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One Day Course in Mosaic: Direct Method

4.9(83 reviews)
Learn how to precisely cut and lay mosaic tiles using your own design or one of our templates with the Direct Method
Gospel Oak/Hampstead
£110 pp
Next available date:28th September 2024
What happens in this class?

Make a stunning mosaic out of a mosaic template, photograph or your original design. You will learn how to cut mosaic tile to precise shapes as well as how to design the mosaic with a consistent andamento. This is the flow of tiles and gaps in a mosaic which creates a distinct and systematic pattern.

Mosaic is a slow paced art form and you don't need to be good at drawing as we teach different techniques to copy and transfer a design onto paper or wood base.

Our short courses take place in a large mosaic-specialist studio and…

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Things to remember

All materials are provided. Think about a design idea for a mosaic sized 14x14cm. This can be a pattern, simple shapes or a figure. We also have design templates available on the day, so there will be plenty of inspiration!

Can I take my piece home with me at the end of the course?
Yes. The glue we use dries relatively quickly, so we can apply grout to the mosaic without any tiles moving. We will wrap the mosaic in newspaper so the grout can dry over night.
Latest Reviews
4.9(83 reviews)
Daniel Posada - 26 May 2024
I went for a one day mosaic workshop and it was great! The instructor was very patient and encouraging, and all the people I met there were very nice to talk to. I would go again in a heartbeat :)
Tania - 26 May 2024
Very enjoyable class in a relaxed atmosphere. Rada provided a good overview of tools, techniques, and general guidelines, but she also ensured participants could work at their own pace and in line with their own preferences (which I really appreciated). I was pleasantly engrossed throughout the day. Highly recommended experience.
undefined - 19 May 2024
A wonderful experience in a beautiful space. Our teacher Rada taught us a lot about the background and the process. I learned so much and will now be able to look at mosaics with much greater appreciation. We were all able to complete our mosaics on the day. Rada is so patient and has a great eye. She gave really helpful advice and inspiration. I highly recommend this course.
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Your Teacher

London School of Mosaic is a small independent art school specialising in mosaic art. The school has over 14 years of experience in teaching mosaic art and offers a vast range of unique short courses to suit all levels (i.e. from beginners to advanced). The school also delivers a degree and diploma in Mosaic Studies for those wishing to take their skills to a professional level.

The tutors are second to none and have received training from world-class institutions including the world-renowned Spilimbergo mosaic school.

Class Location
London School of Mosaic
Gospel Oak/Hampstead
181 Mansfield Road
Ludham Basement


