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Creative Thinking for Business Teams

Learn how to use Creative Thinking with your Team using Art& Painting - One-Off Workshops / Treat your Team! Bring out your Creativity. Paint your Innovations.
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What happens in this class?

WorkingArtRoom TM provides Creative Thinking for business teams using specialised art workshops to boost employees' creativity, problem solving and innovation.

Our workshops focus primarily in facilitating the perfect environment to create a flat structure where all members of the staff or group can express themselves without fear of being criticised by others. At WorkingArtRoom we do that by using Artistic techniques to match each groups' energy.

Each workplaces has different needs. At WorkingArtRoom we'll discuss these with you to make sure we tackle each one of them in an apparently improvised art session where attendants will be asked to…

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WorkingArtRoom TM provides Creative Thinking Training for Businesses in the London area, using Art workshops to boost employees' creativity, problem solving and ultimately innovation.

They are confident that after only a few sessions you'll see your team use more creativity at work, boost their confidence to express themselves graphically, and notice them bringing their most innovative ideas confidently to the table on a daily basis. Even in front of others!

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Anywhere you want
Anywhere you want
Anywhere you want