Immortalise personal moments that are close to your heart with wedding, maternity and newborn pictures. If you get inspired by breathtaking nature, animals and wildlife, master landscape photography in an engaging beginner course. Whether you want edgy black and white photos or famous sunset pictures, learn how to produce professional level photography.

We have rounded up the top 10 best photography classes in Bristol, so you can get straight to snapping seriously good shots!

The Top 10 Best Photography Classes in Bristol are:

  • Complete Beginner Photography Class
  • Bespoke One-to-One Photography Class
  • Studio Lighting and Portrait Class
  • Low Light and Night Photography Workshop
  • Photography Workshops & Photo Walks for Groups
  • One-to-One Photography Workshop
  • Parent and Child Photography Course
  • One-to-One Beginner Photography Class
  • Using Your Digital Camera Workshop
  • Private Photography Training

Complete Beginner Photography Class

Location: Montpelier, Bristol

Feeling frustrated that your pictures aren't coming out as you had envisioned? Many people feel clueless about photography but still long to take impressive photos. In this workshop for total photography beginners, gain an understanding of your camera and how you can use it to express your creativity. Bring along whichever camera you wish to master and leave this class free from the dread of turning off AUTO and instead confident in your photography abilities.

Photo School Bristol house seasoned professional photographers with a wealth of experience making any scene photogenic! Through offering a wide range of beginner, intermediate, advanced and post-production photography classes, they are sure to have a class to help you fulfil any photography skills you wish to pick up.

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Bespoke One-to-One Photography Class

Location: Clevedon, Bristol

If you're looking for a class to really brush up your photography skills, then this bespoke one-to-one class offered by Gavin Jacob Power Photography is the one for you. Designed for beginners, from Camera Settings to Aperture, Shutter Speed and Light, this class will cover everything you need to help get your camera off AUTO mode - where you'll learn technical techniques before applying them in practical settings out and about or at your next party and event.

From lighting to photoshop, advance your photography skills in a course where you’re guaranteed to get hands- on support from your teacher.

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Studio Lighting and Portrait Class

Location: Long Ashton, North Somerset

Lights, camera, action! Set the scene with the right lighting to create professional looking portraits. It’s time to light up your life with this studio lighting and portrait class. Ideal for beginners who want to know more about how to use lighting for portraits and other styles of photography as well as students who already have experience but want to perfect their portrait game! Learn how to take flawless portraits, headshots, family photos and many more in this workshop.

Nick Church Photography has workshops that are worth going the extra mile for! His studio is based in North Somerset, just outside of Bristol. His photography has a keen eye to detail and can capture organic moments as they happen. Nick has a range of photography workshops to help enthusiastic students of any ability meet their personal photography goals and potential.

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Low Light and Night Photography Workshop

Location: Spike Island, Bristol Harbourside

See yourself as a bit of a night owl? If you come alive when the sun sets then look no further! This workshop is perfect for those that feel inspired by the bright lights that fill Bristol at night. Safely explore Bristol after dark and capture striking images of the night in this dynamic city. Bring along your camera and leave this workshop with a refined knowledge of longer exposures needed for night photo shoots as well as other low light photography techniques.

There’s safety in numbers! If you feel vulnerable using expensive equipment in the city at night, this course usually has around 6 like-minded students as well as your expert teacher so you can feel safe travelling around the city in a group.

The Photography Project has a studio located in Bristol Harbourside. They have a hands-on approach to teaching and believe students learn best through doing, so if you’re looking to get stuck into taking pictures of lively Bristol sights, then this is the class for you!

Photography Workshops & Photo Walks for Groups

Location: Bristol

If you're looking to enjoy the beautiful outdoors around Bristol, then Cream Photo Workshops are the people to go to! Set up by husband and wife duo Charles and Carolyn Winpenny in 2004, and now run by Carolyn and their twin daughters, the company has expanded across the U.K with 15 tutors now offering classes across the country.

Their Photo Walks offer an easy and informal way to both improve your photography skills and get to better know a group of people, whether it be a work event or between a group of friends. The group leader can choose where the walk takes place, and everyone can take the walk at their own pace - whether you bring a proper DSLR or just your phone camera - with your Tutor on hand every step of the way for guidance and advice. You'll also receive a free ebook at the end of the walk, which covers everything you need to know about taking a great photo.