Daniel Posada - 26 May 2024
I went for a one day mosaic workshop and it was great! The instructor was very patient and encouraging, and all the people I met there were very nice to talk to. I would go again in a heartbeat :)
Tania - 26 May 2024
Very enjoyable class in a relaxed atmosphere. Rada provided a good overview of tools, techniques, and general guidelines, but she also ensured participants could work at their own pace and in line with their own preferences (which I really appreciated). I was pleasantly engrossed throughout the day. Highly recommended experience.
undefined - 19 May 2024
A wonderful experience in a beautiful space. Our teacher Rada taught us a lot about the background and the process. I learned so much and will now be able to look at mosaics with much greater appreciation. We were all able to complete our mosaics on the day. Rada is so patient and has a great eye. She gave really helpful advice and inspiration. I highly recommend this course.
undefined - 16 May 2024
The tutor was informative and very attentive offering assistance where needed, equally. The class was refreshing and enjoyable also, I came to understand why "keystones" are so named. The clue is REALLY in the name. It was a brilliant way to spend my Sunday. Thank you, Rada.
Denitsa Mladenova - 14 May 2024
Wonderful class - I really enjoyed the challenge of mosaics and appreciated the support of the instructor who made sure we do our best work
undefined - 13 May 2024
Great workshop. So many tiles at our fingertips. A lot was packed into the 7 hours. Our teacher was engaging and very helpful.
undefined - 12 May 2024
I loved the workshop. I had been meaning to do it for ages, and it was terrific fun. Steep learning curve, and I know when I come next I’ll be able to improve my technique. Thanks for a great day!
JJ Vujnovic - 16 April 2024
It was a lovely introduction to mosaic, getting to use the tools and develop our own personal designs over the course of the day. From cutting, to creating flow, sticking, and grouting, it was wonderful to be guided through the process end-to-end. It was also lovely to see the projects happening around the studio and the various techniques being employed across the school. Would highly recommend the course as an initial taster.
undefined - 12 April 2024
I very much enjoyed the one day course in Mosaic. Rada was an excellent teacher, demonstrated well and was highly attentive to each individual in the group of around 7 people. I was delighted with my finished mosaic tile! So much that I have decided to gift as a present! I would highly recommend this as an introduction to mosaic for beginners. The studio was very well equipped with everything needed, even aprons.
undefined - 9 April 2024
Amazing, leant so much with a very patient teacher who explained everything so well, encouraged us and managed time to make sure we finished. I really want to continue and highly recommend the course.
Audrey Ang - 17 March 2024
Great space and materials to work with. Rada our tutor was helpful and open for us all to enjoy creating. I absolutely recommend the class.
LOUISE GORDON - 17 March 2024
Was a great activity, teacher -Rada, was fantastic. Although it is a 7 hour class it was still a rush to complete the tiles in that time. It is a nice way to spend a day, but having some ideas about what you want to make before you go is advisable.
Zoë Eleni Georgallis - 12 February 2024
Had a fantastic time and learnt so much on the day course
Sofia Bune Strandh - 12 February 2024
Had a wonderful day learning about and making Mosaic. Can thoroughly recommend it!
Vas Skoulidou - 22 January 2024
I attended the Direct method 1 day mosaic course run by Rada - i had an amazing day, lot's of fun, concentration, creativity, meeting new people and helping each other. I took my final end product home and today after having its final clean i was amazed at what i had produced. I have total respect for all craftspeople who make a living out of this - it was hard work but 100% rewarding . I will definitely explore more courses at the LSM.
Sarah Grimshaw - 14 January 2024
My daughter and I had a great day creating our mosaics. So therapeutic. The place and teacher were really good. We’d love to go again.
Linda Jayson - 14 January 2024
Excellent course. Presented well and had a lot of help. Very enjoyable day. Thank you
Valerie Caimi - 14 January 2024
Amazing experience. Rada was an excellent tutor and overall I had a fantastic day. I will come back for more :)
Carolina Jayson - 14 January 2024
I did a one day course and loved it. I’m really proud of my piece! The teacher was absolutely great.
Daniel Jones - 18 December 2023
Rada, the instructor, was really helpful and I will definitely be back for me. Looking forward to my next course!
Daniel Clarke - 9 December 2023
I had a great time on the LSoM day course. Rada was a fantastic tutor, very enthusiastic and encouraging and able to support a wide range of projects and abilities at once. The School is a lovely setting and very well equipped. I would really like to come back soon!
Bansri Bharania - 25 November 2023
Brilliant class, great teaching and have definitely caught the mosaic making bug
Sue Kon - 12 November 2023
Had a great day learning the basic skills. The teacher was clear, helpful, kind and friendly . She was able to spend teaching time with each student as well as addressing the group. I was pleased with what I made and would definitely return for another course . It was a good day .
