Let your cooking skills boil over with the best cooking classes in Bristol! Learn how to cook your favourite comfort food from steak pie, sausage casserole and beef stew or discover new family meal ideas to master making. Whether you want to develop your fish filleting and pasta making abilities or explore vegetarian, vegan and plant based dishes, there are classes for beginners, children, adults and everyone in between. We have put together the best cooking classes in Bristol that are sure to help you cook like Chef Ramsey and make your tummy rumble too!

  • Team Building Cooking Class
  • Asian Cookery Classes
  • Private Three Dish Thai Cooking Class
  • 5 Day Bread Making Course
  • Pasta Masterclass
  • Classical French Dinner Party
  • Tailor-made Cookery Workshop
  • Caribbean Cook-Up Evening
  • One to One BBQ School Class
  • Beginner Dumpling Making Class

Team Building Cooking Class

Image via www.cookingit.co.uk

Location: Redland, Bristol

Want to thaw any office awkwardness? Learning a new skill together is an enriching way to get to know your new colleagues. Cooking classes can help people find common interests and bond through similar experiences with food in a cooking class.

This team building cooking class is designed to help any group or team learn about each other while also learning new recipes and cooking approaches.

Whether you want to experience a social atmosphere through cooking and eating Spanish tapas dishes or let off some steam with a sweet dessert cooking class as your office Christmas party, this workshop can be tailored to suit your team building needs.

Professional chefs at Cooking It! are hungry to dish out their knowledge of making delicious food as well as building meaningful experiences and teammate friendships! Through teaching teams how to set goals, problem solve and communicate as well as cook new dishes, this is the perfect class for building your team's sense of belonging and happiness.

Asian Cookery Classes

Location: Bedminster, Bristol

Set your inspiration on fire! If you have a fierce and fiery passion for food then this workshop will enlighten you to the basics of making Asian dishes. Spark your hunger for learning how to use new methods and materials in the workshop. Build your understanding of using spices to cook delicious meals. Whether you are a complete beginner or you want to build your existing knowledge, this workshop will help you feel confident in your ability to cook Asian meals like a professional chef.

The Mango Hub is enthusiastic about teaching hungry students about Asian cuisine. With classes limited to no more than six people, you are sure to get the time, attention and specific guidance of your expert teacher in workshops at The Mango Hub.

Private Three Dish Thai Cooking Class

Location: Redland, Bristol

There are many dynamic and different dishes within the world of Thai cooking. From Pad Thai to Massaman curry and Thai Green curry to mango sticky rice, learn how to make your favourite flavoursome Thai dishes. Private workshops are an incredibly rewarding way to learn as you get the full attention of your professional teacher and don’t have to compromise on what Thai dishes you learn to make. In this workshop, you will learn how to make three dishes ranging from familiar Thai dishes to new recipes and meals to cook and taste. Use the knowledge you have gained to create these dishes in your kitchen so you can always have the taste of Thailand at home!

Professional chefs at My Thai Kitchen have a rich experience of helping students not only learn how to make authentic Thai food but also enabling them to discover new Thai dishes. If you want to learn from the best, My Thai Kitchen gives students the opportunity to learn how to make Thai dishes from an encouraging Thai chef in Bristol.

5 Day Bread Making Course

Image via www.thebertinetkitchen.com

Location: Walcot, Bath

Think you can rise to the occasion? Prove your bread making skills with this hands on bread making course! Learn how to make your own delicious bouncy bread from scratch alongside a professional. In this course, you will discover how to perfectly perform every step of the bread making process from Richard Bertinet. When it comes to bread making, you knead the direction of an expert professional, and who better to share the tricks of the bread making trade than a teacher with a wealth of baking expertise? Leave this course with the skills to flawlessly make French breads, Italian breads, slowdoughs, sourdoughs as well as dark and sweet breads.

The Bertinet Kitchen Cookery School runs enriching and rewarding workshops in Bath. Although their classes are outside of Bristol, their workshops are definitely worth going the extra mile! Richard Bertinet at The Bertinet Kitchen Cookery School receives inspiration from helping students discover their passion and potential for baking and cooking.

Pasta Masterclass

Location: Clifton, Bristol

The versatility of pasta is so broad that there is sure to be a pasta dish for everyone. If you have some experience kneading pasta dough or if you’re a complete beginner, this Italian pasta making workshop is structured to help students of all abilities learn something new. Explore how to make elastic dough as well as rolling, stretching and shaping techniques. All materials, equipment and ingredients you will need are included in this workshop, so you can get straight to making your perfect pasta without the worry of whether you have the right food, tools and utensils!

Bristol Cookery School pride themselves on their ability to help students of any level meet their culinary potential. Their workshops use exceptional local produce, so each workshop is armed with the best ingredients for students to work and learn with as well as devour.

