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Make a woolly Planter and learn 3D wet felting:

1-1 calendar days
Make a cozy wool felted planter for your house plants. The comprehensive video teaches you how to make a 3D seam free vessel without a single stitch!
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About this product

Everybody looks great in a woolly jumper and this little felted woollen planter won't scratch your surfaces!

This kit provides you with sufficient merino wool tops to create a small felt vessel - think tea cup sized. It also includes some of the materials and some of the equipment you need.

Any other equipment you will be able to find around your home and a sheet of hacks will be included in your kit.

You'll learn how to layer and mix fibres. What a resist is and the best materials to make one from. How to control shrinkage, how…

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What is Included
  • merino wool tops in two colours of your choice
  • small selection of embellishing fibres
  • a chunk of olive oil soap
What you will need
  • Embroidery/textile or nail scissors
  • EITHER a plant mister/repurposed spray bottle
  • OR plastic bag/bowl hot soapy water
Can I choose the colours of fibres I use
Yes, absolutely! I can provide you with a link to the page on my website where you see the range of colours available. You can then choose up to 2 main colours for the inside/outside of your vessel and 4 colours to use to embellish/decorate your pot.
Do I need any prior experience?
Frequently I find those buying this kit do already know how to make flat felt. BUT, my video tutorial is very detailed and therefore you should be able to make a vessel you are happy with. It does take a bit of time to fully shrink/shape the fibres.
I have limited use of my hands will I be able to do this workshop?
I have taught people of all ages and abilities how to make felt for many years. If you have arthritis, a neurological condition or similar you are likely to find it harder to lay out and felt your fibres. HOWEVER, with extra time there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to make a vessel. It may be you choose your finishing point a sooner.
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