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Learn all about the art and skill that goes into making shoes. Express your creative side and begin learning all about the art of shoe making because there’s a whole world of sophisticated shoes waiting to be discovered.

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12. Bespoke Shoe Pattern Making Course over 5 days
A well-fitting pattern is an essential part of footwear design, helping to create well-fitting uppers and distinctive bespoke shoes. On this hands-on, practical course you will learn the aspects of footwear pattern cutting that make a shoe upper design unique and the various skills required to make paper patterns by hand. A well-fitting pattern is an essential part of footwear design and the skills and techniques that you learn will help you to design and create your own well-fitting shoe patterns in the future. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course runs on days by arrangement. Working on either your own or the school's lasts, over five days you will make a full set of patterns (including linings) for a simple loafer, a classic Oxford shoe and a Derby shoe. These footwear patterns and the comprehensive notes supplied in class will provide a strong foundation from which to create your own shoe designs and shoe patterns in the future. The footwear pattern making class is taught by Fiona Campbell, MA who teaches the skills and techniques involved in pattern making through demonstration, trial and guidance including: Familiarisation with the shoe last Taping and designing onto the shoe last Making a footwear pattern paper mean forme Learning about edge treatments and seam allowances on a footwear pattern Making a standard footwear pattern from the last Creating the footwear pattern pieces for a specific shoe design from the standard We understand that students will work at different paces and for those who have time at the end of the course, there will the opportunity to customise their patterns under her guidance.

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