Archana Nathan - 7 November 2023
Was such a brilliant day, the instructor was so enthusiastic and supportive. She was clearly so knowledgeable about mosaic and spent time with everyone advising and guiding on how to get the best outcome. The day is set up really well, so there's time to learn mosaic techniques, experiment, design and then still come out with a lovely piece to be proud off. I'm already looking up the next class!!
Ria Patel - 22 October 2023
Gorgeous studio, and a lovely, supportive teacher. Recommend.
Abbie Coppard - 8 October 2023
Enjoyable class. We all managed to (just about) complete a small tile in the alloted time, though some of us left with them still a little damp. Rada our teacher was very helpful and encouraging. The small group of eight was about the right size. I have booked on another course in January
Helen Bonilla - 10 August 2023
Fantastic course, lots of inspiration, all materials available, great guidance to create your own oeuvre d'art, can absolutely recommend it!
Angela Sadeghi - 9 July 2023
Very nice course for entry level - only complaint is that the venue was hard to find for first timers otherwise all round happy.
Kati Tschawow - 4 July 2023
Really enjoyed the one day course and the insight of the subject matter after the day. Really recommend
Donna Tipping - 3 July 2023
Brilliant day. Class was run at a very comfortable pace, suitable for complete beginners as well as people with a bit of experience. Rada explained the key theories and had lots of examples to show. She helped make our mosaics look their best when we got stuck but allowed us to create our own work. Will definitely be going back, thank you Rada
Savita Naik - 11 June 2023
I did a LSoM weekend day course and had an absolutely lovely time. Our instructor Rada was very helpful and made sure that each of our small projects was progressing. I would like to say, that I was unprepared with a project that I wanted to make, and therefore lingered around a bit in the first half of the day. That cause a little bit of urgency towards the end of the day. So come prepared, or use one of the available templates. In the end it was an extremely fun day which flew past. Will definitely pursue mosaics in the future.
Linda Frost - 2 April 2023
A lovely thoughtful day with the opportunity to get a nvolved with something creative. Raya was very supportive.
Karen Cheung-Hing - 15 March 2023
An incredibly fun and rewarding activity to spend the day on! It was interesting to learn how to cut and assemble the mosaic tiles, and satisfying to take home your creation at the end of the day.
Lillian Rydahl - 12 March 2023
The teacher was competent and inspired to se things in new ways. Friendly atmosphere..
Gloria Ho - 28 February 2023
Really enjoyed the course
Karthik Jayakumar - 20 February 2023
The whole experience was brilliant. The instructor (Radha) was very accommodating and went out of the way to help us feel engaged. At the start of the class we planned to leave half way as 6 hours was too much. But we couldn’t and wouldn’t budge from our seats till the very end. It was such a fulfilling day, at the end of which we had our individual works of art in our hands and promising hobby! We met some fun people too who were fellow budding mosaic artists.
Olivia Dehnavi - 15 February 2023
We were really looking forward to our course at the London School of Mosaic, which was the one day short course for beginners. They were very generous with giving us plenty of tiles and materials to make a small mosaic. There were lots of tools and different colour tiles available. However I think there wasn't enough guidance or teaching for it to be suitable for beginners. All they asked us to prepare in advance was to find an image we wanted to recreate, and at the beginning of the day there was a demonstration of how to cut the tiles and a little advice on which tiles to use. However, after that we were left largely to our own devices, without guidance on how to best lay the tiles or how to develop the mosaic. There was no demonstration. We weren't told at the beginning of the session how long to spend on each task or how long it would take to set, meaning that even though the course was 7 hours long people were running out of time and the mosaics didn't set in time for pouring on the grout. We had to pour on the grout while it was still unset, so the tiles moved and undid all our hard work. I had to leave soon after, and left with an unfinished mosaic without a border because I ran out of time. For the cost of the course I wasn't satisfied with the outcome. Sometimes I would approach the teacher with something I was finding tricky, and the teacher would say 'you should have laid the tiles this way to avoid the problem you're in.' Though of course it was my first time, and she should have given us more guidance on how to avoid problems. I think for the almost £100 cost of the course we should have received more guidance and a tutorial/demonstration at least. I left unhappy with what I made and wished I'd been taught the techniques before I started. There were a lot of books about mosaic on the tables for inspiration, but there wasn't time to read them and teach ourselves the techniques. Plus the studio was cold, so it's best to wear thermals or a coat that you're comfortable working in if you decide to take the course.
