If you want to learn how to stand still and experience peace and relaxation, meditation classes in Bristol will guide you with tips, tricks and techniques to exercise mindfulness. We have put together the best 10 meditation classes in Bristol, so you can spend less time stressing and searching and more time relaxing and meditating!

  • Simply Meditate Lunchtime Class
  • Eight Week Mindfulness Course
  • Morning Meditation Workshop
  • Anxiety Reduction Yoga Class
  • Hatha Yoga Workshop
  • Yoga For Beginners Course
  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong Online Workshop
  • One-to-One Yoga Class
  • Yoga During Pregnancy Class
  • Beginners Yoga Nidra Workshop

Simply Meditate Lunchtime Class

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Location: Bishopston, Bristol

Meditation can be practised throughout the day to discover zen and centre yourself. Being equipped with different meditation methods can help you cope with what life throws at you throughout the day. Sometimes taking time to self-soothe and relax can easily slip off of our to-do lists. This workshop is a positive reminder to find calm in hectic everyday life. Learn how meditation can help elevate your concentration throughout the day as well as relieve stress and anxiety. In this lunchtime half an hour class, you will gain an understanding of how to use breathing techniques as well as how they benefit your health, well-being and concentration.

Amitabha Kadampa Meditation Centre is a college for Buddhist study and aims to create a place where anyone and everyone can find peace as well as get to know themselves better. Retreats are led throughout the year for those wanting to experience chanted meditations and much more! With their wide range of programmes, workshops, classes and courses, Amitabha Kadampa Meditation Centre are sure to teach a mindful meditation approach that will help you relax and relieve stress.

Eight Week Mindfulness Course

Location: St Andrews, Bristol

Are you wanting to challenge yourself with a longer mindful meditation course? This eight week course has a class for two and a half hours, once a week for eight weeks. Put your meditation skills to the test with this immersive course which is designed to help you develop a range of beneficial meditation techniques. The beauty of courses is that the meditation practices you learn are more likely to remain in your lifestyle as you have been learning and developing them weekly for two months. This course also includes a full day of mindfulness for you to feel absorbed in peaceful practices and mindful meditation. This course is perfect for beginners who are wanting to find new ways to cope with overwhelming feelings, depression and anxiety.

Teachers at Bath and Bristol Mindfulness Courses understand and promote the many benefits of mindful meditation in helping with challenging situations, feelings and emotions. Not only do they have a wealth of knowledge and experience teaching students how to practise mindfulness, they are also passionate about helping students discover which mindful approach works best for them.

Morning Meditation Workshop

Location: Winford, Bristol

Start your day in the best way! Shape your morning routine to include some essential meditation to centre yourself for the day ahead. Meditation has been linked to reducing stress and anxiety, so when you wake up treat yourself to a moment of peace before your busy day ahead. Want to experience this calming class with your friends and family? Meditating can be an incredibly enriching way to spend some quality time together. With coffee and cake provided this workshop is sure to fuel your mind and body, making you ready for your day.

Breathe Meditation Relax and Rejuvenate, have several varied classes for anyone wanting to practise meditation. Whether you’re a beginner, have some meditation experience or want a focused one-to-one workshop, their range of classes will definitely have something for everyone in their tranquil meditation studio.

Anxiety Reduction Yoga Class

Location: Clevedon, Bristol

Explore new and manageable yoga stances, poses and techniques. This class will enlighten you to the many healing benefits of yoga as well as how yoga is an effective form of meditation. Grow your confidence in your own skin and find peace with your body and self-image. Not only will you learn new poses in this beginner class, you will also learn the benefits of these yoga stances and see the improvements they are having on your mental health and body image.

YOGA Friendly welcomes people of all abilities in their workshop and customise their classes to fit the needs of their students. They are determined to help all students see how yoga can positively impact their life, happiness, health and well-being. Teachers are YOGA Friendly, feel inspired by their students and enjoy helping them reach their mindfulness goals.

Hatha Yoga Workshop

Location: Staple Hill, Bristol

Hatha yoga is celebrated for its vibrant ability to incorporate traditional yoga practices to exercise mindfulness and improve mental well-being as well as physical growth. This style of yoga builds flexibility, strength, posture and a positive well-being. With a holistic approach to health and wellness, this class aims to improve your mental and physical health. Stress and anxiety have a physical impact on your body, this class will help you feel a sense of empowerment over your body by relieving the physical symptoms of stress. This one hour Hatha yoga class is accessible for all students, whether they have experience with yoga or are a complete beginner.

Ahimsa Yoga Bristol runs a range of Hatha yoga classes and champions the benefits of this form of yoga and meditation. Teachers in their workshops believe it is equally important to teach students about the benefits of yoga as well as new and innovative stances and techniques.

