Whether you’re a beginner in the ballroom wanting to learn basic steps from famous dances or you’re an advanced student strictly wanting to master new routines and techniques, unleash your inner salsa dancer with the best salsa dancing classes in Birmingham. In no particular order, we have rounded up the top 10 best salsa dancing classes in Birmingham, so instead of searching you can slide straight onto the dance floor!

Top 10 Best Salsa Dancing Classes in Birmingham:

  • Beginners Salsa Dance Class
  • Salsa and Bachata Dance Workshop
  • Latin Dance For Beginners
  • Children's Junior Latin Dancing Course
  • Basic Beginner Salsa Dance Class
  • Novice Salsa Dance Workshop
  • Bespoke Salsa Dance Class
  • Cuban Salsa Class
  • Private Latin Dance Workshop
  • Wedding Salsa Dance Class

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Beginners Salsa Dance Class

Location: Edgbaston, Birmingham

Footwork got you feeling frazzled? This class gives you a gentle introduction to the world of salsa dancing. Get step-by-step guidance through Cuban salsa dance routines from a professional salsa dancing teacher. As well as specific steps, techniques and Cuban salsa moves, you will also learn how to master timing skills for any style of dance. Everyone has to start somewhere, teachers in this class are patient and encouraging so all students can feel comfortable to learn at their own pace.

Havana Salsa celebrates Cuban salsa dancing and are determined to enlighten students to the enigmatic and captivating nature of this style of dance. Their workshops provide a welcoming environment for students of all levels to develop their salsa dancing skills.

Salsa and Bachata Dance Workshop

Location: Bearwood, Birmingham

This workshop welcomes anyone and everyone wanting to learn salsa and Bachata dance routines. Whether you want to socialise and meet other beginners in an interactive group class or bring along your friend or partner to dance as a couple in the class, discover the enriching experience of salsa dancing in this workshop. Explore how to properly warm up and get ready to get moving at the start of your class. Then learn footwork, timings, rhythm, body movements, turns and so much more!

LatinMotion runs workshops with a friendly, exciting and energetic atmosphere. Their workshops range from salsa and Bachata classes to Kizomba workshops. As well as building your fitness, classes with LatinMotion will awaken your fondness for salsa dancing of all styles.

Latin Dance For Beginners

Location: Olton, Birmingham

Want a Cha Cha challenge? This beginner Latin dance class will teach you steps from many famous ballroom and Latin dance styles. From the Cha Cha to Quickstep and Salsa to Waltz, master the basics of ballroom and Latin dance! In this class you will develop your confidence while building your knowledge and understanding of how to perform different Latin dances. Dancing is definitely thirsty work! Once you have worked up a sweat in this class, Aura Dance Studios has a licensed bar on site so you can have a tipple as a refreshment as well as a reward for all your hard work learning such energetic dance techniques.

Aura Dance Studios provide a fun, relaxed and fulfilling learning experience for all students. They have classes for students of any age and level from children, teens and adults to beginners and intermediate learners. Discover this dynamic and fascinating genre of dance in workshops with Aura Dance Studios.

Children's Junior Latin Dancing Course

Location: Rubery, Birmingham

Dancing is a great way for children to exercise, without it feeling like exercise! If your children need to let off some steam, this course gives them an exciting and fun activity to regularly exercise while also learning and building their confidence. This four week course will not only benefit your child’s physical well-being, it will also provide an enriching foundation for their self-image. The rewarding feeling that comes from flawlessly performing a routine children have taken time to learn is beneficial for building confidence in their abilities as well as enjoyment and pride in their dance skills.

Richardz Dance runs a range of dance classes within the genre of salsa and ballroom dancing. With a wide selection of classes designed for intermediate or beginner dancers of any ages, they are sure to have a workshop for anyone wanting to master salsa.

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Basic Beginner Salsa Dance Class

Location: Upper Witton, Birmingham

Want a comprehensive step-by-step beginner salsa workshop? Learn from a professional the basic steps of salsa dancing. Master the simple foundations of salsa which you will build upon through adding more advanced dance steps and techniques. This beginner class allows people who are new to salsa dancing to learn at their own pace and develop their confidence in salsa dancing on the dance floor! Get inspired in this group workshop where you will be surrounded by other like-minded salsa enthusiasts.

