Once an embarking point for voyages to the new world, today Bristol is perhaps better known for its thriving arts and culture scene, with a large portion of its economy built on the creative media industry. Once home to Banksy, whose anti-establishment street art can still be seen interspersing the city’s architecture, Bristol is something of a mecca for avant-garde creativity. What better place to discover the methods and techniques of painting?

The Top 10 Best Painting Classes in Bristol are:

  • Advanced Watercolour Courses at Love Art Classes
  • Beginners Painting Classes at Paint and Draw
  • Acrylics-Beginners at Bristol Adult Learning
  • Imaginative Watercolour Workshop by Emma Burleigh
  • In-Person Painting Courses at Brushstrokes Courses
  • Paint and Sip Classes at Brush Party
  • ArtWatercolours-Improvers Courses at Roma Widger Art Teacher
  • 3 Day Oil Painting Courses by Andrew James at Ian Price Art
  • Watercolour Classes at Artime
  • Online Watercolour courses at Green Fox Workshops

Advanced Watercolour Courses at Love Art Classes

Location: Saltford (Bristol)

Picture from www.loveartclasses.co.uk

Based in North Bristol, Love Art Classes run a range of relaxed, friendly art classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists.    

Their Advanced Watercolour Courses are for students who have either completed the Beginners and Improvers Courses 2 & 3, or can show they have the necessary skill in watercolour painting.

The 12 week course is centered around developing the skills learned in earlier courses, and covers a broad variety of subjects and techniques. From precise botanical painting, to looser contemporary landscapes, students will build the confidence needed to take on new challenges and learn new methods and styles.
All materials are included, and, judging by the amazing testimonials, you’re guaranteed to take your painting to the next level!

Beginners Painting Classes at Paint and Draw

Location: Stoke Hill (Bristol)

Picture from www.paintanddraw.co.uk

If you’re interested in taking some adult art classes for beginners, Paint and Draw could be the perfect solution. Will has been teaching art classes in the Bristol area for over 24 years, so you couldn’t ask for a more qualified teacher.

From November the 5th to December the 10th, he will be running the Beginner Painting Classes. The class will cost £60 for 6 weeks and all materials are included. It’s the perfect chance to learn new skills, make friends and bring the spirit of play back in your life!

Acrylics-Beginners at Bristol Adult Learning

Location: Stoke Lodge (Bristol)

Bristol Adult Learning is another of our picks for the best painting classes in Bristol, and offers a wide and diverse range of courses sure to satisfy every creative inclination.

Their Acrylics-Beginners course is well-suited to those who are totally new to the medium. The course is welcoming, supportive and structured to aid you in developing your acrylic painting skills.
Held on mondays from 9:30am to 12:30pm, the course will last for 6 weeks and is run by experienced tutor, Mary Kelly. The fee includes some materials, and you will be advised what you need to buy during your first session.

Imaginative Watercolour Workshop by Emma Burleigh

Location: Bristol

Photo by Gustavo Leighton / Unsplash

Emma Burleigh has a wealth of experience painting with watercolours and understands how daunting it can be to paint from your imagination. Her workshops are focused around students gaining confidence in their creativity as well as seeing art and painting as an ultimately joyful experience.

In this workshop you will be presented with many methods, techniques and approaches to use when painting from your imagination. Emma will guide you through concepts such as moods, memories, dreams, visions and colour and how these can contribute towards your unique artistic painting. Although this course will help you develop technical skills, it will also help you exercise your creativity, imagination and innovative nature.

In-Person Painting Courses at Brushstrokes Courses

Location: Southmead Road (Bristol)

Founded in 2020 by Laura Truesdale, Brushstroke Courses has already helped over a 100 artists - at all levels - expand their creative skills! Laura is a fully trained teacher, having previously taught at secondary schools and A-Level colleges, with over a decade of experience under her belt. Now free from the restraints of educational institutions, Laura makes a point to make sure the wellbeing of her students is at the heart of Brushstrokes Courses, ensuring every student recieves individual guidance, and encouragement to explore their own artistic inspirations; building week by week on the techiques previously covered.

