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Make Your Own Mug

4.8(48 reviews)
Learn to use sheets of clay to create your own mug.
Holland Park
£45 pp
2hrs 30min
Next available date:28th April 2024
What happens in this class?

During this workshop you'll learn how to make a mug using slabs of clay.

The very first step is actually to make the handle, which needs time to dry a little and uncurl before attaching. There are dozens of attractive and ergonomic handle shapes to choose from and you'll be shown how to make a shape that suits you.

Once the handles are made, you'll roll out, dry and smooth sheets of clay which can be shaped around a mould to create the body of your mug. The last stage is to join the handle and smooth…

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Things to remember

You'll have everything you need waiting for you at the studio, including refreshments, lockers for your possessions and room to change. It's best to wear clothes you don't mind getting clay on (it washes out without difficulty) and you'll find the project easier if your nails…

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Latest Reviews
4.8(48 reviews)
Elena Romero Delgado - 7 February 2024
Great experience and lovely session!
Kate Tikhomirova - 6 February 2024
There is no way to contact the studio and nobody replies by email after two attempts! I’ve tried to reach out a week ago to reschedule as had an emergency come up and never got a reply. Very poor communication
Anja Fuerst - 3 January 2024
We came here as our staff Christmas party and the accommodated our time request and made it such a memorable experience! The teaching was so kind and helpful and created such a welcoming environment :) so excited to see our mugs when they’re ready and would recommend anyone and everyone to come here!
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Your Teacher

Odile studied chemistry, but fell in love with pottery after trying some evening classes in Farnham. After learning to throw and run a studio by working with other artists, she decided to set up her own space in West London which she runs with her partner Kieran.

Odile now works full time as a potter and pottery teacher. She's invented many of the tools, teaching aids and techniques they use at the studio and is constantly experimenting with new ideas and processes. . She also likes cooking and gardening because she can make the dishes...

Their studio is in a…

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Class Location
The Pottery Lane Art Centre
Holland Park
95 Princedale Road
W11 4NS


