Explore artistic crafts, from designing accessories in jewellery making classes to flower arranging with floristry workshops, develop your creative spirit with craft classes in Birmingham. Build your resourceful and innovative nature with upholstery courses and sewing workshops. Whether you’re a beginner who is new to crafting or you’re a seasoned crafty student, learn new craft skills from a professional teacher in their inspiring studio in Birmingham. We have compiled the top 10 best craft classes in Birmingham, so you can stop searching and try your hand at handcrafts!

Top 10 Best Craft Classes in Birmingham:

  • Wellbeing Crystal Soy Wax Candle Making Class
  • Beginners Felting Workshop
  • Two Days Stained Glass Course
  • Make Your Own Wedding Rings Class
  • Quilling Letters Workshop
  • Needle Felt Bauble Christmas Class
  • Full Day Mosaic Course
  • Beginners Crochet Workshop
  • Knife Carving Skills Class
  • Ceramic Mosaic Day Course

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Wellbeing Crystal Soy Wax Candle Making Class

Location: Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s hard to find time in our busy schedule to unwind. This workshop gives you two ways to practise mindfulness for the price of one! The atmosphere of this workshop creates the ideal environment for relaxation and peace. However, you will also leave this workshop not only with your uplifted spirit, but with two  soothing soy wax candles to light at home whenever you want a mindful moment of peace and tranquillity. In this class you will learn about the candle making process while exploring ingredients and materials such as essential oils, dried petals and crystals.

The Crafts Collective are passionate about the power of crafts! Their workshops will enlighten you to new ways of exercising mindfulness. They believe creating and producing candles and other craft items is an incredibly beneficial and soothing way to practise mindfulness.

Beginners Felting Workshop

Location: Kings Head, Birmingham

Wish you knew how to make textured felt? This workshop will help you reach your felting goals! Learn how to expertly use hand tools to create sophisticated and unique felt items. Develop an understanding of technical skills and how to use them to make your own personalised artwork and decorations. This workshop will give you the confidence to make felt pieces like a professional as well as the chance to get creative designing your own personalised items, from book jackets to lampshades.

Silversoles runs a wide range of workshops which celebrate crafts and creativity. With their selection of felting classes from beginner to advanced workshops, they are sure to have a craft class for anyone and everyone wanting to flex their creative muscles.

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Two Days Stained Glass Course

Location: Oldbury, Sandwell

Discover the fascinating steps in the stained glass making process. In this two day course, you will receive step-by-step guidance and direction on how to make your own stained glass pieces of art! As well as learning how to create stained glass, this creative workshop will also teach you about the vibrant history of stained glass. Indulge in your unique imagination and create original designs using vivid colours and patterns.

Stained Glassic are determined to help students get creative with glass in their workshops in Sandwell. Although their workshops are just outside of Birmingham city centre, their courses are definitely worth the trip outside of the city! Through their interactive classes, discover how to adorn and design your own colourful glass artwork.

Make Your Own Wedding Rings Class

Location: Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

Give every detail of the big day the attention it deserves, starting with your wedding rings! This class gives you the opportunity to make wedding rings which are completely unique and original, because they are made by you with love and your own two hands. Get inspired in a professional silversmithing studio and receive friendly and encouraging direction from an expert teacher. As well as the guidance of your teacher, this class also includes all the materials, supplies and tools you will need to make your own bespoke and personalised wedding rings.

The Quarterworkshop has a wide selection of jewellery making classes situated very appropriately in the historical Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham. As well as providing enriching workshops where students can learn impressive jewellery making techniques, they also teach students about the materials used in their workshops, as they pride themselves on their use of recycled gold and silver.

Photo from Warrillow Studio

Quilling Letters Workshop

Location: King's Heath, Birmingham

Explore the creative craft of paper quilling! For those of you who don’t know the art of paper quilling already, paper quilling is where long pieces of paper are rolled up and glued together to make unique shapes, styles and patterns. Using colourful colours and shapes, let your creativity take the wheel in this workshop and create abstract artwork to display at home with pride. In this class you will make one letter using paper quilling methods which will then be framed, perfect to decorate your home or as a gift for a loved one.