Brushstrokes Courses host several courses throughout the year including:

  • 6 Week 'The Painting Course' in November - December
  • 6 Week 'The Portrait Course' in January - February
  • 4 Week 'Introduction to Oil Paint' in March - April
  • 6 Week 'The Landscape Course' in June - July

Their In-Person Painting Courses is are held on Tuesday evenings. On the courses you will explore various painting mediums and creative styles, from realism, to illustrative approach, to contemporary. And, by the end of the courses, you will have elevated your painting technique and confidence, as well as discovered a style and method of painting that suits you!

Paint and Sip Classes at Brush Party

Location: Bristol (Various Locations)

If you're looking to enjoy a more social aspect to your artistic endeavours, then Brush Party Bristol is the place for you! They specialise in offering 'Paint and Sip' parties where, as the name suggests, you sip a drink of your choice whilst painting.

They have a wide selection of different paintings to choose from - from the Magical Meadow, to Show Me The Honey, and Streetlight Sonata (all pictured above) - Brush Party are all about unleashing your creativity. The colour palette of the piece doesn't match your decor, but still want to proudly display your work at home? Then feel free to change it up to suit you! As long as you're having fun, that's what matters to Brush Party.

You don't need to bring anything but yourself along, but it is suggested you wear something old that you don't mind getting paint on!

Watercolours-Improvers Courses at Roma Widger Art Teacher

Location: Stoke Lodge (Bristol)

Roma Widger has been teaching an impressive array of different art genres for over 20 years. So, whatever takes your creative fancy, you can be sure Roma will help you improve upon it!

Roma’s Watercolours-Improvers Courses are perfect for those who already have a little experience with the genre, and want to develop their skills. They are friendly and relaxed, and Roma is dedicated to ensuring you will be given the time and guidance to realise your creative potential. Why not check out her student gallery to see the amazing work her classes have facilitated?

3 Day Oil Painting Courses by Andrew James at Ian Price Art

Location: Bristol

Picture from www.ianpriceart.co.uk

Highly sought after as an Artist and tutor, Andrew James has worked on a number of prestigious commissions of public figures. Being taught oil painting by an artist who has won multiple awards really is a rare opportunity, and a big reason behind his course being selected for our guide to the best painting classes in Bristol.

The 3 Day Oil Painting Course is recommended for those who already have previous experience of lifeclass studies or painting portraits. It is oriented around expressive portraiture – observational work enabling the formal qualities of oil paint to become more “explicitly descriptive” whilst still capturing a likeness.

With so much excellent feedback, along with Andrew’s credentials, the 2 Day Oil Painting Course looks to be a winner!

Watercolour Classes at Artime

Location: Hanham (Bristol)

Run by Vincent and his wife Liana, Artime offers art tuition for all abilities, including those with learning difficulties.

Their Watercolor Classes are guided while each student uses the same reference picture or subject. You will be tutored step by step towards finishing your own amazing painting within a single session. If you have any doubts as to Vincent’s skill with the paintbrush, one glimpse of his jaw-dropping gallery will soon dispel them!

The classes last two hours, and you may bring your own materials but Vincent and Liana also sell them should you require them.

Online Watercolour courses at Green Fox Workshops

Location: Bristol

Picture from www.greenfoxworkshops.com

If you feel like learning the intricacies of water colour painting from the comfort of your own home, Green Fox Workshops Online Watercolour Workshops could be just the ticket!

There are three different options: the Sweet Dumpling course is suitable for beginners, and is a two-session course where you will learn step by step how to paint (yep you guessed it) a sweet dumpling! The Hare Course is slightly more advanced, and you will learn how to paint this majestic leporid over three sessions. Finally, the third option will have you painting a beautiful Dahlia, using watercolours to add depth and detail. The choice is yours!

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When it comes to the UK’s cities, few can hold a candle to Brizzle when it comes to art and culture. The place is positively fizzling with dynamic inspiration! So why not pick from one of our Top 10 Best Painting Classes in Bristol? You’re sure to meet some fellow creatives, and potentially become the artist you’d never thought you could be!

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