Classical French Dinner Party

Location: Saltford, Bristol

Bring a touch of elegance and chic to your next dinner party. Whether you’re a fan of French food or new to this style of cuisine and want some fresh flavours, this workshop will teach you how to put together a moreish menu for your next dinner party. Learn how to make Coquille de Poisson, a rack of lamb cooked in herbs and if you have room for pudding, a chocolate fondant with ice cream. Class sizes are limited to no more than eight students so your professional teacher can give each student the attention, guidance and direction they need to develop their skills.

Michel’s Kitchen aims to give a learning experience that is not only filled with expertise and education but also with fun, laughter and encouragement. Michel Lemoine is a successful chef who has a passion for food as well as sharing his knowledge of cooking fine French cuisine with students. This interactive workshop will help you meet your fantastic French dinner party vision.

Tailor-made Cookery Workshop

Image via www.jennychandler.co.uk

Location: Clifton, Bristol

Cooking can be an immensely sociable and fulfilling experience for a group celebration or get together. Celebrate a birthday, hen- do, stag party or work social with colleagues through learning to make the meals you’ve been craving! This workshop gives you the opportunity to set your own agenda and choose which cuisine, dish and style of cooking you want to learn. Whether you want to bake or make several varied dinner courses, this workshop can be adapted to meet your tastes!

Jenny Chandler has many skills up her sleeve. Not only is she an experienced chef, she is also a food writer, speaker, teacher and so much more! Jenny is determined to share her wealth of knowledge with students. If you want to learn how to cook new Spanish recipes and other exciting dishes, Jenny’s workshops will help you cook up a culinary storm.

Caribbean Cook-Up Evening

Location: Easton, Bristol

Explore Caribbean dishes and recipes in this engaging and appetising workshop! The Coexist Community Kitchen wants to break the stereotype that Caribbean food is too complex for beginners to learn. This workshop aims to help beginners or those who have some experience in the kitchen learn how to assemble and cook delicious Caribbean dishes.

There are many dishes that will make your stomach rumble! This class gives you the opportunity to learn as well as enjoy several Caribbean foods including, pumpkin, prawns, smoked fish, pigeon peas, coconut cook-up rice, fried yellow plantain and so much more!

If you can’t get enough of learning how to cook Caribbean food, fortunately for you, this class is part of a weekly Caribbean cooking course. Attend this class as a one off or treat yourself to a weekly taste sensation.

The Coexist Community Kitchen is passionate about their mission of ensuring that everyone has space to cook together, learn new skills and build powerful friendships with others. As a result of their beliefs, their workshops create a friendly, positive and warm atmosphere for new students to discover their culinary confidence.

One to One BBQ School Class

Image via www.huntergatherercooking.co.uk

Location: Bristol City Centre

In one to one classes you can learn whatever BBQ skills you want to learn. Whether you’re completely new to the BBQ scene and want to learn the basics of cooking outdoors with succulent meat or vegetables or you have some experience and want to learn specific advice and techniques from a professional, build the ideal workshop for you! Not only do you decide what you want to learn, you can also decide which teaching methods are used and choose from demonstrations or a more hands- on approach. Learn in the professional Hunter Gatherer Cooking’s professional workshop or on your own BBQ, the choice is all yours!

Alex at Hunter Gatherer Cooking is a BBQ enthusiast and has all the right BBQ know-how to help every student of any ability. No matter the BBQ skills you want to learn, from BBQ set up to cooking cutlets, Hunter Gatherer Cooking will help you reach your ambitious grilling goals.

Beginner Dumpling Making Class

Location: Keynsham, Bristol

Learn how to make Chinese dumplings from scratch. If you are a fan of Chinese cuisine and always wanted to fold your own dumplings, then this workshop is sure to make your tummy very happy! Receive step-by-step guidance on how to roll, fold and fill your dumplings with tasty meat or vegetables or even both. Experience new flavours while developing your ability to make authentic Chinese dumplings. Add some spice to your dumplings! Learn how to create the ultimate chilli oil dipping sauce to devour with your dumplings.

Ling’s Asian Kitchen is passionate about helping students create their favourite Asian cuisine. As well as teaching students how to make home cooked Chinese meals, Ling also enjoys enlightening students to new flavours, dishes and tastes in her workshops. Whether you can’t get enough of Chinese food or are new to this cuisine, workshops with Ling’s Asian Kitchen will teach you all the essential, basic and advance Chinese cooking skills and techniques you could need.

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Whether you want to learn beginner knife skills, gain some cooking experience while in the presence of a professional chef or develop specific culinary skills, Bristol cooking classes will help you unleash your cooking skills and passion! Learn to saute, fry, bake and steam or make rich and delicious puddings! If you're pondering a plant based lifestyle and want to enhance your understanding of this diet or want to experience a sushi making workshop, there is a cooking workshop in Bristol for any kind of culinary adventure.

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