Lea Bourguignon - 13 February 2023
Such a fun day! Thank you
Joanna Perkins - 22 January 2023
Fantastic course. Rada was excellent. I really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend. Also I am really pleased with how my mosaic turned out. It's a great community space
Katia Russo - 12 December 2022
I really enjoyed it. There were a lot of colours choices and good tools. Only one criticism, it was really cold in the workshop. Overall very nice experience!
Wing Yee Chris Sin - 19 November 2022
It was such a nice experience. I could let my creative side run free. Very good teacher too. Will definitely join again
Emma Edwards - 13 November 2022
I had a brilliant day at LSoM. Rada was a knowledgeable teacher and was kind and supportive throughout the day. I learnt lots and would love to carry on creating unique pieces of art. Thank you.
Claire Burns - 13 November 2022
Lovely calm relaxing day, great tuition and support for a not very arty person and a great tile to take home. Thank you
Ruta Daubure - 17 October 2022
The course was great! A really fun way of getting to understand a bit about mosaics. Rada was very attentive and spent 1 to 1 time with each student, which was very nice.
Aneta Ivanova - 17 October 2022
This is a very nice class to learn and complete a small mosaic in a day. I totally enjoyed my time and found the teaching very inspirational - lots of useful tips and encouragement from the amazing teacher Rada. Very nice mix of people and relaxing (even with music) atmosphere.
Frankie Gallantine - 16 October 2022
An excellent introduction to mosaics, thank you!
Jane Hill - 16 October 2022
Great day learnt a lot .
Deborah Ehrenberg - 11 July 2022
What a wonderful day! Rada is a great teacher and very supportive. The 7+ hours raced by - much to take in and think about technically and creatively inevitably as a taster (and I was surprised and delighted to finish with a first piece I’m very pleased with). We were busy throughout the day but at the same time, it was thoroughly relaxing. It’s definitely whetted my appetite for more - I can see how addictive mosaic work can be! Thank you Rada!
Sharon Shalev - 4 July 2022
Very enjoyable day, and hopefully the beginning of a lifelong new hobby. Thanks Rada and thank you LSoM!
Conner Southall - 15 June 2022
Wonderful workshop on Mosaic. Appropriately lifted the curtains on how mosaics are made and the labor that goes into them. Taught me something I'd like to continue given time!
Yolands Adra - 10 June 2022
An excellent class and introduction to mosaic taught by Pauline. My husband and I now have a better appreciation for this centuries-old art technique, which has inspired us to learn more!
Rachel Herring - 2 May 2022
Great day - although there were moments when I was not sure whether my mosaic would come together it did! Rada (teacher) was patient, inspiring and supportive. Cafe is a real gem.
Richard Rudman - 1 May 2022
Absolutely loved it! Entertaining informative and ultimately rewarding. I would wholeheartedly recommend the experience to anyone who wants to try something creative and different.
Rosemary Clunie - 3 April 2022
I thoroughly enjoyed my one day mosaic course. The teacher was excellent and very helpful. A very friendly environment. Highly recommended.
Zoraide Dronkers - 30 March 2022
I loved doing the mosaic course.
RonaMac - 18 January 2022
I thoroughly enjoyed my one day course on making a mosaic by the direct method. The tutor was fabulous, taught us lots and gave us great advice on our pieces. It was a great introduction to a wonderful craft and had encouraged me to do more. Great cafe next door too!
Christine Dickinson - 5 December 2021
Fantastic day thank you
Rhona Summerfield - 5 December 2021
Lovely time with Alex a great informative tutor who demystified a lot of mosaic questions and queries - had a great day; where did the time go! Thank you. I will be back to do the two day course.
Victoria Stoner - 9 October 2021
Very cool class! Alex was a great instructor and very helpful. Would definitely take again!
Elisa Musiu - 9 October 2021
This was such a great day, really enjoyed it and would definitely come back! Thanks
Jannine Badstuber - 8 October 2021
I was an enjoyable course. I throughly enjoyed the creative process. Would definitely come back.
Sam Addai - 4 October 2021
I really loved the course with Alex McHallam, great teacher and a great day. I would highly recommend!
Maria - 3 October 2021
Great fun, the time was filled from start to finish. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutor who gave a lot of assistance and feedback. Plenty of choice of supplies to create a fanatastic small mosaic. Tea/coffee and biscuits to keep us going. Lovely cafe on site for lunch with delicious home made food and very reasonable price. I am really pleased with what I made and recommend you try too.
Melanie Mercer - 13 September 2021
Veronica Lamarche - 6 September 2021
Really great course that really sets you up to make your own mosaics afterwards at home. Alex was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Vanessa Loaiza - 1 September 2021
I had a great time. Alex was so knowledgeable and helpful. She stayed extra time just to make sure we were all finished. I would definiely recommend it and I look forward to using this new skill in the future!
Meg Camm - 25 August 2021