Warrillow Studio thrives when teaching students about the world of crafts. Their workshops range from fascinator making to paper quilling, all delivered by enthusiastic craft teachers who know how to help students discover a new rewarding hobby.

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Needle Felt Bauble Christmas Class

Location: Selly Park, Birmingham

Christmas is the time of year that many of us feel creative. Put your seasonal creativity to good use and make unique decorations in this needle felt bauble making class! If you aren’t feeling the magic of the season, then this workshop is sure to help you find your festive spirit. Learn how to use wool fibres to make your own personalised Christmas baubles which you can hang on your Christmas tree year after year. This class gives you the opportunity to deck the halls with handmade decorations, made with your own original design! A selection of colourful materials as well as all the tools you will need are provided in this welcoming class.

Mindful Crafts believes that making your own art, decorations and craft items is very beneficial to students' well-being. Teachers at Mindful Crafts promote the idea that crafts are a mindful experience as they make us take a moment to slow down in our busy lifestyle. Workshops with Mindful Crafts will leave you with a new craft skill as well as a new appreciation for craft as a form of mindfulness.

Full Day Mosaic Course

Location: Meriden, Coventry

Learn how to make your own personalised mosaic art. This day-long mosaic course will teach you how to assemble a mosaic piece of art from scratch, including large pots, slates and plaques. The mosaic piece you make can be made fully outdoor proof, so you can add character to your garden through using mosaics to decorate your environment. Want to display your mosaic art in your home? This workshop gives you the choice to make an indoor or outdoor piece with your own designs.

Flowerpot Mosaics runs mosaic workshops in Coventry with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, just a short distance from Birmingham. Each workshop has a small amount of students to ensure everyone gets the specific guidance they need to make flawless and unique mosaic pieces of artwork.

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Beginners Crochet Workshop

Location: Digbeth, Birmingham

Learn how to make creative crochet accessories and items! This workshop is made with beginners in mind, so if you’re curious about crochet this workshop will teach you everything you need to know about this crafty skill. In this workshop you will learn basic stitches, how to make a slip knot and foundation chain, how to make shapes and granny squares as well as so much more in the world of crochet!

Ellie B Jewels enjoys teaching students how to make unique handmade goods. Their workshops provide a creative space for students to discover which craft skill they are passionate about and want to develop and build.

Knife Carving Skills Class

Location: Stirchley, Birmingham

Want to know how to safely use a knife when woodcarving? This two hour long class will teach you all the methods and techniques you will need to safely and efficiently carve your own utensils. This hands on class will help you build your confidence using a knife for carving through a mixture of teaching styles, including demonstrations as well as having a go yourself. With your new knife skills you will be able to whittle and carve your own wooden utensils and tools! This class provides all of the tools you will need, so all you need to bring along is your thirst for knowledge.

Pathcarvers runs a range of workshops that teach students of any level carving techniques. Their workshops are designed to combine classic craft skills with an artistic flair, so students can improve their resourceful and practical skills whilst also exercising their creativity and unique artistic nature.

Ceramic Mosaic Day Course

Location: Birmingham and surrounding areas

Want to experience making intricate and detailed artwork? Mosaic workshops give you the opportunity to make impressive artwork with your own design. Channel your creativity and bring your artistic mosaic vision to life through creating your own artwork in this day-long course. This class is designed for beginners who have no experience making mosaic pieces and want to learn the step-by-step process of making their own mosaic artwork. Tools, equipment and direction from your expert teacher is provided in this workshop, so you can focus on learning and exercising your creativity.

Living Mosaics are determined to help all students explore the captivating nature of creating mosaic art. Their workshops are structured to enlighten students to the history of this historical art form as well as the steps taken to make mosaic pieces.

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Whether you want to learn embroidery, leatherwork or jewellery making craft skills to design and make your own clothing and accessories, explore your creativity with craft classes in Birmingham. From making macrame plant hangers to needle felting decorations, show off your new craft skills in a range of craft workshops in Birmingham. Explore anything from glass blowing to handmade resin furniture making with craft courses in Birmingham.

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