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Molecular Cocktail Masterclass

Shoreditch E2
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2 hour class
Get those lab coats, glasses and Bunsen burners ready folks, this molecular cocktail class in London will certainly raise a few hairs!
Molecular Cocktail Masterclass
by TT Liquor
Molecular Cocktail Masterclass by TT Liquor - drinks-and-tastings in London

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What you will do

2 hour class


Get those lab coats, glasses and Bunsen burners ready folks, Obby is bringing you this scientific mixology course that'll certainly raise a few hairs! Well, maybe not Bunsen burners, but this Molecular Mixology class will heavily focus on scientific techniques that change the chemical structure of ingredients to make innovative and unique cocktails, yum!

Listen here cocktail fanatics, this ain't any ordinary science lesson, you'll be taught how to make four of your own delicious, lab-produced cocktails within Mixology event's completely interactive molecular masterclass format. Each of you will have your own work area on a custom cocktail bar station, each of which holds four people.

The class will begin with an introduction and a complementary cocktail, then you get down to the science! Some of the staggering components and equipment you'll be getting to grips with include:

  • an iSi cream whipper with N20 canisters
  • an Earl Grey mist creation
  • dry ice to produce an ice cream for a mixed drink
  • a calcium bath for direct spherification.

This class boasts exciting visuals, tastes and science to give you an incredibly unique masterclass experience - it's a no-brainer!

There's also a cocktail competition at the end of the masterclass to see who has the best mixing skills.

After this class you will be able to:

  • boast to your mates about your new scientific mixology passions
  • try some of your revolutionary mixes at home, although you may have to give some of the equipment a miss, unless you want to risk dry ice in the kitchen!
  • understand what spherification means (finally!)

You can also book this class for a group or a celebration (it's so much fun!)... all you have to do is click here and tell us what you want! We will arrange it all, you just turn up and enjoy!

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Did you know?

With a dash of Grand Marnier, a soupçon of Chartreuse, a hefty dose of cognac and a dash of Angostura Bitters, the Winston cocktail at Melbourne's Club 23 sounds like a delicious treat for liqueur fans. But there's just one small problem, this cocktail costs a staggering £8,167, making it the worlds most expensive cocktail!
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Class location

17b Kingsland Road
E2 8AA

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Molecular Cocktail Masterclass by TT Liquor - drinks-and-tastings in London

About your host, TT Liquor

TT Liquor (previously known as Mixology Events Ltd) started in early 2008 with a plain and simple vision of bringing cocktails into everyone’s hands. Enjoy cocktails at a public demonstration or in the comfort of your own home, as TT Liquor continue to provide experiences both educationally enriching and devilishly tasty, in equal measure.

TT Liquor Masterclasses have been delivered all around London, from the famous Kensington Roof gardens, to private boat cruises along the Thames. TT has also increased the number of its own lounges across the country. These lounges boast enough cocktail bars to allow even the largest groups to be entertained, remarkably receiving the same hands on experience as their more intimate classes.

In all classes, the whole group make cocktails at the same time, so that means less demos and more 'hands on' cocktail making!

TT Liquor staff win mixology competitions and are selected as brand ambassadors for industry’s leading brands.

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Molecular Cocktail Masterclass
by TT Liquor
Molecular Cocktail Masterclass by TT Liquor - drinks-and-tastings in London
2 hour class