Alex a really good teacher I support the request to be prepared with designs for the class as even simple designs take all day. Materials were plenty and varied to use. Back to Alex as she set a welcoming tone for the whole day. I certainly recommend this course to others Meg
Claire Widgery - 23 August 2021
I had a horrible start to the full day Beginner's Course on Saturday 21st August because the instructions to the car park [I am a Blue Badge holder] were totally inadequate. I had been helped to reserve a place by Marvin in the office during the week but the instruction to collect the parking permit before class required me to find the address and a parking place to safely leave my car before doing so! The number of the School of Mosaic was very hard to see from the road and way beyond the entrance to the parking area. The office phone was not answered when I tried for help. Fortunately Alex my course tutor later picked up a call - she had supplied us with her number - and came out into the road to help me find the entrance car parking space and permit for display alongside my disabled badge. She was friendly, understanding and very generous considering she was also just beginning the course with the other participants [another of whom had also had similar problems]. The good news is that having got over my parking problems etc I had a very good day. The course was well organised and relaxed. Alex was very skilled at meeting the needs of a varied group and created a supportive atmosphere. Without seeming to pressure us she got us through the required stages providing help when required without fuss or patronising us. Her humour and chocolate digestive biscuit were great and we all left very satisfied and proud of our own and each other's achievements! Thankyou
Philippa Matthews - 22 August 2021
We had a great time, learned a lot and individuality was able to flourish! Thank you Alex.
Alexander Jones - 26 July 2021
Really enjoyed a busy but rewarding day. Guidance from the host was insightful and always seemed to be at just the right moment. Plenty of tools & tiles to choose from which made designing my first mosaic a joy.
Mona - 24 July 2021
Amazing class, amazing instructor!
Nicky Gist - 19 July 2021
Great teacher and airy space to work in which was cool on a boiling day. Alot to fit in the hours and a shame that the end was time tight but I really enjoyed it!
Anonymous - 14 June 2021
It was okay, I learned that I could draw the tile shape on the wood, but overall I had learned way more from online videos, and other online materials before. The atmosphere around the school was very nice. I feel the course was lacking instruction and technique teaching. I was hoping to get detailed explanation of use of tools, cutting or tiles laying technique, and comment or advice on the design choice (what's suitable, not suitable), but all of them were not really covered. We were only given a paper about ways to cut into different shapes, but I don't think the tutor actually covered the cutting technique other than just asking us to try it, I feel that we were effectively just given the space and materials to work on a piece that day with limited explanation and guidance. I thought it was a course, not an experience day. Perhaps if was intended that way, it should be advertised that way?
Wanda Wyporska - 22 April 2021
Great day course on which I learned such a lot about the techniques. Good teacher, great cafe and I've signed up for a two day course now!
Val - 22 November 2020
Great Class!! Paula is a real artist and know how to teach with lots of kindness. Thank le for everything x
Yvonne - 22 November 2020
We had such a lovely day at the one day mosaic course. Paola was really friendly encouraging and helpful and we are delighted with our finished products after the day. Thank you for a great time. We hope to come back again next year!
claire - 1 November 2020
The workshop was excellent - well run, lots of information. The tutor, Paola, was both knowledgeable and helpful. I learned a lot, enjoyed the day and would recommend to others.
Peter - 27 September 2020
A really good introduction to mosaics.
Nicky - 27 September 2020
Excellent class, really enjoyed it. Very well set up for current circumstances and Paola was a superb teacher. Would highly recommend this class.
Sara - 10 September 2020
Such a great day, the class was really well taught and paced for a group of newbies. Paula was a great tutor and helped us elevate our ideas to look as good in real life as they did in our minds! Highly recommended.
Julia - 1 August 2020
Fantastic course, thank you very much
Sharon Clewes - 10 September 2019
The course was excellent. I had never done any mosaic work before but after this course I love it and would like to do more. The teacher was superb - friendly, helpful and encouraging. I’d come again in a flash.
Tracie Woodman - 10 September 2019
Tutor was passionate and enabled all students to complete their project. Plenty of equipment and choice of materials. My experience certainly made me want to go back for more! I had a really enjoyable day, a very socialable group with lots if giggles as well as the hard work concentrating! In n our break I chatted to students on another class and If I lived in London I would certainly have looked into doing a diploma. The school has a great ethos, very engaged with local community and happy that by attending a course with them it helps support this work.