One-to-One Photography Workshop

Location: Totterdown, Bristol

Are you struggling to find a workshop that meets your specific requirements? When you’re a beginner with a specific goal it can be heard to know which workshop is right for you. Equally if you already have some experience and don’t want to cover the same ground it can be tricky to find a workshop that can progress from where your learning currently is.

Luckily, this one-to-one workshop can cater to any photography skills at any level. Whether you want to learn lightroom, night and flash photography or digital workflow and asset management, this workshop can be tailored to whatever techniques you want to progress.

Marcus Ahmad Branding Photography offers rewarding one-to-one classes which can be structured to fulfil the photography you want to learn. Marcus has a broad history of teaching photography to students of all levels. Whether you already have some experience or if you’ve only ever used your phone camera, Marcus will be able to provide a workshop constructed specifically for your aims.

Parent and Child Photography Course

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Location: Southville, Bristol

Create a family day to remember! Learning a new skill with your children and loved ones is an incredibly enriching and engaging way to spend some quality time together. Bond through learning a new skill together and create photographs you will look back on with fond memories. Not only will you enjoy an interactive family activity, you will also build new skills at the same time. What could be better?

This workshop is for beginner or advanced level children aged 8-18 and their parents to challenge themselves through learning new photography techniques. Leave this class with an understanding of aperture and shutter speed priority, basics and macro and how to capture movement as well as flawless portraits.

Lisa Victoria Photography specialises in family photography and is enthusiastic about helping families treasure every special moment and milestone from maternity, newborn, children and events photography. As well as her passion for family photography, Lisa has a zest for teaching families how they can capture these memories themselves in her photography workshops.

One-to-One Beginner Photography Class

Location: Bristol

Want a workshop where you set the plan? This two hour class lets you take the reins and decide which photography skills you want to master. Whether you want to grasp how to use your camera settings and dials to get the best photos or if you want to build your knowledge in aperture and shutter speed. One-to-one courses not only means you get personalised tuition but it also means that your tutor can give you their full concentration and attention to really make sure your skills are growing!

Catherine East travels around Bristol and the surrounding areas to deliver high quality photography services. Catherine specialises in natural documentary and personal branding photography. Not only will her workshop build your technical skills, the friendly and positive atmosphere she creates will build your confidence behind as well as in front of the lens.

Using Your Digital Camera Workshop

Location: Old City, Bristol

Sick of feeling like you have all the gear and no idea? Make the most of your digital camera in this workshop! Learn the ins and outs of your digital camera’s settings and dials to create striking photography. Leave this class with AUTO firmly switched off and ready to take impeccable pictures. Not only will you get to know what your camera is capable of, you will also discover what you're capable of by building your composition and creative instincts. Experience a fun, friendly and relaxed environment in the hands of a patient and encouraging teacher.

Bristol Folk House are passionate about helping students overcome the daunting apprehension they have towards their own cameras and devices when it comes to taking pictures. Bristol Folk House is a centre that promotes and runs exciting adult education courses, with their wide range of workshops they are sure to have a class that gets your creative juices flowing!

Private Photography Training

Location: Baptist Mills, Bristol

Design your own class and prioritise the skills you want to learn in this private photography training class. Organise classes for as often as you need them! Whether you want to set yourself a longer project and challenge yourself week by week with new technical skills or if you want a beginners class to see if photography is for you, this workshop can be a fresh hobby or an informative taster session.

Martin Edwards Photography has a remarkable history of teaching and is determined to share his expertise and knowledge with enthusiastic students of all abilities. Martin also teachers a range of styles of photography from personal photography to business style photography.

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From abstract aerial shots to fashion or professional black and white headshots, learn how to take the best pictures from a talented photographer. Not only will you up your game manoeuvring your camera and getting to grips with its settings, you will also master how to create the best lighting and what angles best suit your landscape or model. Whether you want to capture every one of life’s milestones or attempt astonishing artistic photos, the best photography classes in Bristol will help you snap sensational shots!

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