfortable, homey place to work and be creative.

Situated in a very busy and central location, just off Stoke Newington High Street, the studio is a drop of calm in a very fast moving world. There is a choice of intensive wheel throwing classes, hand-building, or longer courses, starting from £40 - with the price of glazing and firing your pieces all included!

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2. Raku Pottery Workshop

Raku generally refers to a type of low-firing process that was inspired by traditional Japanese raku firing. Western-style raku usually involves removing pottery from the kiln while at bright red heat and placing it into containers with combustible materials

Nam Tran is an award-winning practitioner who gives lectures and demos at universities and exhibits internationally. A ceramic lecturer and head of the departments in design and multi media with Kensington and Chelsea college.

Nam specialising in wheel thrown raku, bringing years of experience and craftsmanship to every object made. Nam is a fantastic teacher with countless 5 star reviews. Showing it is one of the best pottery classes in north London. Taster classes start from £35 and it's only £3 per piece to get them glazed and fired.

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3. Weeknight Ceramics Course

This four week course (two hours per session) for people who want to learn the possibilities of clay. Each two hour evening class will be spent learning varieties of hand building techniques as well as surface decorations and ways to interpret ideas into three dimensional forms.

Martha from Studio1 ceramics has 13 years of ceramics experience, including a masters degree in it. She is also currently researching for a PhD based on figurative sculpture in contemporary art. The taster workshops are only £35 including your glazing and firing and the classes are always small and intimate. These are our best value for money class on the Obby, with the reviews still reaching 5 stars regularly! Conveying it's one of the best pottery classes in north London.

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4. Beginner Pottery Class

This is one of the best taster session pottery classes in north London and shows a snippet of what goes on in the working studio. Here, they teach the beginning stages of throwing on the wheel. Starting by kneading the clay and preparing it into balls, big and small, so you can work your way through different scales, it's always good to start at a size you fine easiest. For some people this is small and for others larger amounts of clay works, suits their natural strength.

Freya’s pottery club is a friendly family run studio, run by the father-daughter team, Chris and Freya Bramble. Chris has been practicing pottery for years and it has always been a part of his daughter Freya’s life.

Classes start at £55 with an extra £35 if you would like 3 of your finished pots to be fired, glazed and then sent to you.

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5. Pottery Class Workshop

This is a relaxed crash course pottery session where you will gain practical skills and introduction to pottery! No experience is necessary. Perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to try something new and fun!

You are welcome to play and experiment as much as you like in this three-hour session and indulge in some clay fun! You will create something unique and handmade that is truly personal and something to add to your memories. During the workshops you will be introduced to a variety of hand-building techniques - pinching, coiling, slabbing - and wheel throwing skills. You will learn different hand-building techniques and throwing skills on the pottery wheel.

The Slightly Curious Studio is a creative studio based in London founded by Sampada Gurung. The studio is based in North London , Alperton. This is one of the best and enjoyable pottery classes in north London.

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6. Wheel Workshop

This workshop only takes three people, so you get close tuition from a very experienced teacher. Perfect for complete beginners to pick it up and have a go or for anyone wanting a little more practice or help with a new technique.

Your tutor will start with a demonstration and take you step by step through the stages of throwing before guiding you through the process on a wheel of your own. At the end of the workshop, you can choose one of the studio glazes for your favourite dish.

Odile studied chemistry, but fell in love with pottery after trying some evening classes in Farnham. After learning to throw and run a studio by working with other artists, she decided to set up her own space in West London which she runs with her partner Kieran.

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7. Pottery Taster Session

During this 2 hour workshop session you will be introduced to throwing on the potters wheel , you will also have the option to explore various hand building techniques such as coiling, pinching and slab building.

Whether you are on the start of your journey or returning after a long break this session will give you the skills needed to prepare you for one of our workshop sessions, which will then improve your studio knowledge and skills. There is a charge of £15 to have 1 - 3 pieces glazed and fired .

Ronaldo Wiltshire is a London based ceramic artist and Lecturer at Morley North Kensington College formerly (Kensington & Chelsea College .He is born to two Barbadian potters and specialises in created functional and decorative ceramic art, often finished in his own developed glaze formulas. He was a contestant on channel 4's 2020 Great Pottery Throw down and loves throwing on the potter's wheel as well as using hand-building techniques to create sculptural pieces. He is one of the best potters in north London.

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8. Large Scale Ceramics for The Garden

In this class you will be able to make giant pieces that can be used as a feature for the garden. Bird baths, fountains, stools giant planters and lanterns are some of the things you can do. There will be a range of sculptural clay that you can use to build your pieces. Your teacher Ricky Grimes has a lot of experience building giant pieces for schools and public spaces and will be able to advise on how best to approach your projects. Clay is sold by the bag and includes firing and glazing.

"Relaxed good-humored atmosphere with knowledgeable guidance and encouragement" - Rachel Taylor, Ricky Grimes Student

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Whether you're looking to learn pottery as a complete beginner, or want to learn a new skill to stir you to a new career path, our list of the best pottery classes in North London will certainly help you to get a little closer to your goal.

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