Salsa Fabulous has a wealth of experience delivering enriching salsa classes for students of any level. Their classes are structured to ensure that all students leave each workshop having learned something new in the world of salsa dancing.

Novice Salsa Dance Workshop

Location: Pheasey, Birmingham

Explore the many different styles and variations of Latin, ballroom and salsa dancing within this interactive workshop. If you’re a beginner that wants to feel like a professional dancer, then this is the class for you! This workshop is structured with complete salsa dancing beginners in mind. Each step and technique you will learn in this class is beginner friendly yet still impressive and worth showing off! Master the first steps of salsa dancing in this encouraging workshop.

Let's Dance has fun, friendly and rewarding dance classes for all salsa dancing students. Leave each workshop with Let’s Dance feeling like you have gained a greater understanding of salsa dancing and advanced your technical skills in an encouraging environment.

Bespoke Salsa Dance Class

Location: Handsworth Wood, Birmingham

Attend a salsa dance class that feels like it was made for you! Broadway Dance Centre wants to help all students learn at their own pace and prioritise learning the dance moves they want to learn. Each bespoke class, no matter what salsa skills you want to learn, adopts a light-hearted environment. Bespoke salsa dancing workshops have the aim of not only helping students progress their dance skills but also the goal of helping all students discover the excitement of salsa dancing.

Broadway Dance Centre believes dancers of any level should have access to a workshop they feel comfortable to challenge themselves in. They thrive when teaching students of all levels, from beginners to advanced students and children to adult learners. Broadway Dance Centre’s range of workshops are sure to provide an energetic and fun environment to develop your salsa dancing skills and techniques.

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Cuban Salsa Class

Location: Moseley, Birmingham

Looking for a class where you can explore different salsa styles? Then look no further! This Cuban salsa class gives you the opportunity to learn steps from a range of different Cuban salsa dance styles. From Cha Cha Cha and Son to Rueda, find your favourite Cuban salsa dance style in this interactive workshop. Master Cuban salsa turning movements and techniques as well as leading and flowing. This workshop is for those who already have some experience in Cuban salsa dancing and want to develop as well as refine their skills.

The Dance Workshop Studios believe in the power of dancing and want to share the positive impact of this form of fitness with eager salsa dance students. The Dance Workshop Studios want to help everyone understand dance as a form of art, their workshops will enlighten you to the beauty of salsa dancing.

Private Latin Dance Workshop

Location: Bartley Green, Birmingham

Private workshops are a very enriching way to learn specific salsa skills. Beginners can learn without the distraction of other salsa students and get to grips with the basics of salsa dancing. While advanced and intermediate students can get specific advice and guidance to develop and perfect their skills. However, whether you’re a beginner or or intermediate learner, in private salsa dancing classes you are sure to get the concentrated and focused guidance and direction of your expert teacher.

Harlequin Dance Club will teach you that it is possible for you to dance like a professional! Their classes are full of expertise and encouragement as Harlequin Dance Club has over thirty years experience teaching students of all ages and levels.

Wedding Salsa Dance Class

Location: Birmingham City Centre

Make your first dance as a married couple one to remember! Thinking about your first dance in front of all your wedding guests can be daunting. If you think you have two left feet, then why not attend a salsa wedding dance class? Learning the steps and knowing what to expect in your first dance on the big day will help you actually enjoy the experience instead of worrying about it! The styles of dance you can learn in this class range from the Waltz to salsa, Cha Cha to Quickstep, Jive to Rumba and so much more!

All Steps First Dance wants to teach nervous students how to dance with confidence and ease as well as how to enjoy dancing. Workshops with All Steps First Dance range from hen parties to children’s birthday parties and first wedding dance classes.

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Learn fascinating and impressive dance routines worth showing off! Salsa dance classes in Birmingham are led by eager teachers who get inspiration from sharing their passion for salsa dancing with students of any level. Whether you want to learn salsa dancing for fitness or to build your confidence performing, salsa dancing classes in Birmingham will help you dance like a professional. From Cuban salsa to Bachata and Kizomba, explore the variations of this captivating dance genre with salsa dance classes in Birmingham.

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