Elena Romero Delgado - 7 February 2024
Great experience and lovely session!
Kate Tikhomirova - 6 February 2024
There is no way to contact the studio and nobody replies by email after two attempts! I’ve tried to reach out a week ago to reschedule as had an emergency come up and never got a reply. Very poor communication
Anja Fuerst - 3 January 2024
We came here as our staff Christmas party and the accommodated our time request and made it such a memorable experience! The teaching was so kind and helpful and created such a welcoming environment :) so excited to see our mugs when they’re ready and would recommend anyone and everyone to come here!
Yue Jiang - 26 November 2023
The teacher was very thorough and methodical. It was a great experience overall! And the studio itself was beautiful and spacious...and often had some very cute cat visitors!
Elizabeth - 31 August 2023
Kieran was your teacher the day we went for the course, and what a great teacher he was! Very patient, friendly. He explained in a very clear manner, and had a solution for every little mishap. My daughter and I had a great time! We haven’t picked up our mugs yet, so can’t comment on the work itself, but we just loved the whole experience. We would definitely recommend the course.
Jonathan Tom - 3 July 2023
Very relaxing, organized, and fun class!
Magdalena Przybylski - 25 June 2023
I did the mug class and was very excited to make my own unique mug but discovered that it’s made of the same shape so I felt I couldn’t express myself creatively, the mugs have a particular shape and you Just make the handles in a unique way. I think that wasn’t quite clear on the website. But all in all Kieran’s calls was very informative and well structured.
Tazeen Haider - 29 May 2023
Great Sunday course. Would love to do a wkly course. Will be booking further
Marina Poggi - 22 May 2023
Loved the course. I’d been having some trouble in my studio in Brazil due to excess moisture and at the mug making course I fugured out why and how to solve my problem. The teacher was great fun and very knowledgeable. Thank you
Adrienne - 6 March 2023
The hand building mug class was a great experience - we were guided along every step to create our mugs and they all looked amazing at the end of the class. The class did go over the 2 hours, so it would be helpful to know in advance it would be 2-3 hours long just so no one had to rush at the end.
Lee French-Smith - 23 January 2023
I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Ciaran was brilliant and explained all the steps clearly and made sure we all felt comfortable with what we needed to do. He offered additional individual assistance and guidance as and when it was needed. I can't wait to collect my finished mug and would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking for something creative to do.
kristina epenetos - 16 January 2023
It was a very calm and enjoyable experience. The teacher was lovely and very helpful. Highly recommend for a beautiful Sunday afternoon activity. Thanks
Chris Corbishley - 6 January 2023
Fantastic experience! Wonderfully organised too
Monica Ellis - 20 December 2022
It was a lovely experience and Kieran was very helpful. Thank you
Madeleine - 19 December 2022
It was great! Our teacher was very experienced, the instructions were clear, and he made sure everyone in the class was getting the most out of the lesson. Can't wait to see how our mugs turned out.
Jack Benham - 5 December 2022
Fantastic creative workshop which was great fun and we love the mugs we made!! The workshop was well run and allowed us to get our creative juices flowing but ensured we made a mug that actually works as wel!!
Mandy Harakis - 2 December 2022
To date I have still not received the item I made and paid for. It has been several months and many many emails and no refund or item. Absolutely appalling service.
Tosin Oke - 15 November 2022
Really knowledgeable teachers who guide you step-by-step and are passionate about what they do. Lots of fun and would definitely recommend!
James Dyer - 3 October 2022
Really great course, plenty of time to make sure you're happy with your design. Instructions were really clear and environment was really relaxed with a small class. Would recommend and can't wait to pick up my mug in a few weeks!
Lucia Bianciotto - 19 July 2022
It was fantastic!
Su Young Lee - 11 July 2022
Had a great fun making a mug! Looking forward to drink tea out of this mug !
Renatha - 16 May 2022
Great class ! Instructor was clear with demonstrations, maintained a relaxed environment and was very encouraging and supportive. Would 100% recommend!!
Divya Sharda - 2 May 2022
My friend and I did the class with Ciaran and were super lucky as we ended up being the only people in the class! Ciaran was very welcoming and kind, he made us feel so comfortable and at ease. He was super encouraging, warm and friendly and we really appreciated how attentive he was when we asked questions. Ciaran helped us both individually at each step and taught us so much. Because we asked so many questions the class ended up over-running by an hour and it was lovely to see how generous Ciaran was with his time on a Sunday afternoon. It was an absolute pleasure attending the class and I look forward to attending many more. Thank you so much for hosting us both on a Sunday afternoon, it was an absolute pleasure.
Chung Poon - 21 March 2022
Time flies by when you're having a good time, and time certainly flew by during the workshop. Thank you Jess and team for a fantastic time - can't wait to see our creations!
Louise Crawford - 7 February 2022
super fun
Bec Torsello - 19 September 2021
This workspace was fantastic. I bought it for a friend and myself for her birthday. Zach was great and very helpful and engaging. We really enjoyed the class and would definitely recommend it.
Tan Ya - 15 September 2021
The teaching was humorous and engaging with many pottery related puns being exchanged to lighten and liven up the mood. Even though my partner and I are 10 minutes late into the class, we managed to catch up with breeze and ease with the effective guidance. Technical tools, processes and their respective purposes, are clearly explained. The class size is great for any popping inquiry to be amply answered. It is a great date idea to pick up a new skill interest on a weekend and create tangible memories with your loved ones. What's more, there will be a piece of handcrafted memorabilia which could be taken home. Highly recommend!
Zayd Algawi - 30 August 2021
This was an excellent class. Zach was very patient and a great and fun teacher. We loved it.
Alpana Bhartia - 1 August 2021
excellent ambience......very friendly teachers....was a wonderful experience!
Anonymous - 11 July 2021
Had never done anything like this before, but I really enjoyed it. The session was was paced, and the staff were patient and good fun.
KB - 5 July 2021
We had a great time making our mugs on Sunday. The group was a good size and Zak was very attentive - especially since one of us couldn't seem to roll out the clay! Can't wait to pick up our finished pieces. Highly recommend and great value for money! Massive thanks to Zak and the rest of the team!
Tiphaine RAPICAULT - 8 June 2021
This was a relaxed class - I appreciate that we were not rushed to finish our mug but instead took the time until we were happy with it! Zach is very knowledgeable and helpful :) I think maybe you could encourage beginners to go with simpler handles in the first step, as we were trying crazy shapes but not really knowing what they were for ^^
Rita - 9 November 2020
Amazing workshop! Safe during COVID times and the time flew. The professor was thorough and super helpful - all to say that now we want to sign in for regular classes.
Cristina - 28 September 2020
It was a fun class, I learned how to do a mug that looked like a mug in the end, which is amazing. The instructor was professional and very nice, made me feel welcomed and definitely knew what he was doing. The only down side was that I was the only person taking that class that day, which was a bit awkward at times but it wasn't their fault, and I still had a great time.
Sandra - 15 September 2020
Really great teacher and an amazing experience. First time working with clay and I can’t wait for the next class! 10/10
Denise - 18 August 2020
The workshop was well equipped with all that was needed and has a very relaxed atmosphere. I liked the fact that we got to make 4-5 handles to create different ideas.
Kim Leia - 24 January 2019
Everything was great. The teacher explained everything very good and you could always ask something. She came to you to help or to review your work. I now know how to work with clay and how mugs are made.
Vicki - 22 January 2019
Had the most fantastic, absorbing, relaxing afternoon with Odile in her lovely spacious studio. She explained each step well and showed us simply how to go through the process of building our own slab pottery mug, and everyone in the group produce something unique and brilliant! I can’t wait to receive the finished product :oD
Martha - 3 December 2018
We had another brilliant session with Odile. Space to work independently, with support when you need it. Excited for the next class!
Eric - 3 December 2018
Odile is great! Her instructions are clear and helpful, which makes the class so much easier if you have no idea what you're doing. I really enjoyed her creative advice which helped to turn my ideas into something real. She really knows what she's doing!
Lucy - 24 October 2018
Odile is an amazing teacher and the space is great. And I now own a gorgeous mug that I made myself!!!
Yvonne - 8 October 2018
Really enjoyed the class with Odile! Would come back again
Fran - 10 September 2018
The workshop was great. Odile was lovely and her tips were on point! I had a fantastic time
Céline - 14 August 2018
Odile is really nice and provide clear explanations. I was happy with the result... can't wait to receive my mug in a few weeks!
Sam - 13 August 2018
Really enjoyed making my mug! Every step was explained in detail, the atmosphere was lovely and relaxed, lots of encouragement from Odile and a great mug made by the end of the class - highly recommend!
Alfie - 13 August 2018
Alena - 6 August 2018
Great class, Odile was great at explaining every step and was very helpful and encouraging. I have only tried wheel pottery (once and it was also a class with Odile!) before this class and I was surprised at how well my mug turned out to be!
Jasmine - 5 August 2018
Odile is such a lovely teacher, super patient and super clear with instructions. The class is great for beginners and people with some experience but want to learn more. The studio is absolutely stunning, such a lovely creative environment, I am definitely going back for more classes with Odile!