Yoga For Beginners Course

Location: Montpelier, Bristol

Want to get more comfortable with yoga and moving your body into different postures? If you’re a beginner that wants to know how to make yoga stances with ease, then this is the course for you! In this course you will cover a wide range of yoga techniques as well as other mindfulness approaches. Master breathwork techniques, postures and other relaxation techniques in this course. Learn about the adaptable and versatile nature of yoga and how its benefits can positively impact many situations in life.

Katie Despres at Yogasara has valuable experience in teaching beginner yoga courses and enjoys helping students who are eager to develop their yoga abilities as well as their understanding of the benefits of learning yoga. Katie has introduced hundreds of students to yoga and thrives when she is sharing her knowledge and skills in this incredible beginner yoga course.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong Online Workshop

Photo by Alejandro Piñero Amerio / Unsplash

Location: Bishopston, Bristol

Discover Tai Chi based Qi Gong with this interactive workshop for beginners. Explore the different elements of Qi Gong including Daoyin, spontaneous movement exercises and a range of meditation practices. The aim of Qi Gong is to nourish and cleanse the body. This workshop will teach you how to fulfil self-soothing, healing and regulation for the mind, body, soul and spirit. You are encouraged to challenge yourself in this workshop, but all students have the opportunity to work at a pace they are comfortable with for their development. Bring along your comfortable clothing, flat shoes and enthusiastic attitude to learning.

Claire at Tai Chi Body and Mind promotes the many benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gong as a way of practising mindfulness. Claire has fifteen years of experience enjoying Qi Gong and Tai Chi and is skilful in sharing her expertise with students of all levels.

One-to-One Yoga Class

Photo by Katerina Jerabkova / Unsplash

Location: Kingsdown, Bristol

One-to-One classes means you can quickly develop your learning with focused attention and guidance from your teacher. This one-to-one workshop can be tailored to fit whatever you want to learn! Whether you are a beginner and want to learn the basics with your teacher without being around other students or if you already have some experience and want to master specific techniques, postures and skills from a professional. Not only can you decide which yoga techniques you learn, you can also choose which mindfulness approaches to learn and how to practice meditation.

Meditation to Mindfulness has a broad range of classes both online and in their studio for everyone of any ability. Whether you want a group yoga class, a concentrated one-to-one workshop, for adults or children, Meditation to Mindfulness will teach you everything you need to know about yoga as a form of meditation and exercise.

Yoga During Pregnancy Class

Photo by Suhyeon Choi / Unsplash

Location: Bishopston, Bristol

Want to explore stretches to learn during pregnancy? Why not meet other pregnant women and make new friends going through similar experiences to you? Yoga workshops during pregnancy create a warm and welcoming environment for pregnant women to feel supported while they safely practise mindfulness. As well as celebrating the many joys of pregnancy, it is also important to acknowledge the trials and tribulations of pregnancy. Many women feel unsettled as well as uncomfortable with the changes happening to their body, this workshop allows students to discover stretches and postures that will make pregnancy a more comfortable experience for both mum and baby.

YogaSpace is eager to help students develop their confidence and understanding of different yoga poses and methods. As well as this rewarding pregnancy yoga class, YogaSpace also has a spectrum of inclusive yoga classes for everyone, for students wanting to learn both in the professional studio or online.

Beginners Yoga Nidra Workshop

Location: Eastville, Bristol

Yoga nidra has been used regularly to manage many situations such as stress, anxiety, chronic pain and depression. However, it is more commonly used for insomnia and to relieve stress surrounding sleep. This workshop will explore three different yoga traditions as well as the importance and impact of them. If you want to exercise mindfulness in a way that feels effortless and easy then this workshop is perfect for you as it will show you easy ways to rest, relax, slow down and unwind. All you need to bring along to this two hour workshop is a comfortable pillow and blanket to make sure you stay comfy and warm.

Mindful Lives have led meditation workshops in Bristol for over ten years and are obsessed with showing students new ways to improve their mindfulness skills. Mindful Lives are determined to debunk the stereotype that only flexible and young people can do meditation and yoga, they are passionate about making sure everyone knows the best way for them to practise meditation, yoga and general mindfulness.

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Explore ultimate relaxation as well as the stress and anxiety relieving benefits of meditation. Whether you want to encourage deep sleep or learn breathing techniques, mindful meditation workshops in Bristol will help you feel calm and centred. Discover the best form of mindfulness for you, from yoga to still and peaceful meditation. Treat yourself with kindness by enjoying tranquillity with the best meditation classes in Bristol.

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