Top 10 Best Perfume classes, courses, learnings kits and gifts in the UK

You can be an expert or a complete novice to enjoy a perfume sampling session. If you are there to find a fresh scent for your and your partner you won't be disappointed. Alternatively if you are just there to enjoy the fragrance on display and have fun you will get just as much out of the session.

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1. Fine Wine and Perfume – Scents and Sensibility!
Want to know what sorts of perfumes you'd like based on your favourite wine? Intrigued in learning more about how particular molecules make things taste and smell the way they do? Or what wine and roses have in common? At our “scents and sensibility” fine wine and perfume tasting, we will indulge in two of life’s great pleasures simultaneously. Please note that we recommend that you drink the wines and not the perfumes, even if they smell nice... THE FORMAT IS... – We will taste four fine wines with specially chosen perfumes that heighten your experience – Lizzie will share an isolated compound that contributes its aroma to a wine and will explain how that material can be harnessed in fragrances – The event lasts approximately two hours – We can accommodate eight seated guests or up to 40 for a standing reception WHAT'S INCLUDED ​Our visitors get a great fine wine experience: – An expert host and speaker – Access to a private Mayfair venue – Plenty of fine wine, served in beautiful Zalto glassware – Delicious cheeses from our friends at Cows and Co – Above all, we have a lot of fun by enjoying fine wines, perfumes, Lizzie’s insights, the venue, and each other’s company WHO'S LIZZIE OSTROM? Lizzie is one of the country's leading experts on all matters scent. The author of "Perfume: A Century of Scents", she often appears on broadcast media to share the history and psychology of fragrance. Recently she was one of the experts interviewed by Bridget Kendall for the Radio 4 program "The Forum: The Story of Perfume". She has hosted all manner of creative events and explorations, from recreations of ancient scent rituals in masonic temples to a staging of a Victorian Egyptian mummy "unrolling" party complete with aromas and embalming materials, as well as “The Scent of Space” with the Royal Observatory Greenwich in the historic Faraday Lecture Theatre at the Royal Institution. In 2017 Lizzie co-curated the hit summer exhibition at Somerset House "Perfume: A Sensory Journey Through Contemporary Scent".
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11. Superfood Serum Workshop
Come along to this expert-led beauty workshop, where students learn to make their very own luxurious and non-toxic products. Become a DIY beauty aficionado in a sociable and proactive class, giving you the chance to add an impressive new skill to your repertoire, whilst enjoying some chitchat and a glass or two of prosecco. In this class This class will provide professional guidance on how to make natural beauty products to students of all experiences. Learn how to make 3 bespoke beauty serums, tailored to your skin and hair's needs Receive an amazing goodie bag packed with an array of natural gifts from some of the best health and wellness brands This will involve practical demonstrations followed by a Q&A session so that all students are able to interact with the workshop organisers to gain a full understanding of how to make the products. This detailed and fascinating hands-on class guarantees a fun couple of hours during which time prosecco and snacks are provided to accompany you learn how to create your own unique products. Now you can Have a detailed understanding of how beauty products are made Attempt to create such products in your own time Add a new and exciting skill and hobby to your life Keep / Eat The workshop will provide an amazing goodie bag filled with a range of natural gifts from some of the best and most admired health and wellness brands. Healthy and delicious refreshments will also be provided during the course.
13. Launch Your Own Fragrance
Join this highly informative class and learn the best methods of launching your own fragrance. The full course takes place over two days and is split into 4 sessions for you to pick and choose from. To take the full course please click here. In this class Thursday morning: Being legal. There is a big difference between creating perfumes for friends, and selling on the market, and it is important to recognise the legalities early on. The following will be covered in this section: Labelling Good manufacturing practice The EU portal Batch records Stability testing Your Product Information File How to get a Cosmetics Safety Report What can you do yourself and what you need a qualified chemist to do for you. Thursday afternoon: Your formulas. Whether you're making your own or working with a perfumer, you need to know that your own formula is safe according to the EU regulations. This section will guide you through what has been banned and which formulas the law permits. Friday morning: Making a living This section is designed to give you the best opportunity for success: How much do you need to sell to make a living? Are you going to be able to produce them? How much do you need to invest to get going? Can you make a profit selling to shops? Friday afternoon: How to reach customers. This section is focused on how to market to customers. In this class you will come to terms with the realities of retail and learn vital lessons in how to get your product noticed! Now you can Understand the necessary rules and regulations needed to launch your own fragrance Market your product successfully Have a thriving business

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